Shackleton Field Camp is a New Entry on WAP-WADA (WAP USA-51)

We succeded, W8IJK/KC4 is WAP USA-51!

Decisive has been the help of Scott WA4TTK who did provide his QSL of the contact with Jim Collinson W8IJK/KC4.

We sent a mail to Scott, since as far as we know, he was one of the few Hams who have worked W8IJK/KC4 from Shackleton Field Camp, Antarctica,  long ago.
We explained Scott that, Shackleton Field Camp was in the process to get a new WAP reference number (which is normally  issued after completing the investigation; one of the item is to get a date of activity which qualifies  the authenticity of the operation).
By a quick return, we get a kind reply from Scott WA4TTK who wrote:

Hello Gianni,
Yes, I certainly remember that QSL card.  It is a fantastic photograph of the Queen Maud mountain range and I have admired it since the day I received it. 
The QSO was made on December 4, 1978 at 0743 UTC on 14.311 MHz.  A scan of my QSL card is attached to this email. 
I hope this helps in getting your new WAP reference number.  Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.
73, Scott  Craig, WA4TTK — Nashville, TN — USA

At the light of this evidence, a brand new WAP reference  WAP USA-51 has been issued to Shackleton Field Camp (aka Shackleton Glacier Camp SHG).
Lat and Long: 85°05’24” South, 175°19’48” West
Location: Queen Maud Range, Transantarctic mountains, Western Antarctica.


We would like to express our gratitude to Olivier F6EPN, to Bob K4MZU  and to  Scott  Craig WA4TTK   for their invaluable help without of which, we would have struggled a lot to have the evidence we were looking for,  to issue the reference!