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8T2BH, Indian Bharati Base WAP IND-Ø4:  QSL delivered
Thanks to Gabry IK1NEG who kindly picked the QSLs at FriedrichshafenQSL manager Gianni I1HYW has just received the box of printed cards. So QSLs are now ready to be answered to the Hams who have already sent their requests direct. In 10 day maximum the manager will complete the job.
Thanks to
Gita OM5MF, to Gabry IK1NEG and to the patient Hams who are waiting the cards since few months. Thanks to Bhagwati 8T2BH 
who is desperately looking for HF openings in a painful poor propagation and let’s hope in the remaining months conditions will get more favourable.

Attached  picture shows Gita OM5MF  while deliver the package of printed QSLs to Gabry IK1NEG at Friedrichshafen few days ago.



Nacreous clouds over the Bharati Indian Base Station in Antarctica
These nacreous clouds appeared in the skies over the Bharati Indian Base Station in Antarctica
on June 17, 2016.
The pastel polar stratospheric clouds floating over the frozen continent were absolutely stunning.
Locating 9 to 16 miles high, these clouds, also known as mother of pearl, need incredibly cold temperatures below -85 Celsius to form.

More at:


June 21st,  Midwinter, Summer & Winter solstices
For those living to the North of the equator, the summer solstice
is the longest day of the year;- the day in which we can enjoy approximately 17 hours of daylight.
In the northern hemisphere, summer solstice takes place between June 20 and 22.
At the same time in the southern emisphere  they have winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, which marks the transition to longer daylight . In Antarctica, during the depths of winter the sun doesn’t appear above the horizon, so the personnel overwintering down there , essentially have six weeks where they  only have twilight for a few hours a day, that’s why Midwinter’s day is really a turning point , and in any open Bases  researchers and personnel  celebrate the shortest day and look forward to seeing the sun again.

Bhagwati 8T2BH from the Indian Bharati Base, says: all ok here & reaching the peak and looking forward best HF propagation conditions from end July/August. 21 June is a kind of a big fest here and for us, is also International Yoga day. We are doing regular Yoga in indian Bharati station, but for now I just send on behalf of the Indian Team, 35th ISEA (2015-2016) a great Mid Winter and wishes from Antarctica.
Best 73s, Bhagwati Prasad Semwal (8T2BH/VU3BPZ), QTH: Bharati Station (69°S, 076°E), Grid MC81AA,
Larsemann Hills, Antarctica.



A rare, risky mission is underway to rescue sick scientists from the South Pole
Two small bush planes are flying to the South Pole this week to evacuate workers at the Amundsen-Scott Research Station  a feat rarely attempted during the middle of the Antarctic winter
Kelly Falkner, the director of polar programs for the National Science Foundation (which runs the South Pole Station), said that at least one seasonal employee for contractor Lockheed Martin requires medical treatment not available at the station and needs to be flown out. A second worker may also be rescued. Falkner
couldn't provide further details about the medical motivation behind the rescues for privacy reasons.
"We try to balance our decisions with all of the risks involved,"
Falkner said. Other factors include the condition of the patients, the safety of the flight crew and the needs of the 48 people overwintering at Amundsen-Scott.
Read more at:


“Endurance Week”
On 30-31August 1916 Ernest Shackleton completed his epic journey to rescue the crew of the Endurance
, which had been crushed by ice in the Weddell Sea in November 1915. Remarkably, all lives were saved.
The rescue will be commemorated during
"Endurance Week" 
24-31 August 2016 with a number of special radio activities from the UK and around the world.
Modern-day scientific researchers and institutions are invited to participate.  If you have interests in Polar Exploration, especially in the
Antarctic, and wish to be involved please email  
See more at: https://sites.google.com/site/redkiteradio/endurance-week-2016


Yesterday Wednesday June 8th, 2016, at approximately 10:15 in the morning, there was a fault in the gate of the building at Marambio Base, Antarctica Argentina, which resulted in the death of Corporal Gustavo Daniel Capuccino (30 years old)
, member of the 47th  Argentinean Antarctic Scientific Expedition
More information at:

and the Antarctic chaser’s community  express their most heartfelt sympathy to the family and to the colleagues of Marambio Base.



A high-speed stream of solar wind is buffeting Earth's magnetic field, and this is sparking geomagnetic storms around the poles on June 6th. Last night, an outburst of auroras over Antarctica was "so bright, it cast shadows on the ground," reports B. Sudarsan Patro from the Bharati Indian Base Station in the Larsemann Hills of Antarctica
A beautiful display also appeared over New Zealand. "It was an awesome night," says Ian Griffin
of Papanui Inlet, Otago. "We're celebrating the Queen's Birthday here in New Zealand, and the aurora display overnight was certainly a great way to start the festivities!"
Auroras are ringing both poles, but they have been easier to see in the southern hemisphere where darkening autumn skies favor visibility. Even so, sightings have also been made in northern places
Read more at:.
NOTE: Nothing heard all all Band - 8T2BH/VU3BPZ


Scientists have found yet another part of Antarctica that may be in trouble
The forces affecting the ice in West Antarctica are an area of urgent focus for climate scientists who are all too aware of the ice sheet’s huge potential contributions to global sea-level rise. A great deal of this attention has centered on a specific region bordering the Amundsen Sea, south of the Antarctic Peninsula
, where research has suggested that a set of rapidly retreating glaciers, including the famous Thwaites and Pine Island glaciers, may be increasingly vulnerable to collapse. 
But research is increasingly suggesting that the region is not the only area deserving of concern. Just last month, a new study suggested that the Totten Glacier in
East Antarctica
, which has typically been considered much less of a threat than West Antarctica, is also thinning quickly and has retreated inland by close to two miles in some areas. Overall, the glacier has the potential to raise sea levels by about 13 feet should it collapse.
Read more at:


Bharati Station and the surroundings of Larsemann Hills
Perhaps not everybody know  that  thousand of islands encircle the Icy Continent
and  a huge amount of them are still not named. 
In the bay in front of Larseman Hills  where India has built its last
Bharati Station
there are several islands  not too far away the main land: Fisher, Easther, Sandercook, Salomon, Harley, McLeod, Betts are just the names of some of them.
Now there are only 2 hours of sun durations at larsemann Hills –
Bhagwati says- Polar night is just about to begin so from 28 may to 16 july  Bharati Station
will be in a full dark time with temperatures -30°C , so ice tickness  in the sea will grow fast as well. Hope this will bring propagation in a better shape!



Argentina Expedition to the North Pole (2016)
For the first time an Argentinean Mission performed the feat of planting the Country’s flag at the North Pole. The members of the North Pole Argentina (2016) expedition, toured with ski, dragging for 111 kilometers the 30 kilos sleds, from the Russian Base Barneo its target, the North Pole. On April 22, 2016 the group did reach the northernmost point balloon at 90 ° 00 North latitude, where converge the meridians and where all roads lead to the South, and thus put  the Argentina Republic as the first
Latin American Country to reach these latitudes with an official National expedition.
flag has been set on the Northen ice as well!
More information, photos and videos, at:

Something about Barneo Ice Camp
Located at  89°31.5'North30°27'West  Barneo Ice Camp is  a seasonal  fly-in base camp, truly a unique North Pole runway made of  ice, and take up temporary residence at this unequalled base camp on the frozen Arctic Ocean. Established each year to be a functioning Russian science and logistics Station, the site is operated by the Expeditionary Center for the Russian Geographical Society.  
Northerly winds caused the Ice Camp to drift towards the southeast at a speed of 0.8 kilometres per hour
(0.5 mph)

                                             See an interesting video by clicking here aside 

Credit: www.barneo.ru


Australian government to 'avoid Boaty McBoatFace situation' in ship name poll
A public competition will be held to name the Australian government’s new Antarctic icebreaker .
Australian Antarctic Division, which leads Australia’s Antarctic program, tweeted on Wednesday afternoon that there would be a public poll for a name for the new icebreaker.
Read more at:


UA6GG, Heard Island Trophy!
Oleg  UA6GG
did inform WAP about the Heard island plaque, an award issued by  "DX TROPHY" award group . The website "DXTROPHY" is currently in development (to be release by the end of may), even if  orders are accepted through :
I am a fan of the Antarctic and the Arctic and understand how much effort must be applied to achieve victory, I hope that plaques from "TROPHY DX" ,will be a worthy reward to hunt DX-Stations , Oleg says
got the #1 CW since he has  access before everyone. Actually  #1 SSB/MIX/DIGI are still available to booking. The plaque will be issued for QSO/SWL whit only one Station in Heard island, only 1 QSO  is enough without time limit. It has 4 of mode: CW, SSB, MIX, DIGI. The size of the plaque is 250x200 mm. printed on glossy white/silver.
To confirm your QSO - only scanning of QSL is needed or  screenshots of LotW or a check on the Club log.
Application in the free form ; more informations and details are available by writing to:


8T2BH Bharati Station-Final QSL ready to print
We have worked together with Bhagwati 8T2BH-VU3BPZ do define the final look of his QSL card, submitted among
a set of different designed  ones.
The choice  fell on this proposal (between 6 subject) that has finally received the approval of
Bhagwati. Now a printer is looking for details and if all goes fine the cards will be ready by the time of Friedrichshafen (next mid June).
Be patient a bit more, your QSLs will be 100% coming your way!
On the mean time,
continue to operate daily, on 15-17 and 20 mts sometimes with good signal, sometimes very weak; propagation is not helping, still a lot of auroras and magnetic storms prevent him for a regular activity. Now he has 2 equipments and 2 antennas even if his TX power varies between 80 and 100W depending on the bands.


Australia to continue Antarctic research with new billion-dollar icebreaker ship program
A new, multi-million dollar icebreaker ship will cement Australia as the world's major gateway to Antarctica, the government has said, after it signed a 1.4 billion U.S dollars deal to secure the future of its Antarctic research program. The ship, which will be ready to commence operations in the Antarctic Ocean by 2020, will cost the government 400 million U.S dollars, while ongoing maintenance and running costs make up the project's additional billion dollar outlay. According to Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt
, around 80 percent of the funds would be spent in Australia, with most of that to be undertaken in the southern state of Tasmania. The ship itself will be built in Romania after no local shipbuilding firm put its hand up to build the icebreaker.
Read more at:


The Latest Cruise Travel Tips for Antarctica and the Arctic
Expedition vessels and larger cruise ships sail to Antarctica and the Arctic, carrying cruisers with an adventuresome spirit, an ecology bent and a desire for something different. “Arctic sailings focus on northern lights, Iceland, Greenland, seeing polar bears, narwhal and walrus,” says Sheri Mruz
,Directions Luxury Travel LLC, an independent agency in the Avoya Travel Network, Ocala, FL. These cruises also traverse the famed Northwest Passage atop Canada and the Northeast Passage atop Russia, plus the far reaches of northern Norway.
In contrast, “Antarctic sailings" are focused on seeing penguins, whales and some climbing opportunities, notes
Mruz. Antarctica
, unlike the Arctic, is also a continent with no indigenous people, just a few research stations. “Both regions have a heavy focus on wildlife, nature and environment and the sheer beauty of frontier areas.”
Read more at:


Chapel of Santa Maria Reina de la Paz at at Chilean Base Pte Eduardo Frei
Thanks Francois F8DVD for providing a link where some of the Antarctic Church are shown.
Located on the Chilean military Base of King George’s Island, at Villa Las Estrellas, this unusual looking church is made out of metal shipping containers, and fitted with appropriate ventilation and heating systems. Built at the end of the XX century, its religious ceremonies are given by a deacon who lives on the base.
I realize that the Chilean Church at
Base  P.te Frei (WAP CHL-Ø5),  has been renewed compare to the old pic received years ago from CE9R
The two pictures show the difference from now and before.
See also: http://www.waponline.it/ChurchinAntarctica/tabid/65/Default.aspx


World Amateur Radio Day
Greetings from Bharati Research Station, Larsemann Hills, QTH- 69°24’28” South, 76°11’14”East , Antarctica
Dear OM/YL & All friends !
Please accept my very best wishes on the occasion of
World Amateur Radio Day ( 18 April 2016) Long
Live HAM radio in the era of Internet ! Have a Nice and successful Amateur Radio Day !!

Best 73,
Bhagwati Prasad Semwal (8T2BH/VU3BPZ)


Novolazarevskaya Base WAP RUS-Ø9
Mike RW1AI is currently active from the Russian base of Novolazarevskaya (WAP RUS-Ø9) as RI1AND
. He was on Yesterday on 20 mts CW.
Mikhail Fokin, is a member of the 61st Russian Antarctic Expedition ‘s Team and looks like he will  overwintering  at Novolazarevskaya Base 
and will remain there  till   2017.
QSL for RI1AND goes via RW1AI
Just a bit more: The 61st Russian Antarctic Expedition, include a scientific project, to look for meteorite material on the southernmost continent. The expedition’s budget was estimated at between 8 and 12 million rubles, most of which was provided by the Ural Federal University for research and development. Work on finding meteorites was held in the Queen Maud Land area, located 100 kms from the Russian Novolazarevskaya station.
Scientists were able to collect more than 300 rock samples for further investigations.
Read more at:


Bharati Station WAP IND-04
(op Bhagwati Pd Semwal, VU3BPZ) is testing the new antenna recently installed . Now he can operate with a multiband Inverted Vee and a multiband horizontal dipole with 2 Rigs (ICOM IC-720  & Yaesu FT-900) and 100 Watts power.
HF conditions are changing rapidly; persistent  magnetic storms often preclude any HF opening at these latitudes but I check several times a day on 15, 17 and 20 mts to take advantage to any eventual changing , Bhagwati says.
Yesterday temp. at
Larsemann Hills was -14°C and 19 knots wind, windchill -33°C 



LU4ZS Marambio Base on the air WAP ARG-21
Source: Marambio Foundation,  Bulletin April 2016

LU4ZS is active from Base Marambio, Antarctica since  last March 11 and will continue until the month of May or June. The operator of  LU4ZS is LU8DBS Mr. Juan Carlos Benavente (ex LU8DBS/Z see pic below),
head of the Press Section and collaborator of the Technical Section of the ISU.  
This year, marks the 50th anniversary of the first flight Transpolar Argentino, performed by Air Force in 1965 and led by the late
Lieutenant Colonel Mario Luis Olezza. Activation’s 2016 is driven by the Directorate of Antarctic Affairs (DAA) through the Press Section, with the support of the Head of the Marambio Base, Commodore Sergio Manuel Zulatto and ifacilitated by the cooperation of Communications and Technical Section of the Antarctic base staff..
LU4ZS will operate 10 and 80 mts (28.330 MHz  +/- QRM)
and 3.7 MHz, SSB with 100 watts into a rhombic antenna located 18 m high (the base is seated on the plateau of Marambio Island, about 200 m above sea level) .Propagation is affected by time of day, the season, solar activity and other factors, and unfortunately they are not experiencing  good conditions now.
TNX Marambio Foundation


Antarctic Challenge of the French Polar Team
Mehdi F5PFP reports that “New Scores 2016” of the Antarctic & Arctic Challenge as well as the Polar Challenge (Antarctic +Arctic) have been  updated online.
Abouth the Antarctic Challenge, the top positions goes to
Bob, K4MZU who is now the Leader of the Antarctic Challenge. See:
http://french-polar-team.fr/Antarctic_Challenge_results.php  Congrats Bob K4MZU
Other scores are:
Arctic Challenge : Leader Steeve OM3JW
Polar Challenge (Antarctic + Arctic ) : Leader Les GM3ITN
Congrats OM3JW & GM3ITN


Lillooet's Antarctic Ambassadors
Ken Wright now has made nearly 50 trips to Antarctica
Scott Taylor returned last month from his first expedition to the remote ice-bound continent. Both men say visiting Antarctica has changed their lives in profound ways.
Although they marvel at the wildlife they encountered and the spectacular beauty of the glaciers and icebergs, and happily compare notes on the long journey to get there from here, they say
Antarctica has a message for people living in Lillooet and around the world.
And both men say they feel compelled to speak out. They now wear
Antarctic Ambassador’pins on their jackets and are eager to share their experiences.
See more at:


Heard island, Atlas Cove WAP AUS-Ø7
K4MZU kindly relayed a msg sent by Dave k3EL & KK6EK respectively Team Leader and DXpedition leader of VKØEK. The message explains about the actual Camp site location (53° 01’ 9,36” South, 72° 23’ 41,063” East) and the reason to give up the other possible choice to set a station at Spit Bay Camp, as new WAP Reference.
From early in the conception of this project we planned to activate two sites, a main location with all bands at Atlas Cove, and a limited operation for a short period from Spit Bay on the other side of Heard Island. The Spit Bay operation was designed to improve our ability to make contacts to western and central North America, which from Atlas Cove is the other side of Big Ben, the 9000-foot volcano in the center of Heard Island. However, now that the operation from Atlas Cove is well underway, we are finding good openings to the west coast on many bands. We are VERY aware of the areas that still have a huge need – and will work hard to work you in these areas.

Furthermore, Matt, the captain of the Braveheart, has been looking a reasonably safe weather opportunity to land and extract a radio team at Spit Bay, but so far we have not had one. As we enter the second half of the expedition, we have to consider what will be the most productive strategy, and it seems to us that continuing the operation with a full complement of operators from the Atlas Cove location will be more effective than dispatching part of the team to Spit with uncertain weather openings.

TNX Dave K3EL,  Bob KK6EK, K2ARB for sending pics and Bob K4MZU
Well, they have done a great expeditiongiving also the little pistol a chance to get them in the log, even if the first week of the operation, the battle camp was only for big guns!


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