Happy New Year

To the researchers and personnel actually involved in Antarctica, to the scientific Organizations and Managers to whom we request to continue the research programs as a WW goal, to the Antarctic enthusiasts, to the students, to the Hams on the Icy Continent trying to set antennas and Radio to give us the emotion of a real DX, to our followers all over the world,  WAP Staff wish Happy New Year 2019!

Antarctica news from the Russians

Thanks to Eugene RZ3EC, to Alexei RN1ON and to Alexander RW3RN, here below are some information about the now a day activity by  Russian Hams in Antarctica:

RI1ANM (op: Alex, RX3ABI). QTH: Vostok Sation WAP RUS-13. QSL via home call.

RI1ANV (op: Aleksey, RD1AV). QTH: Vostok Station WAP RUS-13. QSL via RN1ON

RI1ANX  (op: Oleg, UA1PBA/ZS1ANF-pic aside). Now in logistic campaign (over 83° South), WAP RUS-NEW.  QSL via RK1PWA.

RI1ANW (op: Serge, R3IW ex.RW3IW) 63rd RAE at  Novolazarevskaya Base WAP RUS-Ø9. QSL via RN1ON.


As regard to RI1ANX, it’s about Oleg Sakharov (see pics on this page together with VU3BPZ at Maitri Station 2012), we are talking about an Antarctic veteran ZS1ANF/UA1PBA ex.RI1ANR, RI1ANF etc.who gave us several new ones!  RI1ANX it is new call-sign of Oleg who is actually among a logistics convoy in southern Antarctica and for time to time active on CW 30 & 40 mts bands. His last coordinates/Grid locator KA06: Lat. -83.40448, Long. 20.58928.




Colin O’Brady Completes Crossing of Antarctica

The final miles of a nearly two-month race across Antarctica, a lonely effort marked by long days, short nights and stunning endurance, ended Wednesday with a sprint to the finish.

In what could go down as one of the great feats in polar history, the American Colin O’Brady, 33, covered the final 77.54 miles of the 921-mile journey across Antarctica in one final sleepless, 32-hour burst, becoming the first person ever to traverse Antarctica from coast to coast solo, unsupported and unaided by wind.

Read more at: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/26/sports/antarctica-race-colin-obrady.html

Colin O’Brady finishes solo Antarctic trek

DP1POL/P, Kohnen Station (WAP DEU-11), Antarctica

Felix Riess, DL5XL, is actually signing DP1POL/P from Kohnen Station (WAP DEU-11), Antarctica. The time of Felix stay at Kohnen is not known. QSL via DL1ZBO


Kohnen (75° South, 04° East) is a German summer polar research station in the Antarctic; it is named after the geophysicist Heinz Kohnen (1938–1997), who was for a long time the head of logistics at the Alfred Wegener Institute.

The station can accommodate up to 20 researchers at a time, and the personnel constantly change with each new research project.

The scientists work and live in the eleven containers, each of which rests atop steel struts above the surface of the ice.

Some of these containers were salvaged from the Filchner Station, which had to be dug out of the ice in 1999. Some contain living quarters, a kitchen and mess hall, while others are home to the radio station, a snow-melting machine for drinking water, and the station’s power supply (100 kW).

To keep Kohnen Station running smoothly, convoys of up to six caterpillar-track vehicles – called Traverses – from the Neumayer-Station III (WAP DEU-Ø2)  pay regular 3 resupply visits.

Merry Christmas from Antarctica

Here below some Christmas Wishes sent from researcher and personnel actually in Antarctica.

We are so grateful to all of those people, Nations and Organizations who are spending their time away from home and families, studying the Antarctic life and its secrets.







To them all, Very Merry Christmas


Years ago, we have thought about an International Antarctic Program,  not belonging to a person, to a Group of people, nor to a Society or a Club. What we were looking for, was something belonging to the Radio Amateurs and friends, to studends and  chasers who enjoy dealing with the 6th Continent, with Antarctica , well, we succeded!  

We  are pleased to share with you all, our enthusiasm and passion, stay with us and enjoy WAP … Worldwide Antarctic Web site since 1979!

Russia joins 11th Belarusian Antarctic expedition

Belarusian Antarctic Station  67° 39’ 30” South, 46° 09’ 12” East,  Mount Vechernyaya,  Enderby Land,  East Antarctica.(WAP BLR-NEW)

The Republic of Belarus joined the Antarctic Treaty in 2006 and, in that same year, approved the national program for Polar research which is called “Monitoring of Earth’s Polar areas and ensuring activity of the Arctic and Antarctic expeditions for 2007­­-­2010 and for the period until 2015”. Soon after, in 2008, it ratified the Environmental Protocol.

In 2015, the national Antarctic program of the Republic of Belarus was accepted as the 30th Member of COMNAP. From December 2015 through January 2016, the first portion of the national research station, a three-section module for control, communication and navigation, was assembled in Antarctica.                 Watch a video here

Belarus and Russia are building strategic partnership in Antarctica:  Belarusian and Russian polar explorers will carry out a joint research project during the 11th Belarusian Antarctic Expedition in 2018-2019, Alexander Klepikov, head of the Russian Antarctic expedition, Deputy Director of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, said at a meeting with senior officials of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB) on last 8 August, BelTA learned from the NASB press service.

Let’s hope that,  at the Belarus Base someone can operate HF on the Ham bands to give Radioamateurs  all over the world, a chance to work a New Base down in Antarctica!

QSLs … what a passion!

Thanks to  Charles R. Wilmott, MØOXO for his excellent QSL service.
Cards for two special events to commemorate the Macquarie & Heard’s  7Øth Anniversary  have been received and did enter in the WAP showcase

VI7ØHI (WAP-288) is a Special Callsign issued to Commemorate the first ANARE Expedition to Heard Island in December 1947.


VI7ØMI (WAP-293) is a Special Callsign issued to Commemorate 70 years of ANARE (Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions) for Macquarie Island, which since 1947 have served Australia in the south polar regions.

Thanks the VK operators for putting both calls on the air, thanks MØOXO for his QSL service and thanks the Antarctic chasers all over the world for following the history of the Icy Continent … through the QSLs!

VKØAI Macquarie Station (WAP AUS-Ø8)

Just to remind the chasers that   Norbert (VK5MQ) is  still active as VKØAI from Macquarie Island and expect to be there till March 2019; follow the spotson the Cluster. .He has internet access, and is an avid user of both FT8 & eQSL.cc, so if you make a contact expect it to be confirmed via eQSL within minutes!

Direct QSL to:
Ne Trupp, Po Box 1359, Mount Gambier, Sa, 5290, Australia.

See the Macquarie webcam at: http://www.antarctica.gov.au/webcams/macquarie-island

AO1WAP joining the 16th Antarctic Activity Week

11 years ago, the 1st participation to the Antarctic Activity Week by the  EA1CS’s Spanish Team, was one of the important presence, to promote Worldwide attention to the Icy Continent as a land of science and peace, to its wildlife, to the thousands of  studies that involve the entire worldwide community.  On the occasion of that  first EA’s AAW (11 years ago), the group will be “On the Air” again signing AO1WAP (WAP-137), from February 16 to 24, 2019.

The authorization has been received and the operators will be:
Juanjo EA1WX, Fernando EA1WK,  Javi EC1KV, Dani EB1LA, Carri  EA1CUB, Juan Carlos EA1AUM, Luis EA1CS.

QRV from 6 to 160mts ( +WARC ) CW, SSSB RTTY, PSK and sporadically FT8.


Have a look at AO1WAP web site https://ao1wap.weebly.com/  and enjoy the coming AAW activity

Antarctica: Two technicians die at U.S. research station

Very sad news coming from Antarctica.
Two technicians performing maintenance at a U.S. research station died on Wednesday while working on a building that houses a generator for a nearby radio transmitter, the National Science Foundation (NSF) said.

The pair, both employed as subcontractors at the NSF-managed McMurdo Station in Antarctica, were found unconscious on the floor of the building after a helicopter pilot flying over the area saw what appeared to be smoke coming from the structure and landed to investigate.

One of the technicians was pronounced dead by medical personnel called to the scene. The other was pronounced dead a short time after being flown to the McMurdo medical clinic, the NSF said in a statement.

WAP express sincere sympathy to the families; our hearts are saddened by the loss; our thoughts and prayers are with you.

More at: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-antarctic-casualties/two-technicians-die-at-u-s-research-station-in-antarctica-idUSKBN1OC02G

RI1ANV, new callsign for Vostok Station (WAP RUS-13)

Francois F8DVD, is forwarding some info, just received from RN1ON Alexei.

RI1ANC – Vostok (WAP RUS-13):  Alexei Turkeev, RD1AV (Season Team leader),  just arrived at Vostok Base for the new campaign, is now active as RI1ANC during his spare time

On December 24,  the RI1ANC license will end, a new license is coming to be registred. The new call-sign will be  RI1ANV. Alex will be at the station until February 2019. QSL via RN1ON


RI1ANM (Alexander Solodov, RX3ABI) was at Vostok the whole 2018 as well; he  was not very active and his overwintering at Vostok Sation ends soon.

SA Agulhas II departs for Antarctica

South Africa’s Polar research vessel the SA Agulhas II departs for Antarctica on Friday. Fifty-eight scientists are on board and will spend 14 months on the icy continent; the Weddell Sea Expedition will conduct marine and glaciological research.

Environmental Affairs spokesperson Zolile Nqayi explains: “As part of the Antarctica Week which started on Monday until today, the SA Agulhas II departed to Antarctica.
There are a number of scientists who will be spending 14 months at our base in Antarctica where they’ll do research a number of areas needed for weather and environmental change.”

Reed more at: https://ewn.co.za/2018/12/07/sa-agulhas-ii-departs-for-antarctica

We remind the readers that any Polar Reseasrch vessels as well as Icebreakers and Polar Supply ships worked as M/M sailing the Antarctic& Sub Antarctic  waters will qualify for the WAP Antarctic Awards.

No information about a presence of Ham radio operators on board of SA Aghulas II on this Antarctic voyage.

21 Sub Antarctic Islands

Across the bottom of the globe, between the continents and Antarctica, there are quite a few islands – all interesting and special places. -Many thanks to the many photographers who took these pictures. We are all grateful for your enterprise and skill– wrote  John Paix  when he put the video online last  2 oct. 2016. TNX John Paix

Most of the islands shown on the video are listed in WAP WADA Directory; Among all of those shown, there some such as Tristan da Cunha, that are not included (see below).
On Gough Island (WAP ZAF-Ø5),  about 400 km (250 mi) south-east of the Tristan da Cunha archipelago  there is a Scientific Research base and a Weather Station which the South African National Antarctic Programme has maintained, with British permission, continually on the island since 1956.

Amsterdam and  St. Paul islands belongs to the French TAAF, therefore
they have been incorporated  on the Directory’s list.

Nightingale Islands don’t really count as subantarctic; they  are a group of three islands in the South Atlantic, part of the Tristan da Cunha territory: they consist of Nightingale Island, Middle Islands and Stoltenhoff Island.

Inaccessible Island is an extint volcano, last active six million years ago, with Cairn Peak reaching 449 m (1,473 ft). The island is 12.65 km2 (4.88 sq mi) in area, rising out of the South Atlantic 45 km (28 mi) south-west of Tristan da Cunha.

43rd Polish Antarctic Expedition

Researchers and personnel of Polish Arctowski Station  (WAP POL-Ø1) in Antarctica  did celebrate the Antarctica Day on last Dec. 1st .

The annual celebration was launched in 2010 to commemorate the signature of the Antarctic Treaty on December 1st, 1959, which defines the legal and political status of Antarctica. We are celebrating the peaceful aims of the treaty and its contribution to the independence of scientific research. We hope that educational events taking place  around the world will contribute to spreading the knowledge about the treaty and increase awareness of the needs to protect the vulnerable  Antarctic environment.

Antarctica Day is celebrated internationally on 1 December, marking the day of the signing of the Antarctic Treaty in 1959 when 12 Nations signed the Antarctic Treaty agreeing to 14 commands, including that Antarctica will be used for peaceful purposes only.  59 years ago, Antarctica became a continent dedicated to peace and scientific international collaboration. Today, Antarctica is seen as “a natural reserve, devoted to peace and Science”.

New batch of QSL going to be printed by F5PFP

Mehdi, F5PFP wrote: As regards VP8DLM , FT5YK , CE9XX  (2011 Antarctic Expedition) ,  the  QSL cards have been almost exhausted. It is an occasion to print new cards with a new design for a final and limited edition , anyone interested?

Mehdi is trying to find an overview of Port Circoncision (WAP FRA-Ø8) during its occupation in 1908-1909
and something similar for  CE9XX Base Cerda (WAP CHL-Ø4)