Refugio Teniente Primero Aroldo Serrano. New Entry on WAP WADA Directory

During the last Antarctic Summer Campaign,  a staff from the Argentine Joint Antarctic Command set a shelter for scientific personnel on Vega Island and called it Refugio Teniente Primero Aroldo Serrano. This is a brand new entry on WAP-WADA Antarctic Directory and referenced  as ARG-NEW.  (Pic aside show the building operation of the Refuge)

Vega Island,  57°50’South, 57°33’ West  is a small island to the northwest of James Ross Island, on the Antarctic Peninsula. It is separated from James Ross Island by Herrbert Sound and from Trinity Peninsula by Prince Gustav Channel. The island was named by Otto Nordenskjold, leader of the Swedish Antarctic Expedition (1901–04) in honour of the ship making the first voyage through the Northeast Passage, 1878-79.

Vega island, 17 mi long and 6 mi wide, is the northernmost of the James Ross Island group and lies in the Western part of Erebus and Terror Gulf.  Surveyed by SwAE in October 1903, when its insularity was established, and named Vega  after the Swedish ship Vega used by Baron A. E. Nordenskiöld  (uncle of the Leader of SwAE) in making the first voyage through the Northeast Passage,