Midwinter 2024-More from the Antarctic overwintering Teams

Concordia Station (WAP MNB-Ø3)

The photo was taken at 2pm (DMC) Temperature -70.5 °C (Windchill -83.2 °C) Wind 3.6 km Greetings from the 13 winterovers involved in the DC20 winter campaign.
Gabriele Carugati (pic aside), Licensed HamRadio IU2LXS , 43 years old, has been selected as station leader of the XX Winter Campaign of the National Research Program in Antarctica: with his team, 13 people in total, he will spend nine months in complete isolation due to the extreme temperatures. Gabriele will stay at Concordia Station untill November 2024.
Of course, we hope to hear him On Air someday…


 Also from  the Ukrainian     Vernadsky Station (WAP UKR-Ø1)   the Antarctic winterover Team send Greetings from Midwinter!

 WAP wish the best for everyone for this particular days down    South!


Happy Midwinter time