Wireless Institute of Australia-ANTARCTIC AWARD


Wireless Institute of Australia

Official Federal Office: 10/229 Balaclava Road, Caulfield North. Victoria. Australia. 3161.

Phone: 03 9528 5962  Fax: 03 9523 8191. National Website

(updated 12th. March 2003)

Federal Awards Program Information


General Rules  (For all Certificates Awards)


Applicants should state whether they are W.I.A. Members and, if so, list their membership number.

Where relevant, changes in Callsign and dates of such changes should be indicated.

Applications (Official Hard copy or Computer file) should be sent to the W.I.A. Federal  Awards Manager.

Contacts for the awards can be made from all call areas, pertaining to the same country unless otherwise stated.

Crossband contacts do not qualify, nor are those made through terrestrial repeaters, aircraft, internet (IRLP etc),

or operations to or from sea-going vessels (maritime, mobile or stationary).

Exception for permanently registered docked exhibition vessels or historic ships considered land based.

All contacts must have been made after 1st. January 1946, unless otherwise noted.

In cases of dispute, the decision of the Federal Awards Manager and two officers of the Federal Executive on the

interpretation of these rules shall be final and binding.


Applicants need to hold QSL cards for all QSO’s claimed. However, “do not send QSL cards” with your application.

A list of all two-way contacts is needed, which should list the following information:

Callsign of station contacted, Date, Time, (RST optional), Mode and frequency as shown on the data sheets.

Contacts should be listed in numerical, alphabetical order i.e. (1A-9Z, A2-ZS). On the bottom of each data

sheet a declaration signed by an official of a recognized Society or by two licensed Radio Amateurs.

Signatories to the declaration should clearly indicate their Names, Callsigns and dated.

It is recommended you use our W.I.A. official computer formatted documents for all awards and updates.

Schedule of fees. (Single award only)

Where a fee is payable this should be sent with the official application to the Federal Awards Manager.

Free to all Wireless Institute of Australia members.

Ten (10) Australian Dollars ($10 Aus) to Australian non-members.

Ten (10) American Dollars ($10 US) or equivalent rate of exchange value in IRC’s for all overseas applicants.

The fees cover registration, Award Certificate, postal container, email, local and international airmail postage.

W.I.A. Antarctic Award Rules


Applicants need to make ten (10) confirmed contacts with amateur radio stations conducting valid operations

from Antarctica.  The ten contacts must include stations licensed by at least six (6) different government

authorities, of which one (1) must be a VK0.

Antarctica is defined as the landmass, including islands and permanent ice shelf, below 60 degrees south

latitude.  (This excludes Heard, Macdonald and Macquarie Islands, being sub-Antarctic).

Only contacts made on or after the 23rd February 1988.