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ZL/ZS9HI/MM & ZL/VKØLD/MM  another two   good for WAP WACA
Adam K2ARB was among the VKØEK Team who did activate Heard island (WAP AUS-Ø7) on last March/April 2016. On the way on and off,  they were onboard of the M/V Braveheart  using  ZL/ZS9HI/MM & ZL/VKØLD/MM

Now QSLs are ready,  and  Adam wroteXmas presents soon to be mailed….  please thank everyone for their patience!

Both callsigns  ZL/ZS9HI/MM & ZL/VKØLD/MM are OK for WAP-WACA and for those who have not worked  M/V Braveheart yet, that  is a good Polar Ship to be add to WAP-WACA
On behalf of  the
Antarctic Chasers,  we thanks very much Adam
for his efforts, great operation indeed!
QSLs for both /MM callsigns have to be requested to K2ARB; see QRZ.com


Tierra del Fuego WAP ARG-23
The Southern Railroad
(Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino-FCAF) or End of the World Train is a railroad of the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands in Argentina, which connects the Tierra del Fuego National Park with the outskirts of the city of Ushuaia
Saturday  Dec. 3rdHams from Ushuaia will once again operating the train station and this is a great opportunity to add some
WAP ARG-23 callsigns to the WAP-Worked Antarctic Callsigns Award (WACA)
The following callsigns will be on the air LU8XP, LU1XU, LU1XP, LU5XTS, LU5XWL and  LU7XX
TNX Radio Club Ushuaia


Antarctica: Where has propagation gone?
reports  about the poor propagation from Neumayer  III Station: Contesting sure is different down here. There were no signals at all on 10m, 15m, 80m, and 160m. I tried my best on the two remaining bands. Conditions were exceptionally poor on Saturday when hardly any Europeans made it into the log. Sunday has seen a little improvement. Nevertheless, it is still good fun to hand out the CE9 multiplier - as long as there are any takers! 
Also Bhagwati 8T2BH is experiencing poor conditions from Bharati Station
since last Dec. 2015. Just some sporadic openings but in general it’s hard to work the Icy Continents  this time!
The new Antarctic campaign
2016-2017 has just begun, several Ham operators are among  the scientific Teams : VP8, 8J1, VU, RI1, LU, FT, HL, DP,  and few others will follow ...let's  see how many of them we can put in our logs!


Indian Bharati Base WAP IND-Ø4
Communication Officer
Bhagwati Prasad VU3BPZ-8T2BH
is going to return back home likely the first week of December.
Bhagwati has done s very great job down in
Antarctica giving many chasers the opportunity to  work the Icy Continent of different HF bands. Propagation did not help him during his long journey at Bharati Indian Reasearch Station
, but we have to recognize and appreciate the willingness to be onradio almost every day, setting up new antennas and trying hard to follow the sporadic propagation openings.
Nearly  15 more days  then he will be replaced by another operator
Raj VU3LBP  who will be overwintering at Bharati  Base (WAP IND-Ø4) for the entire 2017. If you do not have logged Bhagwati 8T2BH
so far, follow him up , particularly in the afternoon on 20 mts(16-17:00 UTC)  and 17 mts in the morning (10-13:00 UTC)
Antarctic hunters, followers, students and Ham chasers  have to thanks and give  credit to
NCAOR  (Indian National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research)
for the opportunity given to  his expedition members  to operate HF for the Ham radio world.
TNX NCAOR and Bhagwati Prasad Semwal (8T2BH/VU3BPZ)
QTH: Bharati Station (69°S, 076°E), Grid MC81AA, 35th ISEA (2015-2016), Larsemann Hills, Antarctica


W7AUM cruising   Antarctica
Charles W7AUM
, is on an expedition cruise on the M/V National Geographic Explorer from November 9, 2016 to November 29, 2016. He’s taking his Elecraft KX3 transceiver and KXPA100 amplifier and will operate intermittently as W7AUM/C6A/MM from the ship's bridge with 100 watts and a vertical (already installed on the ship) on November 9, 10, 13,14, 20, 21, 28, 29.
He has got his VP8 license for the Falklands and South Georgia and now he’s signing
VP8DPK operating QRP from the Falklands this afternoon around 15:30 UTC on 21 Mhz. Charles will also operate  QRP from South Georgia next November 15-19 and from Antarctica as W7AUM/P 
next November 22-26.
Frequencies suggested  even if on land or operating Maritime Mobile on the
M/V National Geographic Explorer
Cruise ship.
• 40m - 7.285
• 20m - 14.285
• 15m - 21.285
• 10m - 28.385 or 28.885
QSL via Bureau or direct- See W7AUM
on QRZ.com
All the callsigns used by  Charles will be valid for WAP-WADA & WAP-WACA


UY5XE-WADA Honor Roll #29
Congrats to George Chliyants UY5XE from Lviv, Ukraine to reach such a great goal.
is one of the founders of the famous Russian Robinson Club (RRC) holding number  RRC ØØ2 and a real Old Timer and DXer. Showing his ceramic plate issued after he’s got the certificate nr.29 is a way to prove how much passion he put for years and years crossing the Ham radio bands .
Bravo George and thanks for sharing your  plate with the Antarctic Chasers.
WAP WADA (Worked Antarctic Directory Award)  and WAP WACA (Worked Antarctic Callsigns Award)  continue to be the best Antarctic Awards Program Worldwide.

Enjoy Antarctica as much as we do ...and  remember, not alone but with WAP!


DP1POL at Neumayer III
Felix DL5XL/DP1POL, reports: I have safely arrived at Neumayer Station
. We flew by Twin Otter from Novo Runway and arrived yesterday in the evening.
My activity as
DP1POL/p was from Novolazarevskaya Station (WAP RUS-Ø9 Pic on the Right), where Mike RW1AI, is quite active this season as RI1AND. He invited me to operate;  Mike is a really experienced operator, and he has many different long wire antennas available, a few of them quite high. It was fun to spend the evening with him. 
Later I met
Oleg, UA1PBA/RI1ANR, at Novo Runway (WAP MNB-Ø6),
who has shown me photos from his RK1O/p DXpedition to IOTA EU-161.
I have not set up the station at Neumayer yet, but it won't be long. And we're planning something special this season, but it is too early to tell.
73 from Antarctica! Felix, DP1POL (DL5XL).

Felix, your beginned season in Antarctica has begun so well! We don’t know what other surprises you will deserve to us, but from now we’re sure it will be a great deal. TNX


DP1POL & DPØGVN Neumayer III Station  WAP DEU-Ø8
Felix, DL5XL, will once again operate from Antarctica using his call sign DP1POL. QTH is the German Research Base "Neumayer III" (WAP DEU-Ø8)
in Grid Locator IB59UH.  Activity will be from November 2016 to February 2017 on the HF bands, mainly in CW and digital modes
QSL manager is
, who reliably responds to all bureau and direct requests. Additionally, logs are uploaded to LotW regularly.
There will also be a ham radio operator on the next wintering team
at Neumayer Station III. Daniel, DL1SU
, works as an electronics engineer at the base. He plans to use the club call sign DPØGVN from December 2016 to February 2018
QSL cards for DPØGVN will be handled b
y Dominik, DL5EBE
, direct or via the bureau.
Yesterday the IL Flight from South Africa did land at
Novo Runway (WAP MNB-Ø6). Felix did operate just for few hours signing DP1POL/P
on 30 mts CW from the Novolazevskaya Station (WAP RUS-Ø9) .


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to visit NSF Antarctic research stations
US Secretary of State
John Kerry is scheduled to visit McMurdo and Amundsen-Scott South Pole stations in Antarctica, where he'll meet with researchers funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF)
Kerry is set to become the first Secretary of State, and the most senior U.S. government official, to travel to Antarctica
, where the U.S. has maintained a scientific presence since the late 1950s.
The secretary's Antarctic visit is scheduled to take place Nov. 10-12 as part of a global tour.
NSF manages the U.S. Antarctic Program
, through which it makes awards to researchers across the nation and provides the logistical infrastructure to support U.S. scientific research on the southernmost continent.
TNX and credit: NSF US National Science Foundation
Read more at:


Yath YOSHIKAWA JG2MLI will be QRV Jan.1-2017 through Jan.20-2018 at SYOWA Station Antarctica WAP-JPN-Ø3 as 8J1RL and in addition, with the special callsign "8J60JARE".
2017 marks the 60th  Anniversary of the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition Yath is the operator and the QSL manager for 8J1RL
; he will be QRV  7MHz through 28MHz, all modes CW/SSB/FM/RTTY/PSK/JT9/JT65

QSL info:
bureau for 8J6ØJARE, LoTWe-QSL or Direct with SASE to JG2MLI  for
8J1RL. For those wishing  paper QSLs, Yath will be pleased to do that, as soon as he will be back home. QSLs will be ready after Apr.2018.
http://cq8j1rl.exblog.jp/  (sorry.. only japanese)

National Institute of Polar Research. The 58th Japanese Antarctica Research Expedition(2016-2018)

Yath JG2MLI was active from Syowa Base in tandem with Taka JH1TOF on last 2014 and besides  8J1RL they did  operate also as JG2MLI/ANT and JH1TOF/ANT.



On October 20, 1979 the first broadcasts of Radio Nacional "San Gabriel Archangel" did start to work from Antarctica. It is located at 63º 23 'South latitude and 56º 59' West longitude  in Hope Bay, northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. Bathed by the Southern Strait, is  lying on the foothills of Mount Flora and Taylor and Pyramid hills and it is one of the settlements of Base Esperanza (WAP ARG-Ø4).

The 10 kW broadcasting station located at the
Antarctica Argentina sector
, transmits is spanish language  on  15476 kHz from 18.00 trough 21.00 UTC.

Read more at:


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