German postage stamp newspaper – Deutsche Briefmarken-Zeitung

Deutsche Briefmarken-Zeitung (DBZ) is a German philatelic trade journal that has been published since 1925 .On February issue of DBZ,  Harald Kuhl, DL1AX has pubblished an interesting article about the summer italian Station WAP ITA-Ø1, MZS (named after Mario Zucchelli) in Antarctica, from which has recently operated  Lt. Danilo Collino IAØ/IZ1KHY .

The article includes a copy of Danilo’s QSL and the stamp  dedicated to the Italian scientist Mario Zucchelli (1944 – 2003), for years a reference figure for the Italian Antarctic Program.

Issued by TAAF (Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises)  in 2019   the stamp  did  celebrate the important contribution of Mario Zucchelli  to the realization of the French-Italian Concordia Station (WAP MNB-Ø3), depicted in the stamp along with the portrait of Zucchelli on a tricolor background.



In addition, DBZ magazine shows the special stamps issued to recall  on the 100st Anniversary of the death of Ernest Shackleton who, at age of 47, made a final mission to Antarctica, but would sadly pass away on the island of South Georgia on January 4th, 1922.

January 4th, 2022 did mark 100 years since his passing.



Turkey  Sientific Research Base (WAP TUR-NEW) on  Horseshoe Island.

Daily Sabah, reports that a Team of Turkish researchers begin work in Antarctica. On Monday Febr. 14th, they did launch field studies  as part of Turkey’s sixth National Antarctic Science Expedition.
The team arrived on Horseshoe Island (67°49’40” South, 67°12’08” West), where a temporary Turkish science base is located on the world’s coldest continent, and will move on to Dismal Island where a Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) station operated by Turkey is located.

The 20 strong Team reached the island following a 21 days journey, including a weeklong sail from Chile, as they left Istanbul late last January to conduct scientific research. The team carrying over 2 tons of logistics materials has already begun their fieldwork.

More at:

According to the evidence received, Turkey  Scientific Research Base (67°49’40” South, 67°12’08” West) on Horseshoe Island will enter pm WAP-WADA Directory as WAP TUR-NEW.

CALLING ANTARCTICA 2022 , a free diploma for the 19th AAW by IK3GER

Every year, in the month of February, a special radio activity called ‘ANTARCTIC ACTIVITY WEEK ‘ take places on the Ham radio bands. This year, the 19th AAW will be held from February 21st to the 27th, 2022.

Our good friend Paolo Corsetti IK3GER from Venice Italy, has set a free diploma which available to OM and SWL at the end of the Event.  Just few very simple rules have to be followed as shown below:

All WAP (WORLDWIDE ANTARCTIC PROGRAM) stations have a special WAP reference number that will be passed during the QSO. This reference must be included for each QSO in the WAP Ref. column of your application form.

The diploma is issued to OM/SWL in 2 classes:

  1. Basic” minimum of 5 QSO/HRD with different WAP references,
  2. First Class” 10 or more QSO/HRD with different WAP references.

Only QSO/HRD made between February 21st and 27th, 2022 are valid for this diploma.

Hams may download the application form in Excel here

QSL cards are not needed. Endorsement is available for band and mode. The award is free, and sent out via email as a PDF file (JPG on request). Send your application via email to the award manager IK3GER, Paolo, at

EXAMPLE OF APPLICATION can be found on the pdf file here aside –> Rules for Diploma AAW 2022

N.B. – WAP reference is mandatory in your application


Antarctic Activity Week on the French HamLab

While the 19th edition of the just started  Antarctic Activity Week is involving thousands of radio amateurs looking for the several Special Event Stations that are active this whole week on the Ham bands ,    Yoann Daniel F4IGV,   the founding President and webmaster  of HamLab Association in France, has just pubblish an article for promote  this year’s edition of the Antarctic Activity Week on HamLab  website. See:


Pay a visit, it’s a very interesting page which can eventually be translated in your own language by using the availability of Google translator.  HamLab website ( ) is  very attractive, a great source of informations for Hams.



February 22; next Tuesday, is the “Argentina Antarctica Day” and marks the 118th Anniversary of Argentina’s uninterrupted presence in Antarctica.

On that day,  in 1904, the Argentine flag waved for the first time on Laurie Island in the Orkney Islands group, where the Orkney Base (WAP ARG-15) currently operates.

Marambio Foundation writes: «Argentina Antarctica Day was instituted by Law No. 20,827/74, on February 22 of each year, determining that on that day,  the Argentine national flag will be hoisted to the top in the public buildings of the Nation and acts alluding to our inalienable rights of sovereignty over Argentine Antarctica in all educational institutions.

More information on February 22 – Argentine Antarctica Day, at:

Marambio Foundations –  Pay a visit to:

Several years ago, almost all the Argentine Bases in Antarctica, used to be on air on Febr. 22nd to celebrate the National event and a special QSL-Award used to be issued to the Hams who made contact with this Bases. Above one of this QSL-Award issud on 22 febr. 1983 for a contact with LU1ZG at Base General Belgrano II (WAP ARG-Ø6)

In conjunction with Argentina Antarctica Day, WAP is yearly running the Antarctic Activity  Week, an international event,  now in its 19th edition which will be held in the week from 21 to 27 February 2022.


Join us and enjoy Antarctica

K4A joining  the Antarctic Activity Week 2022

The 19th edition of the Antarctic Activity Week launched by WAP (Worldwide Antarctic Program) in the year 2002, is almost ready to start. The official date this year will be 21 to 27 February 2022. So far, 21 Special Event Stations have confirmed their participation to the 2022 edition of the AAW .

Congrats to Phil Finkle K6EID from Marietta GA, USA for being one of the most present Ham into the Antarctica Activity Week with his special call K4A WAP-Ø73, since the beginning.

First licensed as KN6EID in October 1957 while residing in Burbank, California,  Phil was upgraded to Extra Class in May 1984 (at Long Beach FCC Field Office before VECs started).

Here’s Phil AAW annual stats for K4A

2021, 696 QSOS all on digital FT4 and FT8

2020, 737 QSOs

2019, 952 QSOs

2018, 457 QSOs

2017, 776 QSOs

2016, 340 QSOs

2015, 338 QSOs

2014, 545 QSOs

2013, 473 QSOs

2012, 783 QSOs

2011, 916 QSOs

2010, 635 QSOs

2009, 699 QSOs

2008, 712 QSOs

2007, 1101 QSOs

The Worldwide Antarctic Program (sponsor of WAP Antarctic awards) assigned Phil the special WAP-Ø73 which is eligible for WAP awards during this operation.  Phil has a special QSL available for those making a QSO with K4A during those AAW periods, which have to be requested  via the bureau  or direct  to K6EID home address: Philip W. Finkle, 3353 Forest Creek Dr, Marietta, GA 30064 USA, with SASE, current IRC, or two green stamps for direct return.

Phil will shortly 82! WAP wish him a great happy Birthday


Pioneering laurels: who was the first to find Antarctica

The legend of El Dorado around the South Pole has fascinated many Europeans since Sir Francis Drake. On the first day of 1739, the looked at the cloudy, foggy and ice-bound coast – the one that would later be called Bouvet Island. Then he returned home with a description of majestic icebergs and black-and-white penguins that looked like «large ducks, but with fins instead of wings».
For more than four centuries, Sir Francis Drake has been world-famous for his feats as a master mariner – the captain who “singed the King of Spain’s beard” with his daredevil attack on the fleet at Cadiz, and who led the British Navy to victory against the Spanish Armada in 1588.


A book of Kevin Jackson  “The Queen’s Pirate: Sir Francis Drake”  have been chosen as a Book of the Week in the Guardian and a Book of the Year in the Express.

Kevin Jackson is an  English writer, film-maker, radio producer and television director for the BBC); Associate Arts Editor for The Independent. Kevin Jackson  has written for The New Yorker, Granta, The Sunday Times (London), The Guardian, and Vogue, among other publications.




Jean-Baptiste Charles Bouvet de Lozier was born in 1705. Orphaned at the age of 7, upon receiving his education in Paris he was sent to work in the shipyards at St. Malo. He studied navigation and received the rank of lieutenant in the Compagnie des Indes in 1731. With an insatiable desire to explore the southern seas, he petitioned his employers in 1733 with a plan of exploration. He asked for two ships consisting of a frigate and a larger trading vessel. For this, he promised to search the southern seas for land that could accommodate French trading vessels on route to the Far East.

Ukrainian  Academic Vernadsky  Station (WAP UKR-Ø1), Antarctica

Sergiy Shutyayev UT9UX,  is active  (mostly 20 mts SSB) as EM1U from Ukrainian Antarctic Station Academic Vernadsky (WAP UKR-Ø1), located on Galindez Island , 65°15’South, 64°16’ West
He will operate on HF Bands untill April, 2022


Roman Bratchyk
P.O. Box B-19, Kyiv, 01001,Ukraine

TNX Pavlo UT1KY for the update and picture

ZS7ANF & SQ1SGB, rendezvous  at Wolf’s Fang Runway (WAP MNB-12)

Almost at the end of their Antarctic seson, our friends Oleg ZS7ANF and Sebastian SQ1SGB meet at Wolf’s Fang Runway. (see pics aside)

It was a friendly meeting between two Hams,  involved in different activities in Antarctica.
Both,  in their spare time, have been active on HF;   Sebastian signing VP8/SQ1SGB at Halley VI-a Base (WAP GBR-40)  was mostly active daily on 40 mts SSB,  while Oleg ZS7ANF did use CW on 20, 30 and 40 mts from Wolf’s Fang Runway (WAP MNB-12).

QSL for 2021-2022 Antarctic season have to be requested as follow:
ZS7ANF via RK1PWA or via ZS1ANF


Wolf’s Fang Runway:

71°32’ South, 08°50’ East,  Wolf’s Fang Runway is the only exclusive private runaway in Antarctica. With the assistance of the South African science vessel, the fuel supplly for the Camp is delivered to the edge of Antarctica. A traverse Team then embarks on a journey of 800 Km across the Finbul ice shelf to WFR. Using specialist techniques and machinery,  a runway that is uncompromising in its safety and that minimises the likelihood of delay, has been created. With experienced pilots making more than 20 flights per season, Wolf’s Fang is now regarded as a well-established and reliable airbridge between Africa and Antarctica.

Pic on the left,  shows the A-340 aircraft were Seba is embarked on, in departure to Cape Town

Wolf’s Fang Camp in the vicinity is a  newest camp where luxury and adventure meets in the mountains of Queen Maud Land. The Camp is equipped with 6 heated tents with twin or single bed and ensuite washroom.

Seba will be home  at Biesiekierz, Poland about March 10th

Oleg will leave WFR on Febr. 18th

TNX Oleg ZS7ANF & Oleg UA6GG ( DX Trophy) for sending us the pics

VP8/SQ1SGB, ending his Antarctic Season at Halley VI-a Base

Sebastian VP8/SQ1SGB (picture aside at Halley VI-a Base-WAP GBR-40) is actually packing  his Ham radio gear and will be ready to fly out next Wensday febr. 10th.

Seba will fly to Wolf’s Fang Runway and then, directly from  WF to CapeTown

That’s a great news as,  for sure,  Oleg Sakharov ZS7ANF and Sebastian Gleich SQ1SGB will meet at Wolf’s Fang Runway (WAP MNB-12).

In a recent message , Oleg said: We will continue to be on air , maybe in the afternoon. It remains to take one plane on the 10th (the one of Seba). The next one,  is already ours on the 18th.

In other words, the 10th Febr. ZS7ANF and SQ1SGB will meet at WFR, then, a week after  Oleg will end his long Antarctic course,  and on Febr. 18th,  he will fly back.

WAP wish to thanks both,  Seba and Oleg for their efforts to be on air in spite of the poor propagation and the noise which has affected the HF bands, almost the time  of this strange 2021-2022 Antarctic Season.

Have a safe journey guys and a happy return back home


Antarctic Heritage Trust- Catch up on Antarctica In Sight: Live!

Several interesting features on February  e-bulletin of Antarctic Heritage Trust : «our Antarctic season is underway at last. To be able to return a team to Port Lockroy has felt like a significant milestone for us. Despite the many challenges along the way, Lucy, Kit and Tank are finally there and getting stuck into the vital work, work which is proving all the more essential – two years away from the site means there is much maintenance to do….»

To receive the bulletin, just drop a mail to: UK Antarctic Heritage Trust :



If you missed our free online event The Future of the Antarctic Treaty  why not catch up and watch it on the UK Antarctic heritage Trust’s  YouTube channel. You can find recordings of our other Antarctica In Sight: Live! events there too, along with a host of other interesting videos at UK Antarctic Heritage Trust – YouTube


Read more at:

IAØ/IZ1KHY at Mario Zucchelli Station (WAP ITA-Ø1)

Third mission in Antarctica, for  Lt. Danilo Collino, expert mountain Scout of the Italian Army. After being active from Concordia Station (WAP MNB-Ø3) and from Dome C Summer Camp (WAP MNB-14) see pic side, Danilo is now at Mario Zucchelli Station (WAP ITA-Ø1) till mid February.

He is often at 14140 at his early moning  (16,00 UTC) looking for Europe as well as earlier  when conditions are good, for Asia and Pacific he takes care of the many VKs, ZLs and JAs.

In the following days he will check 14243 for North America  and he promised to exploit all of his free time to give a chance to everybody, to work Antarctica.

At Mario Zucchelli Station (WAP-Ø1) he is operating from the Radio Room of the Base when it is free of use by the Air traffic control personnel. (see picture on the right)


A big thanks to  Steve VK3KTT for recording the contact between David VKØ/FT4YM/p at Casey Base (WAP AUS-Ø1) and Danilo IAØ/IZ1KHY at Mario Zucchelli Station (WAP ITA-Ø1)




Also, at Concordia Station Danilo did operate briefly from the Radio Room of the Control Tower, while at Dome C Summer camp (WAP MNB-14) he did operate from a tent,  using the same equipment of David FT4YM who was for two months together with Danilo.


A big thanks to the Chief commanders of the vaious sites , for having allowed to operate on the Ham Radio frequencies and of course to Danilo and David for having given many many Radioamateurs WW the thrill of a radio contact with Antarctica.

QSL for IAØ/IZ1KHY goes via I1URL

QSL for FT4YM/p  goes via F5PFP



TNX Danilo IAØ/IZ1KHY & David FT4YM/p