ARCTOWSKI Antarctic Award

The AAA is issued under the auspices of  Polish Accademy of Sciences, Department of Antarctic Biology in Warsaw. The President of Polish Amateur Radio Union is the Patron of this Award.


1. The award is available to OMs and SWLs ho can make evidence to have make 2 way contacts (or SWL reports) with stations HFØPOL, HFØAPAS and others, operating from  ARCTOWSKI POLISH  ANTARCTIC  STATION  on King George Island in Antarctica,  or with operators active from different National Antarctic Stations. Special event stations such as HF….POL and HF….APAS, will also count.
2. There is no limit of dates, so any contacts any year will be valid.
3. The applicants should  collected 15 points according to the following criteria:
a. QSO with HFØPOLHFØAPAS and other callsigns operating from ARCTOWSKI  Station, count 10 points
b. QSO with any other operators, working from other Nation’s Bases in Antarctica , count  5  points.
c. QSO with Special Event Stations HF….POL, HF….APAS, also count 5  points.
d. One QSO with HFØPOL or  HFØAPASHF….POL  or  HF….APAS  is  obligatory.
e. Repeated/Duplicated QSO/SWL are not allowed.
4. The application (GCR list or QSL card photocopy/scan copy for HFØPOL, HFØAPAS and other Antarctic stations are mandatory) are accepted in any form  and should be sent to the following postal address:
Janusz Slowinski
Bankowa 1,
42-460 Mierzecice, Poland
or  by email:   bonaterra _at_ interia.pl
5. Award is free of charge, but the applicants have to send  sufficient postage to cover the Mail costs, such as: 4 Euro or 5USD  or 5 new valid IRCs. For SP 10 PLN.


ARCTOWSKI Antarctic Award Honor Roll

Fully hand-made, ceramic plates performed in Ceramika Dobkow Studio.

The HONOR ROLL plates are for those who show the required two-ways contacts as follow:
1. ten (10) QSOs with three or more different callsign and operators worked from POLISH ARCTOWSKI STATION,
2. only two QSO’s on one band for one callsign and one operator even if made in different dates,
3. copy of the original QSL cards signed by two local Hams  have to be sent along with an application.
4. the HONOR ROLL plates are free of charge, but the applicants must have applied and already received   the ARCTOWSKI Antarctic Award. Applicants  have to send  sufficient postage to cover the Mail and package shipping costs.

Postal cost for shipping are different from Standard  or Priority at the choice of applicants.
Standard  package (NO PRIORITY): EU-5 euro, NA & ASIA-23 USD,  SA-25 USD
PRIORITY package:  EU-20 euro, NA & ASIA-35 USD,  SA-38 USD.