Since few years , for those who love the Poles, there is an interesting proposal called Antarctic Challenge and another one called Arctic Challenge which together form the POLAR DX CHALLENGE.

While Antarctica , its Scientific Bases, Huts, Refuges, Field camps and observatories  is well covered by the WAP (Worldwide Antarctic Program) that incorporates also the Sub and Peri Antarctic territories  in a Directory  called WAP-WADA, the French Antarctic Challenge considers,  as a way to acquire score, also the  Antarctic Islands.

Mehdi  F5PFP has set a list of the various valid elements that Hams can use to access the yearly Antarctic Challenge  ranking.

Arctic Challenge is focused on the North Pole  also as a land of study and Scientific Expedition.



The combination of the Antarctic & Arctic Challenges scores allows a landing to a global scores called “Polar Trophy”.


There is a page on Facebook called “POLAR DX GROUP”  where  information about Ham radio activity from the Poles are normally pubblished. Everyone can join “POLAR DX GROUP” and interact by exchanging information; just check and sign in.



The polar regions are the extensive icy regions around the North and South Poles.
In the North they are within an area called the Arctic Circle and in the South they are within an area called the Antarctic Convergence.

The Antarctic comprises the continent of Antarctica, the Kerguelen Plateau and other territories located on the Antarctic Plate or South of the Antarctic Convergence.

All of the land and ice shelves South of 60°S latitude, are administered under the Antarctic Treaty System.

The Arctic is a Polar region located at the northernmost part of Earth. The Arctic consists of the Arctic Ocean, adjacent seas, and parts of  Alaska (US), Finland, Greenland (Denmark), Iceland, Northen Canada Norway, Russia and Sweden.

The list of Antarctic and Arctic Challenge  called “POLAR HANDBOOK” is  published yearly by Mehdi F5PFP on the Facebook page of POLAR DX GROUP.

To get more information about this interesting and FREE Polar program , please contact  Mehdi Escoffier , F5PFP at  or leave a message on the Facebook page of POLAR DX GROUP, someone will aswer rapidly!