Other  Italian Awards

I.P.Y. Award

Designed by Christine, IØOCD, this Award was issued by ARI Cassino to join the International celebrations of the 5th International Polar Year.

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Certificate issued by MNA (Museo Nazionale dell’Antartide) National Antarctic Museum to the visitors.

MNA is situated in the Old Port area, downtown Genova.  MNA web site is at:



TNX  Dr. Paolo Bernat








WAP Antarctic Special Event Callsigns

This Award is NOT managed by WAP Staff.

The DBase used by the Manager of this Award (IØOCD mail ),  is the same WAP DBase used for all  WAP Awards.


Rules and application form for this Award are available by IØOCD Christine. Get in touch with her before sending your application.
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A Web site  is available at: