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WAP staff is continuing to work with the help of WW friends in order to  improve the list of the Antarctic settlements which include Scientific installation such as Bases, Stations, Huts, Refuges, Camps, Outposts, Lighthouses  to make WAP Directory one of the unique tools for Hams, Students and Antarctic chasers
Seven new WAP references have been issued recently to as many sites located in Antarctica and on the Sub-Antarctic areas as follow:
Antarctic Support Center Base-Puerto Williams Station (Stations  to qualify CHL-18  are: CE9GEW-1991, CE8/LU1XS 2006, CE8/F9IE 2002, CEØPG 1968, CE9/UA4WHX 2013).
CHL-19    Lennox Island Chilean Navy Outpost         CE9XX     17-18/Ø2/2Ø11
CHL-20    Hornos Island Meteo Station        3G9JA     01-06/02/2016
CHL-21    Gonzalo island Weather Station  (56° 31’ 30” South, 68° 61’ 00” West, Caleta Condell, Gonzalo island, Diego Ramirez islands). Station valid are CE9/PA3EXX e CE9/VE3LYC  activity 15-17/Ø1/2Ø11
Hornos Island Monumental LH       3G9JA     01-06/02/2016
ARG-27   Albatros Refuge        LU4AA/Z 03/2016
Gurruchaga Camp          LU4CJM/Z 01/2017
All the new Entries will be shown on next WAP-WADA & WAP-WACA Directories. New release will be available next June/July 2017 hen the new references could be credited for both WAP Awards


Lennox Island Chilean Navy Outpost  WAP CHL-19 NEW
(55° 17' 6.1"North, 66° 56' 8.3"West) is an island (170 square km)
within Chile and is nearby to Punta Norte, Isla Guillermo and Cerro Holger.

A Maritime Mayor controls the navigation in the area and warn by radio if any boat goes into an emergency.  Its main task is the safeguarding of Chilean sovereignty in the region, the control of jurisdictional waters and the safeguarding and rescue of human life at sea. There are several infrastructure/maritime signage distributed on the island so it can be considered as a Chilean Navy Outpost 

Every 2 or 3 months  a Chilean Navy service provide  replenishing food and basic elements to the  Sea Mayor who lives there with his family for a period of one year.

Lennox Island is inspected by the Chilean Navy through a "Sea Mayor" who, in this case, is in charge of the "Lennox Sea Mayor's Office". It belongs to the Third Naval Zone, "Naval Beagle District"
(DISNABE), based in Port Williams.

Last 2011,  Mehdi F5PFP, did operate as CE9XX close to the Lennox Chilean settlement (CE9XX Lennox island : from 17/02/2011 23:50UTC to 18/02/2011 0600UTC , 342 QSOs)
So this operation is qualifying  for WAP-WADA
Lennox Island Chilean Navy Outpost, at 55° 17' 6.1"North, 66° 56' 8.3"West, is now
and it will be insert in the next issue of the WAP-WADA & WAP-WACA Directories



Snipe Island - Chilean Navy Outpost & Meteo (WAP CHL-NEW)
Isla Snipe
is a Chilean island 54° 57' 14.2" South67° 8' 48.6" West in the Beagle Channel , nearby to Solitary Island, Isla Silva and Islotes Hermanos.
On Snipe Islet, located an hour's sail from Puerto Williams, Navy officials perform functions of traffic control, sovereignty over maritime boundaries, safeguard against any nautical emergency and deliver meteorological information
The Snipe islet, located a mile from Navarino, is a small rock formation with sparse vegetation that was occupied by an indigenous Chilean Yamana from that island, authorized by that country to graze sheep there.
Snipe became “famous” for an incident that took place in 1958 between naval forces of Argentina and Chile, without direct confrontation between them, by the possession of that islet on the Beagle Channel between the Navarino Islands , Picton island and Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego.  Following the signing of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Argentina and Chile based on the Arbitral Award of 1977, the Snipe islet is under Chilean sovereignty.
At the light of the evidence
(Thanks Mehdi F5PFP for his help and support)  Snipe island , Chilean Navy Outpost and Meterological Station will be add to the WAP-WADA Directory as well as the Snipe island Lighthouse which will be add to Section 3  (Antarctic & Peri-Antarctic Lighthouses).
A WAP Reference will be given as soon as someone will operate Ham radio from there.


Bellingshausen Station WAP RUS-Ø1
Alexandr A. Ushakov, UA1OJL
, is active since April 5-2017 from Bellinghausen Station (WAP RUS-Ø1), King George Island, South Shetlands as RI1ANO and will be there till March 2018. Alex is QRV on his spare time,  on all bands CW, SSB & Digi.
The log is already updated on Clublog and will be regularly  updated several times a month by RN1ON, after receiving information from Bellinghausen Station.
Since yesterday, April 9, 2017 enabled OQRS in the ClubLog.  QSL manager is RN1ON, Bureau, direct or LOTW


Swiss Polar Institute (SPI) a new Entry in the Antarctica  projects
The Swiss Polar Institute (SPI), based at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), is a consortium of Swiss universities – EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL), ETH Zurich and the University of Bern – and was cofounded with Editions Paulsen. Officially supported by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI),
the SPI is a Swiss initiative with a decidedly international mission.
The SPI will study the Earth’s poles and extreme environments. Its first project is ambitious: an international scientific expedition, comprising 55 researchers from 30 countries working on 22 research projects, will circumnavigate Antarctica. The purpose of this Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition
  (ACE) will be to measure and quantify the impact of climate change and pollution in the Southern Ocean. The ACE project has been created with the support of Ferring Pharmaceuticals and contributions from the Swiss Polar Institute and the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).
SPI Objectives
The Swiss Polar Institute is devoted to polar research and guided by the following objectives:
Global Challenges. The SPI shall enhance the Swiss scientific, economic and diplomatic contribution to understanding and solving Global Challenges such as climate and environmental changes and management of global resources through cutting-edge science and technology.
Interdisciplinary Science and Technology. The SPI shall bundle Swiss research in polar and other extreme environments (Alpine and Extreme Ecosystems and Landscapes, Lakes, Glaciers and Water Systems, Planets) with cutting edge technological developments such as: space technologies; satellites; remote sensing and data
Innovative Public Private Partnerships. The SPI shall position Switzerland as a key player, federating stakeholders in the fields of Extreme Environments and Polar Research through scientifically-driven and collaborative global initiatives relying on international innovative public-public and public-private partnerships. processing; drones; robotics; sensors for environmental monitoring; big-data handling; renewable energy; health monitoring.
Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (ACE)
From December 2016 to March 2017, scientific teams from all over the world will board the Russian research vessel Akademik Treshnikov for an unprecedented expedition around Antarctica. During the Antartic Circumnavigation Expedition (ACE), researchers will work on a number of interrelated fields,  from biology to climatology to oceanography, for the future of this continent.
Read more at:


RI1ANB Bellingshausen Station WAP RUS-Ø1
Bob, K4MZU did post a message with additional info regarding Alex RI1ANB current operation.
The following info is from Alexei RN1ON:
RI1ANB works from the Station Bellingshausen. Operator - Alex, RX0QM ex.RI59ANT. QSL info should be announced soon.
Also, Alex, RI1ANO / UA1OJL is now aboard the Oceanographic research ship "Akademik Fedorov" on the way to the Station.There are about 200 nautical miles left.
On board the ship is now a very good company: Oleg, RI1ANR/ZS1ANF/UA1PBA; Slava, RI1ANR/RD3MX; Mike, RI1AND/RW1AI and Alex, RI1ANO/UA1OJL.
TNX  Alexei, RN1ON ex.op.R1ANC, ex.UA1PAC & Bob K4MZU
RI1ANB have been first reported active last Apr.2nd & 4th (40 & 30 mts CW)


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