17th Antarctic Activity Week, 10 to 17 February 2020

  It’s time to book your special callsign Antarctic Activity Week,  is celebrating every year since 2003

Purpose of the A.A.W. is to increase world wide interest around Antarctic Continent and its related  matters,  with the aim of staying close to the researchers and personnel  who are spending their time away from home and families,  studying the Antarctic life and its secrets. Addition purpose is  to share what  Nations and Organizations are doing to protect this still non contaminated corner of the world, to share a message of peace WW.
Launching the 17th AAW, WAP (Worldwide Antarctic Program), invites all Radio Amateurs (OMs & SWLs) around the world, Clubs and Organizations as well as other important groups and  individual operators WW to join and share with us, this initiative.
Again our intention is to draw your attention to the Antarctic Continent,  and AAW is the unique event WW where Hams (in any corners of the world, and not necessarily in Antarctica)  wish to celebrate and improve Worldwide interest around the Icy Continent.

CALLING ANTARCTICA 2020, a free diploma by Paolo IK3GER

Every year, in the month of February, a special radio activity called ‘ANTARCTIC ACTIVITY WEEK ‘ is held. This year, the 17th AAW will be held from February 10th to the 17th, 2020.
All WAP (WORLDWIDE ANTARCTIC PROGRAM) stations have a special WAP reference number that will be given during the QSOs.
The diploma is issued to OM/SWL in 2 classes:
a) “Basic” minimum of 5 QSO/HRD with different WAP references,
b) “First Class” 10 or more QSO/HRD with different WAP references.
Only QSO/HRD made between the 10th and 17th of February 2020 are valid for this diploma.
Everyone can download the application form in Excel at:  https://www.ik3ger.it/awards/aaw2020/aaw2020_application.xlsx  starting  from Jan.15. 2020

QSL cards are not needed. Endorsement is available for band and mode. The award is free, and sent out via email as a PDF file (JPG on request).
Send your application via email to the award manager IK3GER, Paolo, https://www.ik3ger.it  at:   corsetti.paolo@libero.it
N.B. – WAP reference is mandatory in your application.
TNX Paolo IK3GER for providing again a new AAW diploma

Congrats to François F8DVD to be the 1st one to book the AAW 2020 with his call TM17AAW,  WAP-302

Progressive #WAP ReferenceWAP CallsignOperator (s) CallsignQSL info
013WAP-3Ø4R2ØØANTMembers of Russian Robinson Club RZ3EC
16WAP-3Ø5EM2ØØANTVarious from UkrainaUT1KY
17WAP-3Ø6EN2ØØANTVarious from UkrainaUT1KY
18WAP-198KØANTKansas Antenna ClubKBØMZF
20WAP-2Ø5II3MNAIV3KAS & members of ARI TriesteIQ3TS