Beam DX, now with Antarctic insertion

F6DQM Gabriel Rivat, is the author of the several freeware programs such as  CWPlayer, SatExplorer, Simplex, BeamDX, AziWorld etc.

Following the very useful Beam DX program, a WAP Antarctic Bases list has been created and add to the existing features, thanks to Gabry IK1NEG.

Download BeamDX Antenna Direction Finder

The program is now loaded here on WAP website on the dedicated string above .

How to use the Program?

Download the zip file program  above. Set it on your PC, then unzip the file and open it.

Instructions  inside the folder are  in ENG & FRA with other lists available to past.

Clik to Init on the menu bar to set your QRA locator. Once having set it, look the main page, there are 4 windows: the one on top  is already set for  DXCC Countries, beyond that,   there are 3 additional   windows.

The second one is already filled and marked WAP, while the other two (List 2 & List 3) are empty and available to load other own list such as US Counties or other list you wish to create and load at your choice.


Now the program is ready. Go to WAP window and click on it. Select the Base you wish to beam to. This will  help you to beam  your antenna exactly to the various  Antarctic Bases listed alphabetically by Country. Just to test, click one of them .. .On the right side of the screen you have the beam direction, the range and a possibility to choose LP or SP.

Try it and enjoy it