From Diocese of San Jose, Silicon valley, California

Posted by Kimberley Ledwell

Church Banner.jpgMy name is Kim Ledwell and I am the IT Director for the Diocese of San Jose, in Silicon Valley California.
I found your website while I was looking for a Church I could contact
and ask for prayer requests.  I see that you are trying to get a
Church built and wanted to see if the efforts have been successful and
if so if the church has a website or e-mail address.
Thank you so much, Kim

Here is the reply from WAP side:
HI Kim,

I’m Gianni Varetto I1HYW,  the content Manager for WAP (Worldwide Antarctic Program). Thanks for writing and happy you found our proposal to build a Church in Antarctica something interesting for you and for our brothers at the Diocese of San Jose. Your prayer is always welcome.

If you are reading all the spots put on “Church in Antarctica” since the beginning,  you can have a full picture of the whole situation. Actually we have:

an Italian Architect who did make the project

an Italian building Company which did offer to build and donate the hardware.

a German shipping Company which did offer to transport the hardware in Antarctica at zero cost.

a young Italian artist who did offer to paint (for free), holy pictures for the Church.Church at Exhibition hall.jpg

What is still missed is the permission which has to be given by the Italian Antarctic Dept. (PNRA-Programma Nazionale di Ricerche in Antartide), that actually have the responsibility of the Italian Scientific Base at Terra Nova Bay (Antarctica) which is not too far away the US Base of Mc Murdo. 

We did involve several politics,  the Vatican State, the Pope Benedict XVI, and the Secretary of Vatican State Card. Tarcisio Bertone as well as the President of CEI Card. Angelo Bagnasco, but unfortunately so far we have got nothing back.

We are still hoping that the bless of Lord
will help the burocraters to take a decision and of course any help
from  anyone WW will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

With best regards 

Gianni Varetto I1HYW