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OAØMP Machu Picchu Base (WAP PER-Ø1)
Look for OAØMP who is coming to be on the air from  MACHU PICCHU ANTARTIC BASE (WAP PER-Ø1) among the XXIV Antarctic Peruvian Scientific Expedition (2016-2017)).
The Peruvian Base is located on King George Island (South Shetlands)
and it's
a very rare one.
is supposed to be on air till March 31st 2017.
was on the air  on Jan. 1994

QSL via OA4O ,  Radio Club Peruano,  P.O. Box 538, Lima 100, PERU, South America.


Gurruchaga Camp WAP ARG-NEW
Also known as Francisco Gurruchaga Naval Refuge and Refugio Armonía  (Harmony Haven, Naval refuge) Francisco de Gurruchaga  is located at Harmony Cove, Nelson Island, South Shetland Islands  (62°15' South  59°00' West). It was inaugurated on 6 December 1953 and used in the Antarctic campaigns
1954-1955 and 1957-1958, then it has been converted into a temporary base in the 1997-1998 season and then closed.
Now,  personnel of the Antartic Campaign 2016-2017 is visiting the old
Francisco de Gurruchaga Refuge
to do some maintenance and refurbishment .
Check 40 mts CW as
  LU4CJM Juan Manuel Pereda is actually there operating as LU4CJM/Z
, a great opportunity to work a brand new one!

Following the operation of
on 11 Jan 2017, a new WAP Reference will be given shortly.


Antarctic Activity Week    Booking is open!

Eduardo EA4GKV wrote: I have been most of the year travelling and not in home. Not much time to take care of my radio Hobby.
But, the
AAW is special and I will come back to Spain to participate. I will do so individually and also part of the diploma my Spanish friends are  organizing too. I am happy to be here and be part of the 14th AAW
73 Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, AO4HAG (EA4GKV)

John VK2FR says: For my 5th year it will be a pleasure to participate in the 14th AAW and give a chance for those who do not have VK logged.  Pending propagation I will be on 20 to 10m SSB, note that February the last 3 years has been  extremely stormy and flooding here but I will ON AIR as much as possible.all the best to all at WAP
kind regards from John VK2FR

Well done
Eduardo & John , great to have you onboard again. Have fun!


Argentinean Albatros & Elephant Refuges
On  King George Island (aka Isla 25 de Mayo), just to the South of Base Carlini  (ex Jubany Base) on Potter Peninsula  there is a Special Protected Area  (ASPA 132) which extends from Potter cove to Stranger point. Within the Area there are two small Argentine refuges: one is called Elephant, (pic to the right) and is located about 1000 mts from Punta Stranger, in the northwest direction, which is usually used by research groups as a resting point. The shelter occupies an area of about 25 square meters and has capacity for two people.
Outside the zone, there is also a small shelter, called
, on the cliff which looks towards the coastline, about 50 meters high from the beach and less than 1 Kilometer from the Elephant shelter, in the E-SE direction.
Albatros Refuge (pic above, WAP ARG-27) has been activated for a very short time on March 2016 by LU4AA/Z while Elephant refuge is still a brand New One”!

LU4CJM Juan Manuel Pereda is actually at Carlini Base (WAP ARG-20) and he is active as LU1ZI from there . Look for him eventually as LU4CJM/P from some of the rare spots near by!


Philatelic Antarctic emission:  Spanish Antarctic Activity. B.A.E. Gabriel de Castilla
Next january 30th 2017 Spain will see the  issue of a new stamp to celebrate the Scientific Research from BAE Gabriel de Castilla in Antartica
Seal size of the stamp will be 40,6 x 28,38 mm, with a Print run of 220,000.
 ESPAÑA - XXX Campaña Antartica 2016/2017
Here is the adresses where collectors can send SASE to be postmarked in Antarctica
Base Gabriel de Castilla (WAP ESp-Ø2)
Sr. Jefe de la Base del E.T. Gabriel de Castilla
c/o BIO. Hesperides
Arsenal Militar de Cartagena
30201  CARTAGENA (Murcia) Spain
Base Juan Carlos I (WAP ESP-Ø1)
Sr. Jefe de la base  Juan Carlos I
c/o  BIO Hesperides
Arsenal militar de Cartagena
30201  CARTAGENA (Murcia) Spain
R/V Hespérides
Sr. Comandante del buque
Arsenal militar de Cartagena
30201  CARTAGENA (MUrcia) Spain
On the mean time, Pepe EA5KB informs that  several Spanish station will join the 14th Antarctic Activity Week (20-26 Febr.2017)
with their special calls. They will use this special stamp to answer your direct QSL requests. Do not miss this rare opportunity!


Antarctic Activity Week
It's now time to book the 14th AAW, getting your special call, your  WAP reference number and jump into the unique International Ham event to promote Antarctica ... join in and enjoy it!

TM14AAW, FRANCE (Special Event).
Look for special event station TM14AAW to be on air on February 2017. Activity is to celebrate the 14th Antarctic Activity Week (20-26 Febr. 2017).
Operation will be made by François F8DVD
from his Qth of Mâcon in the east part of France, 60 km North of Lyon.
The new reference for WAP program is
Operations will be from 10 to 40 meters, mostly SSB.
QSL via F8DVD, dir
ect (SAE + 1 IRC or 2 USD) or via buro.
For more information, have a look to
http://www.qrz.com/db/TM14AAW or contact François: a.pole@laposte.net


Yes, we survived 2016; we thrived together tied by our Antarctic passion. We are here one more time  facing new  Bases, new contacts, and lots of DX, with the same creativity, and dedication. Wishing all of our followers,  health and happiness in the New Year.


        From WAP Staff


Video live from Concordia Station WAP MNB-Ø3
The video shown hereby, has been broadcast last December 23rd by Italian television RAI 2 channel.
It was a live interview to the  French-Italian team transmitted live from Concordia Station during the TV show "Detto Fatto".

Enjoy it by clicking the video gif here to the right 
(Video is in italian Language)



 To the Antarctic friends, followers & Chasers

May the Christmas Night be full of happiness and Peace
Best of Season's Greetings from the WAP Staff


Antarctica, a real DX
The 2016-2017 Antarctic Campaign is at the height of its activity. Here below is a list of  Stations already present in Antarctica
and active for time to time:
KC4AAA  Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station WAP USA-36
LU4ZS Marambio Base WAP ARG-21
VP8DPJ Rothera base WAP GBR-12
8J1RL Syowa Base WAP JPN-Ø3
VU3LBP/p  Bharati Station WAP IND-Ø4
RI1ANR Novo Runway Station WAP MNB-Ø6
RI1ANP Progress Base WAP RUS-11
RI1ANA Molodyozhnaya Base WAP RUS-Ø8
RI1AND Novolarevskaya Station WAP RUS-Ø9
RI1ANC Vostok Station  WAP RUS-13
VP8CMH/MM Polar Research Ship James Clark Ross
Next to be active
FT3YL Dumond D'Urville Base WAP FRA-Ø1
8J6ØJARE  Syowa Base WAP JPN-Ø3
Stay tuned perhaps someone else can be on the air and  you know, ,Antarctica is a real DX !


8T2BH moving for few days at Maitri Base
Bhagwati Prasad Semwal (8T2BH/VU3BPZ) will be leaving Bharati Station in a couple of days. On the way home he will stop at Maitri Base  (WAP IND-Ø4) where he hopes to operate as

At Bharati Station, the actual Communication Officer is
  Raj, VU3LBP  who has been trained shortly  by Bhagwati. 
Raj is now able to operate alone as VU3LBP/P untill December 2017, when time and propagation permit. Photo here aside show Bhagwati 8T2BH (left) and Rajesh VU3LBP (right) in front of  Bharati Station  (69°S, 076°E, Grid MC81AA WAP IND-Ø4)

Schedule preview, then al fly from Maitri to Novo Runway
(WAP MNB-Ø6) and there Bhagwati hopes to operate as VU3BPZ/RI1 or VU3BPZ/P. If he will have chance will try also to be on the air from Novolazarevskaya Base (WAP RUS-Ø9) . Both depends on the time ,  the availability of  Radio rooms  and personnel. So keep an eye on the packet cluster, if possible, the operations will be limited of a short time.

Bhagwati  8T2BH
, wish to thank the Hams WW for their patience and for the time spent trying to catch him on the HF bands. Radio has been a great company during his long stay in Antarctica and his over 1000 QSOs are a sign of his perseverance to hit the bands when conditions seemed to be dead!

TNX Bhagwati, 8T2BH/VU3BPZ
(Ex-20,24,29th, Maitri & 31,35th, Bharati, WOT )


DL-SWL Maxi - WAP WACA & WAP-WACA Top Honor Rolls
Reaching over 100 Bases  for WAP-WADA and 200 callsigns for WAP-WACA  Top Honor rolls  is not an easy task, but these handmade ceramic plates are a real temptation! Of course it takes years and years  to reach that kind of goal, also because working DX into Antarctica  requires  patience  and a bit of luck!
Maxi (DL-SWL)
is  one of the oldest WW short wave listener and he has reached the Top !
Maxi wrote:  I am very proud to own the two plates now. The two Top H.R. were very difficult to work with  and I was busy for many years I’m happy to send a photo of me with plate.
73 de Maxi, DL-SWL
Good job Maxi, keep it  up with pour best congratulations!


ZL/ZS9HI/MM & ZL/VKØLD/MM  another two   good for WAP WACA
Adam K2ARB was among the VKØEK Team who did activate Heard island (WAP AUS-Ø7) on last March/April 2016. On the way on and off,  they were onboard of the M/V Braveheart  using  ZL/ZS9HI/MM & ZL/VKØLD/MM

Now QSLs are ready,  and  Adam wroteXmas presents soon to be mailed….  please thank everyone for their patience!

Both callsigns  ZL/ZS9HI/MM & ZL/VKØLD/MM are OK for WAP-WACA and for those who have not worked  M/V Braveheart yet, that  is a good Polar Ship to be add to WAP-WACA
On behalf of  the
Antarctic Chasers,  we thanks very much Adam
for his efforts, great operation indeed!
QSLs for both /MM callsigns have to be requested to K2ARB; see QRZ.com


Tierra del Fuego WAP ARG-23
The Southern Railroad
(Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino-FCAF) or End of the World Train is a railroad of the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands in Argentina, which connects the Tierra del Fuego National Park with the outskirts of the city of Ushuaia
Saturday  Dec. 3rdHams from Ushuaia will once again operating the train station and this is a great opportunity to add some
WAP ARG-23 callsigns to the WAP-Worked Antarctic Callsigns Award (WACA)
The following callsigns will be on the air LU8XP, LU1XU, LU1XP, LU5XTS, LU5XWL and  LU7XX
TNX Radio Club Ushuaia


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