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Korean Barton Refuge (WAP KOR-NEW)
Barton Refuge
is a hut of 3m x 3m, with gas stove, food, water, dry clothing and dry boots. Located little East of Narebsky point  62° 14’ 18” South, 58° 45’ 20” West (Korea’s King Sejong Station lies 2 km to the north-east)
this Korean outfits is used as emergency and scientific purpose.

Narebski Point
is a headland on the south-east coast of the Barton Peninsula, at the south-western end of King George Island, in the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica
Barton Refuge is the unique facility in the area of ASPA N° 171; over there camping is prohibited except in an emergency, but if necessary, the use of the refuge facility located on the shore near the eastern boundary of the Area is strongly encouraged.

Korean Barton Refuge
, King George Island,  Barton Peninsula, Narebsky point, 62° 14’ 18” South, 58° 45’ 20” West  will be add to on the next release of the WAP-WADA Directory as WAP KOR-NEW


Marion Island Station WAP ZAF-1Ø
ZS1BCE David Hartzenberg
is actually active as  ZS8Z from Marion Island Station WAP ZAF-1Ø.
ZS8Z was previously activated by David from April 2013 through May 2104 using a Kenwood TS-480 , Power amplifier and the Marion Island base station HF antennas.
ZS8Z will be active till May 2018 on HF bands on SSB and digital modes
QSL: All matters relating to ZS8Z can be sent to the manager ZS1LS, Allan has the electronic logbook.



LU4ZS Base Marambio  WAP ARG-21
Working permitting,tand personnel accomodation to the Marambio Antarctic Base,starting March,LU4ZS  will be on the air on HF bands (10, 40 and 80m (phone) and 20m in PSK-31).
Marambio Base, located on the island of Vicodomodoro Marambio (ex Seymour Island) at 64° 14' South and 56° 37' West in the Weddell Sea, was founded in 1969 by the heroic Patrulla Soberanía, a group
of people who for months lived in tents and in precarious conditions of subsistence to prepare a runway.
The activation of LU4ZS is connected to the extension project "Uniendo Voces" of the National University of Quilmes. 
LU8DBS Juan C. Benavente is responsible for the activations, and Horacio Ledo LU4DXU  is his QSL manager.  Possible activation also as LU8DBS/Z.
Frequency suggested: 40mts from 19:00 LU time (7.113 - 7.138 MHz  -  SSB) and 80mts  at  22.30 LU time. Also PSK-31 on 14071 and if propagation opens 10 mts as well (suggested  28330) 



Demay Refuge (Poland) POL-NEW
Polish Demay Refuge
is located at Paradise Cove   Lat: 62° 13' South,   Long: 58° 26' 30"West   provide limited accommodation capacity for  4 people with field  medical kit available during summer for emergency use. The scientific use is subject to the permission of the appropriate authority. The Refuge (wood hut) 
is situated on a flat marine gravel terrace in Paradise Cove between Demay Point and Uchatka Point, ca 10 km from Arctowski Station.
The refuge can be reached both by Zodiac and by foot. It is located within the Antarctic Specially Protected Area No.128 

At the light of this evidence, Polish Demay Refuge  at Demay PointParadise Cove, Admiralty Bay, King George Island
(62°13´South,   58°26´30´´West) will be add to WAP-WADA Directory as WAP POL-NEW.


Lions Rump Refuge(Poland) POL-NEW
King George Bay   Lat: 62°06´S   Long: 58°05´W  accommodation capacity for  4 people with field medical kit available during summer for emergency use. The refuge (wood hut) is situated on a flat marine gravel terrace on the western shore of King George Bay near Lions Rump (ca 35 km from Arctowski Station).
The refuge can be reached only by Zodiac.
It is located near the boundry of the Antarctic Specially Protected Area No 151, at Lions Rump, Martello Tower, King George BayKing George Island.

Thanks and appreciation to the Hams who did help us to find out some pictures of the Polish Lions Rump Refuge, which will be add to the WAP-WADA Directory as POL-NEW


14th AAW the event is over
With the beginning of March all the special event station joining the Antarctic Activity Week did set down. The 2017 edition was a great success with lots of interest shown from all over the world, Stations have been active from all the Continent with the sole exception of Africa which was represented last year by FR4QT (TO1TAAF WAP-26Ø).
The Spanish groups and their related Antarctic Activity Awards, available online after having worked the requested number of Special Event Stations, did achieve a world recognition, also  marked with over 70,000 QSOs. Great goal guys, you did it superbly!
Febr. 22, marks the “Dia de la Antartida Argentina” a National celebration in LU land and it's not a coincidence that the AAW always overlaps that date.
In addition, WAP Staff wish to thank Francois F8DVD for having published a bit of history on the French REF Magazine, the whole European Hams for participating the event with so many
special calls and the Ukrainians Antarctic veterans who did join.
2018  will see the 18th Edition of another AAW and we are pleased to know that Phil K6EID have  already applied for K4A
for AAW 2018, that means the booking is open; join in and enjoy it!

Enjoy the 7' video to recall the
2107 Dia de la Antartida Argentina by clicking on the Penguin here aside.


Hornos Island Meteo Station (WAP CHL-NEW)
The Chilean Navy maintains a Station on the island, consisting of a residence, utility building, chapel, Mateo Station and lighthouse. A short distance from the main station is a memorial, including a large sculpture featuring the silhouette of an albatros, in honor of the sailors who died while attempting to "round the Horn".
The island is one of the Hermite Islands, part of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago. Two lighthouses are located near or in Cape Horn. The one located in the Chilean Navy Station is the more accessible and visited, and is commonly referred to as the Cape Horn lighthouse. However, the Chilean Navy station, including the lighthouse
(ARLS CHI-030, 55° 57’ 48” South, 67° 13’ 12” West) and the memorial, are not located on Cape Horn (which is difficult to access either by land or sea),
but on another land point about one mile east-northeast.
Before it was a detachment of three Chileans who are part of the Chilean Navy, those who took care of the facilities and gave sovereignty to this mythical point of the world navigation. Now who is in charge of the lighthouse and the weather station is a single military man, who must reside on the island for a year with his family. The island of Hornos can only be reached by private boat, with the Chilean Navy or in one of the two cruises that make the route of the Patagonian channels or that travel towards Antarctica.
Horn Island Meteo Station
(55° 56’ 50” South, 67° 18’ 15” West), will be entering on the WAP-WADA Directory as CHL-NEW


40th Anniversary of the Polish Arctowski Station
On February 26, 1977 at 03.25 GMT a radio telegram given in 5 languages said as follows:
"Here Antarctic station name Henry Arctowskiego Polish Academy of Sciences, on King George Island in the South Shetland Islands, situated at 62° 10'South latitude and 58° 28,7' West longitude. Station H. Arctowskiego started trading at 3:25 Greenwich time. "
This day went down in history of Polish science and Antarctic.

among the Antarctic chasers wish the Polish Academy of Sciences and  the Polish National Antarctic Program, a very Happy Arctowski birthday!


Puerto Williams Station-WAP CHL-18 NEW ENTRY
54° 56’ South
, 67° 37’ West: Antarctic Support Center Base, Puerto Williams, Navarino Island, Antarctica Chilena Province
Puerto Williams is one of the principal naval bases of the Chilean Navy. The base is used as start point for patrol, reconnaissance missions, and rescues in the areas of Beagle Channel, Cape Horn, Drakes’s Passage and the Antarctic Peninsula. 
The Chilean Navy also operates Guardia Marina Zañartu Airport and the Naval Hospital of Puerto Williams as well as nearby meteorological stations.
(Stations  to qualify CHL-18 are: CE9GEW-1991, CE8/LU1XS 2006, CE8/F9IE 2002, CEØPG 1968, CE9/UA4WHX 2013)

Antarctic Support Center Base, Puerto Williams, Navarino Island has been add to the WAP-WADA Directory as CHL-18


Novolazarevskaya Base (WAP- RUS-09)
KC4/N2TA is active from Novolazarevskaya Base  until the end of March.
The address
(N2TA) on QRZ.com  acts as a maildrop for this operation. Cards received will be hand-delivered to Mike RW1AI, for replies. He should be back to Russia in May 2017, so please be patient.
Direct only, please. US stations: send SASE, all others - SAE + postage. Any donations to offset cards printing are welcome.

did show up  Febr. 21  at  22:00 UTC  on 10110 CW


Baliza Mackinley LU8XW/XP (New Entry WAP LH section 3 WADA Directory)
Following the activation of Baliza Mackinley, a new reference has been issue to this lighthouse located on Gamble Island, Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego, as WAP ARG-LH-Ø11.
The Team of LU8XW/XP did start operate from Friday 17 till Sunday 19 febr. They reported poor propagation even if they managed to work 15, 20, 40 and 80 mts.

In addition to the WAP-WADA-LH, Gamble island Mackinley LH
(54°54'Ø6"South, 67°24'12"West)
is a good one valid for the French Antarctic Challenge Program

TNX LU8XP , LU8XT and the whole Team of LU8XW


R14ANT active during the AAW
Oleg UA6GG
will be active from 20 February during the Antarctic Activity Week as R14ANT (WAP-281),
QSL via UA6GG.

also informs that he will prepare an AAW- DX Trophy  in the same style (glass plaque)  to the one done for  AS-104, a  Special Trophy glass made for R3CA/9 . As soon as the  AAW Trophy will be ready, we’ll be pleased to publish it on the WAP pages.



After last year’s activation by LU4AA/Z, Baliza Camara will be on the air again next Febr. 17-19. Located at 62 ° 14.4 'South, 58 ° 40.7' West, also known as Camara LH (ARLHS SSI-004) it will be operate with the license callsign of Carlini Station  LU1ZI, under the responsibility of Juan Manuel Pereda (LU4CJM), Member of Radio Club Argentino.
The lighthouse is located near Carlini Base (WAP ARG-2Ø) in the south coast of Potter Cove, in the south-west of King George Island
(aka 25th May Island)
of the South Shetland Archipelago, Antarctic Argentine Sector.
Base  Carlini
(ex Base Jubany) is a permanent scientific station, operated and administered by the National Antarctic Directorate, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina.



French Polar Challenge (Antarctic + Arctic)
Michel F6DWQ & Mehdi F5PFP have been updated the new scores of the Polar Challenge, that are now available online.
Just to remind the chasers that French Polar Challenge is a clever  free competition among worldwide DXers, that play their efforts to contact rare spots on both North & South poles.
There are 3 main section: Antarctic & Arctic that join together into the Polar Challenge:

Here below the related link with scores:
To check POLAR CHALLENGE (Antarctic + Arctic )  just clik the gif aside 

TNX  Michel F6DWQ & Mehdi F5PFP


From 18th
to 26th February 2017
To commemorate the 14th International Antarctic Week a very Special Award will be issued to all radioamateurs worldwide who contact with a number of Special Event Stations that will be active on the HF bands.
The Special Diploma will be sent free of charge in PDF format to all participants that fulfill t
he required number of contacts on each category.
Enjoy finding out and contacting ALL the Spanish Special Event Stations in the bands:
Organized by Sección Local URE de Denia & Cullera
QSLs of the  9 Spanish station, Award Program , log on line …all ready to start the 14th AAW! Click on the animated gif aside to enter the URE AAW  web page 
Spanish do it great, TNX


VU3LBP/P Bharati station WAP IND-Ø4
Following the turnover at Bharati station, the XXXVI ISEA’s overwintering Team did take hold of the base activities and, like already told, Mr. Rajesh Dabral  (VU3LBP) has replaced  Bhagwati Prasad (VU3BPZ-8T2BH) as Communication Officer at the base.
Raj is actually operating from Bharati Station as VU3BPZ/P on HF bands
(mostly 15-17 & 20 mts SSB).
QSLs are available, and here is the1st one sent to VK2FR John, who did work VU3LBP/p on last Jan 29 .
To confirm  the contacts, QSL manager uses the cards already printed for VU3BPZ/P with a label  for VU3LBP/p as shown.
By the end of February, the duties at the Base should allow Raj VU3LBP to be more often on the air!


Draft file of Antarctic Lighthouses valid for WAP Program
Next 17-18-19 February the 9th Edition of  "FIN DE SEMANA DE LOS FAROS SUDAMERICANOS"
will give the hunters a chance to join into the new Section 3: Antarctic & Sub- Antarctic Lighthouses of the well known WAP WADA & WACA program.
The list of Antarctic & Sub- Antarctic Lighthouses has not yet been officially released, but you can download it from here just by clicking on the gif aside. 

We will be more that grateful for any suggestion, additions & corrections and  if during your QSL’s check you will find some lighthouses not yet listed, keep that ones on the side, they will be useful!  Any information, scan QSLs to help us to fill our Dbase,  will be appreciated.

TNX, WAP Staff


Our friend Miguel Angel Lavalle, LU1XUPresident of  Radio Club Ushuaia, has confirmed next activation of  BALIZA MACKINLAY (54°54' 07" S - 67°24' 09" W), LH-ARG-116, Grid FD65hc (WAP ARG-LH-NEW)
to be on air during the 9th Edition of  "FIN DE SEMANA DE LOS FAROS SUDAMERICANOS" from Friday Febr. 17th through Sunday Febr. 19th.

This lighthouse  (a glass-fiber tower of 7 meters high, hourglass-shaped, painted simulating a chessboard with red and white colors) is  located at the southern end of Gable Island, on the Beagle Channel, and it’s position  falls into the Sub & Peri Antarctic areas of the WAP WADA Directory, therefore is valid as WAP ARG-23 and for the brand new Antarctic Lighthouse section of the WAP Directory as WAP ARG-LH-NEW
The Team of Radio Club Ushuaia, will come up from there, using the special prefix LT5X, mostly  80 and 40 meters, and if possible 20, 15 and 10 meters. The operation will include SSB,  CW and PSK31


OJ1ABOA Finnish Antarctic Research Station ABOA  (WAP FIN-Ø1)
Jari OH2BU informs that OJ1ABOA at the Finnish Antarctic Research Station ABOA (WAP FIN-Ø1) 
in Queen's Maud Land, Antarctica, has been active  for the last five weeks. However, the log is not long and mostly OH-stations are on it.
OJ1ABOA will go QRT after this weekend and the group will fly back to Finland.

The opearators has promised to be on this
Friday (Febr.3rdand Saturday (Febr.4th), mostly on 40 m.



Gonzalo island, Weather Station WAP CHL-NEW
Gonzalo island
, is one of the Diego Ramirez Islands group. In 1957 the  Chilean Navy established a Metrological Station above Caleta Condell, a small cove on the northeast side of Isla Gonzalo (Gonzalo Island),
and resupply it several times each year.
In addition, a light tower stands atop the peak,  the highest point of  Gonzalo island
On last January 2011, VE3LYC and PA3XX did operate few days from Gonzalo island, signing respectively CE9/VE3LYC and CE9/PA3XX. That operation will qualify both the new references given to Gonzalo island, weather station and Gonzalo island Lighthouse
According to the evidence, Gonzalo Island Weather Station meets the requirement to be add to the WAP-WADA Directory
  (Section 2-Sub & Peri-Antarctic)
and a new WAP Reference will be given shortly.
Gonzalo island Weather Station
56° 31’ 30” South
68° 61’ 00” West
Caleta Condell, Gonzalo island, Diego Ramirez islands


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