Going on, through the long and hard way, with the Bless of Lord!

Church at Exhibition hall.jpgOur project for a Church in Antarctica is shown at the famous “Restructura Exhibition” , held till Dec. 2nd 2007, at the large “Lingotto Fiere Hall” in the city of Turin, Italy.

Biotechnology and Bio-building materials are shown on a large scale  in this yearly exhibition and among that, there was our sponsors: the Companies who did chose to build and donate a Church in Antarctica to be assembled at the Italian Base Mario Zucchelli Station.

Saint Gobain & Bertero Technology, represented by Tosimpresa did carry on the challenge. The project of  our Church was officially exhibited at their show room in Torino.

Picture show Sebastiano Bertero  at the Show room with Sebastiano Bertero, Leader of the challenge.jpgthe poster of  the church, which will be first one ever built in Antarctica,  by the use of  bio-building materials.Bio-building example r.jpg

this is still a dream as, written permission have not yet been
granted. Picture at right, show a bit detail of this Bio-building
material made by full natural fibers particularly set &
assembled and than covered with a tickness of special concrete. Torino Polytechnic University did recently performed some tests to prove the huge resistance and life reliability of such innovative tecniques.

With the bless of Lord, we hope and are confident to accomplish this mission …! 

Bulgarian Church at St. Kliment Ohridski Station

Christian Ortodox Chapel at Bulgarian base r.jpg

St. Kliment Ohridski Base  is a Bulgarian Antarctic scientific Base on Livingston Island in the South Shetlands Islands group. The base, originally known as Sofia University Refuge, was named in 1993 after Cement of Ohrid, a prominent scholar and first Bulgarian bishop, whose work was commissioned and sponsored by Tsar Boris Ist of Bulgaria.St IvanRilski.jpg

An expansion program at St. Kliment Ohridski including the erection of a new multi-purpose building was carried out between  and  subsequently.

Just to complete the description of the Churches in Antarctica , it is great to know that on this Bulgarian Base  there is one of the first churches ever built in Antarctica, and this gives honour to the Chiesa alla Base Bulgara1.jpgBulgarians for having no only thought about scientific matters, but to something more important ….. that’s Lord!

The St. John of Rila Chapel at Bulgarian St. Kliment Ohridski Base is an Eastern Orthodox chapel located further South. The St. Ivan Rilski Chapel built in 2003 is the first Eastern Orthodox edifice in Antarctica and the southernmost Eastern Orthodox building of worship in the world.