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Sfoglia libro.gifThis Section contains the most important Worldwide Antarctic Awards actually available , issued by Radio Clubs or Official Organizations.Penguin_serves.gif

(Note: if some Antarctic Awards have been missed, and in case the Official Clubs would like to add their Awards up here in the WAP Award Gallery, we kindly ask to send an e-mail to the WAP web master, with the authorization to pubblish it and a Jpeg copy of the Award).
TNX from WAP Staff

RiduciSection 1: ARGENTINA




Certificado Antartico Argentino rsd.jpg


This is the "Certificado Antartico Argentino" issued by Radio Club Argentino.
Informations and requests have to be sent to:
Radio Club Argentino

Award Manager
Casilla de Correo 97
C1000WAA Buenos Aires
República Argentina


The "Certificado Antartico Argentino" (Argentine Antarctic Award) requires at least one QSO with a LU Base/Stations from Antarctica starting 20 November 1945.



Gral Belgrano 2 Award rsd.jpg

This Award is issued for contact  specifically the Army Base General  Belgrano 2 (WAP ARG-Ø6) in the occasion of  DIA de la ANTARTIDA ARGENTINA*

* (Day of Argentinian Antarctica,   falls on the 22nd February of each year).








Worked  Argentine  Antarctic  Bases



1.- The Radio Club Rio deRadio Club Rio de la Plata.gif la Plata, issues, starting from April 1st. 2008, to Radio Amateurs and SWLs  the  W.A.A.B. ( Worked Argentine Antarctic Bases ).

2.-  To get the Award, the applicants must show to have worked and confirmed by QSL cards, at least of 3 different Argentine Antarctic Bases.

3.- Of Ham stations and Antarctic Bases operating from the Antarctic Continent must credit point number 2 to get the Award.

4.-  Contacts could be made complied to the rules of Radio Amateur’s Service by any of their transmission  mode and frequencies bands, therefore on bands from 2 to 160 meters and on SSB, CW, RTTY &  Digital modes.

5.-  Contacts made from November 09, 2001 onwards, are available.

6.-  The list of the actives Argentine Antarctic Bases is: LU1ZA  S.Orkney – LU1ZR  Petrel – LU1ZB  Melchior – LU1ZC  Deception – LU1ZS  Camara – LU1ZG  Belgrano II – LU1ZD  San Martin – LU2ZD  Primavera – LU1ZV  Esperanza – LU1ZI  Jubany - LU4ZS  Marambio – LU1ZAB  Matienzo.

7.-   Any new Argentine Antarctic Base on the air, will be add to the list and available to get the Award.      

8.-  W.A.A.B. Award is available from OM and SWL following by e-mail request to the Award Manager   Horacio "Henry" Ledo, LU4DXUlu4dxu@hotmail.com  or  P.O.Box # 22.-  Martinez  1640,  Buenos Aires,  ARGENTINA .

It is necessary to send:

a) Application Form  dated and signed, where the applicant certify that the rules and regulations of this Country has been followed, and a detailed list of the contacts made and confirmed in alphabetical number’s order as: Callsign, Date of QSO and GMT time.

b) A Copy of QSL cards of the contacts submitted.

Note: It could be possible that occasionally some QSL cards will be required for check or in case of dispute.

c) The Award fee is: A3 US$ 17,00.- (Euro 13.00.) or A4 US$ 13.00.- (Euro 9.00.-) include shipping via certificate post mail inside a tube for safety protection. Payment can be send via Western Union to: Horacio Enrique Ledo – DNI 11.451.210 or by certificate envelope to the box # in point # 8.

9.-  The Technical Award Manager is Horacio Ledo  LU4DXU, he will also take care of eventual questions and contacts with the chasers.  lu4dxu@hotmail.com

10.- W.A.A.B. Award consists in a full colour personalized parchment paper A3 size  297x420 millimeters (or lower size A4).

11.- The list of Awards issued will be published regularly on the web site www.lu5da.org.ar

12.- The W.A.A.B. is conceived and controlled by rules in order to get a modern and simple certificate, by  the lowest possible bonds and bureaucracy.

RiduciSection 2: AUSTRALIA


Thanks to Malcolm K. Johnson VK6LC,  Ex Federal Award Manager of  WIA (Wireless Institute of Australia).

Australia's Wireless Institute & WIA National Award Program , are issuing an intersting Antarctic Certificate called ANTARCTIC AWARD. Informations and rules are available through WIA National Website: http://www.wia.org.au Email: awards@wia.org.au

W.I.A. Antarctic Award Rules

WIA Antarctic Award rsd.jpgApplicants need to make ten (10) confirmed contacts with amateur radio stations conducting valid operations from Antarctica.

The ten contacts must include stations licensed by at least six (6) different government authorities, of which one (1) must be a VKØ.

Antarctica is defined as the landmass, including islands and permanent ice shelf, below 60 degrees South of latitude.

(This excludes Heard, Macdonald and Macquarie Islands, being sub-Antarctic). Only contacts made on or after the 23rd February 1988 are accepted.

WIA Antarctic Award 2007 rsd.jpg

In the year 2007 the Australian Antarctic Award did change its look, and now it is like the one here on the right.







RiduciSection 3: ITALY

ARI Logo_PiccoloAnim.gifITALIA

WAP W.A.C.A. (Worked Antarctic Callsigns Award) & WAP W.A.D.A. (Worked Antarctic Directory Award) are both ARI (Italian Amateur Radio Association)Awards, managed by ARI Mondovì in the northen Italy.WAP-WACA rsd.jpg



Rules and application forms, as well as WAP software written by Carlo IK6CAC can be dowloaded by clicking on the appropriate task button on the WAP Award section.



WAP W.A.C.A. is supported by a great DBase containing more than 4500 Antarctic, Sub & Peri-Antarctic Callsigns.



This huge Dbase, is available for free download, at this web site. Check the download from the Home page.




logo_wap r.jpgThese Awards, founding their rules, on the WAP (Worldwide Antarctic Program) Data Base, also called WAP Directory, which is the result of 30 years of work done mainly by Gianni I1HYW & Massimo IK1GPG who is also member of ARI Mondovì.



WAP-WADA rsd.jpgWAP W.A.D.A. 
the best suggestion before starting to play with an application is to download the WAP Directory, available for free from this web site. Check the download from the Home page.


WAP Directory is a tool, a real nice guide book covering all the Antarctic, Sub & Peri-Antarctic Territories, with the names and WAP References for each of the Antarctic sites. Something unique to keep in your shack!





WAP Antarctic Special Event Callsigns


This Award is NOT managed by WAP Staff.

The DBase used by the Manager of this Award (IØOCD mail  i0ocd.chris@alice.it ),  is the same WAP DBase used for all  WAP Awards.


Rules and application form for this Award are available by IØOCD Christine. Get in touch with her before sending your application. 
e-mail (i0ocd.chris@alice.it )

A Web site  is available at: 








WAP Polar Ship Award is managed by ARI Formia http://www.ariformia.it/awards/wap_psa.htm


WAP-PSA last.jpgThe Dbase used by ARI Formia to draw this Award is the same WAP DBase used for all the WAP Awards.


WAP Dbase includes in fact a list of Polar Ship which are or have been on the Antarctic, Sub & Peri-Antarctic waters.


The list of the Polar Ship has been greatly integrated by IT9MRM Alberto Mattei, an Official of the Italian Navvy, who did write a wonderful Polar Ship Book (nearly 200 pages) downloadable for free at:


WAP Staff, would like to express gratitude to our good Ham friends of ARI Mondovì, ARI Cassino, ARI Formia and of course to the ARMI (Associazione Radioamatori Marinai Italiani) and in particular to its founder IT9MRM Alberto.  


Special Events Callsigns are those used in mainlands (Not Antarctica) to celebrate  anniversaries, or other specific events  having Antarctica as a subject, including the Special Event Calls used in the occasion of Antarctic Activity Weeks.

RiduciSection 3a: ITALY

This Section contains the WAP Honour Roll & Top Honour Roll Plaques.


wap_waca_hr.jpgFully hand crafted, this ceramic plates (30 cm, or 11" in diameter), are made one by one singularly  by a traditional craftsmanship school,  in the city of Mondovì.

Ceramic works are one of the popular (even rare) activities of few artisans up there in the old downtown Mondovì.





















Top HR Plates, are made in the same way as the previous ones, more or less with same dimension but they are square, not round.WACA Top HR.jpg


















WADA Top HR.jpg











TNX and congrats to ARI Mondovì for the wonderful job!



RiduciSection 4: RUSSIA


Russian Robinson Club: http://www.hamradio.ru/RRC/news_e.asp

ANTARCTIC AWARD issued by RRC (Russian Robinson Club) is called R.A.B.A. (Russian Antarctic Bases Award).It is splitted into 3 classes: Class I, Class II, Class III, plus an Honour Roll according to the following rules:
The rules can be found on the RRC's web site at: http://www.hamradio.ru/RRC/AWARDS/raba_e.htm

RABA Class III rsd.jpgAward RABA is given for QSO/SWL with radio stations situated on theAntarctic  territory of the ex USSR and Russian Antarctic Bases :
3 class: 3 QSO/1 Base
2 class: 7 QSO/2 Bases
1 class: 10 QSO/3 Bases

Honour Roll: more than 10 QSO/3 Bases.
There is no date, band or mode restriction.

Only QSOs with Soviet/Russian Antarctic Bases count for the award.
Repeated QSO/SWL with the same callsign from the same base are not allowed. Certificates are issued in three different classes and Plaque - Honour Roll for confirmed contacts.

RABA Class II rsd.jpgThe application must be based on the received QSL cards photocopies of which must be sent along with the application.

You may also email scans of the QSL cards to award manager. The manager reserves the right to request any specific cards to satisfy any doubt whatsoever.

When applying for the Honour Roll Plaque, the original QSL cards have to be sent along with an application.

Applications for awards should be sent to:
RZ3EC, Eugene Shelkanovtcev, P.O.Box 70, Orel,302028, Russia.

Applications for the plaque should be sent to award-manager:
RU3GN, Victor Rochev, P.O.Box 59, Lipetsk, 398006, Russia. RABA Class I rsd.jpg

(This on the right is  RABA, Class I, achievable by 10 different Russian Bases in Antarctica)


At the bottom there is the RABA Honour Roll, which is available with more then 10 different Russian Bases in Antarctica.






TNX to Eugene RZ3EC Save0001.JPG and friends of the RRC











RABA HR: Courtesy of Mark ON5FP




The rules can be found at WFF web site at:  http://www.wff44.com/en/

Issued in the year 2008, this is the last Antarctic Award  originated by the Russian friends of RRC.

Surf the website reported above to get the information and see other Awards.

TNX Valery Sushkov RW3GW Director  and Originator of the WFF Programme, WFF Award Manager and President of the Russian Robinson Club.


RiduciSection 5: UKRAINA


10th Anniversary of Ukrainian Antarctic Research Station

Ukrainian Award-10years Vernadsky- rsd.jpg


The Ukrainian Antarctic DX club and UARL, did announce special activity period (3 to 12 Febr. 2006) to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Ukrainian Antarctic station "Academician Vernadsky " . Special stations EM1U, EM1ØHO, EM1ØLV, EM1ØKGG, EM1ØKY, EM1ØKCC, EM1ØUA has been active. During this period chasers did earn necessary score to appy the  "Akademik Vernadsky Station – 10 years  UASV-10 " Award.

The diploma is free-of-charge. Just a postage to cover costs is required.
Information have to be asked to
Roman Bratchyk UT7UA, PO BoxB-19, Kiev 01001- Ukraine.



  "Ukrainian Antarctic station Akademik Vernadsky - 15 years Award"

(aka UASAV – 15 Award)


- 1 QSO/SWL with the Antarctic Station "Akademik Vernadsky" EM1U; or
- for EU stations: 2 QSO/SWL with the special station of
EM15U on two different bands;
- for non-EU stations: 1 QSO/SWL with the special station of EM15U;
- QSO/SWL with 3 members of the
Ukrainian Antarctic DX Club (UADXC) participants to the Antarctic expeditions: UT7UA, UX2HO, UR8LV, UR5KGG, UT1KY, UR5KCC, UR8UC.
Contacts are valid from February, 06th, 2011. Award is free of charge.
Applications with postage (3 USD or 3 "New" IRCs) should be sent to: 
Roman Bratchyk UT7UA, P.O. Box B-19, Kyiv 01001, Ukraine






"The flight over the South Pole" 

Award designed by UZ9RR






25 October 2013 marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of the famous Arctic and Antarctic explorer Richard J. Byrd. 2014 marks 85 years of the first in the history, of mankind flight over the South Pole. A commemorative diploma "Flight over the South Pole" is dedicated to these two pioneering events.
Another interesting fact, is that the famous Soviet polar explorer and radio operator Ernst Krenkel January 12, 1930, did work from Polar Station (PST) "Quiet Cove" on the island of Hooker (Franz Josef Land), set the record for distance radio communications on HF with its "antithesis" - the radio base station of the American Richard Byrd's expedition to Antarctica (the distance - about 20 thousand km). Krenkel callsign was "RPX", and Howard Mason, radio operator of Byrd expedition, was "WFA". Krenkel used a transmitter power of 250 Watts (wavelength 43 m) which was delivered to him on the island and set on August 1, 1929. Power of the Byrd's expedition transmitter 800 Watts, it was on "Little America", the US Antarctic base on mainland Antarctica. This QSO still has a record range in the USSR.

Flight over the South Pole  Award is available for contacts made from 00:00 UTC  October 1st 2013, through 00:00 UTC  of December 31st 2014

The Award is issued to licensed Radio amateurs and SWL in all countries for contacts made all bands all modes from 1.8 - 28 MHz. Repeated QSO allowed only on different bands and different modes.

To obtain the award the applicant must score 125 points:
- Radio stations located in Antarctica - 50 points;
- Radio stations located on the islands of the Arctic Circle - 20 points;
- Radio stations in the Arctic Circle -10 points;
- Radio stations, /AM, / MM above the Arctic Circle - 10 points;
- Members of the club "Fifth Ocean» R3AR (OG1G), UA3SAO, UA4LD, UN7BK, RA6F, RV9CQ - Participants of the Arctic and Antarctic expeditions - 5 points;
- Members of the club "Fifth Ocean» /AM - 2 points;
- Members of the club "Fifth Ocean" - 1 point;
The presence of at least one contact with radio stations operating in Antarctica is mandatory.

The electronic format  of  the Award is free. Requests for paper Diploma, has to be followed by 5 USD and it will be sent by registered mail items view:
Applicants have to send a Log extract (both electronically and in writing), certified by two Amateurs before December 31, 2014 to the
Award Manager UZ9RR
uz9rr@qrz.ru or,  for direct request by surface mail to:
Yury Pronin
PO Box1480, Chernihiv, 14033, Ukraine.







This is an Award dedicated to all the Researchers in Antarctica, and it’s  issued with the support of the Ukrainian Radio Clubs : UADXC, DELTA CLUB, RIVNE DX CLUB, UFF (Ukrainian Flora Fauna).
Terra Australis Incognitais available to Hams that have made contacts with ”Special Callsigns” Radio stations in the days of WAP Antarctic Activity Week  as well as stations that did operate from Antarctica  or did  work and wintered in Antarctica at any of the Research Stations, Marine and seasonal expedition and/or on board research vessels and aircraft.
To apply for the Award is necessary to have made at least :
1 QSO with  Amateur radio stations in Antarctica
with Special stations that operate in AAW (Antarctic Activity Weeks) of the WAP (Worldwide Antarctic Program )
2 QSO with Amateur radio all over the world who have worked in the past and/or  wintered in Antarctica in a Research stations,  marine and seasonal expedition and/or on board  of Research vessels and aircraft.
Contacts have to be made starting 01.01.2014, any bands, any modes; same rules are also valid for SWLs . The award is available in electronic form.
Send your request in the form of a Log extract,  to the Award  manager Pavlo UT1KY:
e-mail: ut1ky@yandex.ru 






RiduciSection 6: POLAND



The AAA is issued under the auspices of  Polish Accademy of Sciences, Department of Antarctic Biology in Warsaw. The President of Polish Amateur Radio Union is the Patron of this Award.


1. The award is available to OMs and SWLs ho can make evidence to have make 2 way contacts (or SWL reports) with stations HFØPOL, HFØAPAS and others, operating from  ARCTOWSKI POLISH  ANTARCTIC  STATION  on King George Island in Antarctica,  or with operators active from different National Antarctic Stations. Special event stations such as HF….POL and HF….APAS, will also count.
2. There is no limit of dates, so any contacts any year will be valid.
3. The applicants should  collected 15 points according to the following criteria:
    a. QSO with HFØPOLHFØAPAS and other callsigns operating from ARCTOWSKI  Station, count 10 points 
    b. QSO with any other operators, working from other Nation's Bases in Antarctica , count  5  points.
    c. QSO with Special Event Stations HF….POL, HF….APAS, also count 5  points
    d. One QSO with HFØPOL or  HFØAPAS;  HF….POL  or  HF….APAS  is  obligatory.
    e. Repeated/Duplicated QSO/SWL are not allowed.
4. The application (GCR list or QSL card photocopy/scan copy for HFØPOL, HFØAPAS and other Antarctic stations are mandatory) are accepted in any form  and should be sent to the following postal address:
Janusz Slowinski
Bankowa 1,
42-460 Mierzecice, Poland
or  by email:   bonaterra _at_ interia.pl
5. Award is free of charge, but the applicants have to send  sufficient postage to cover the Mail costs, such as: 4 Euro or 5USD  or 5 new valid IRCs. For SP 10 PLN.


ARCTOWSKI Antarctic Award Honor Roll
Fully hand-made, ceramic plates performed in Ceramika Dobkow Studio.

The HONOR ROLL plates are for those who show the required two-ways contacts as follow:
1. ten (10) QSOs with three or more different callsign and operators worked from POLISH ARCTOWSKI STATION,
2. only two QSO's on one band for one callsign and one operator even if made in different dates,
3. copy of the original QSL cards signed by two local Hams  have to be sent along with an application.
4. the HONOR ROLL plates are free of charge, but the applicants must have applied and already received   the ARCTOWSKI Antarctic Award. Applicants  have to send  sufficient postage to cover the Mail and package shipping costs.

Postal cost for shipping are different from Standard  or Priority at the choice of applicants.
Standard  package (NO PRIORITY): EU-5 euro, NA & ASIA-23 USD,  SA-25 USD
PRIORITY package:  EU-20 euro, NA & ASIA-35 USD,  SA-38 USD.


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