From Base Esperanza WAP ARG- Ø4

WAP is grateful to Luis Alberto Gomez LU1BR and Roberto Gonzales Gavio LU3CQ  who did share for WAP readers, a video of LU1ZV and its activity from Esperanza Base on the Antarctic peninsula.

This is the first “Radio Buletin Antartico Argentino” with emphasis  to the Ham Radio activity from Antarctic Continent as well as the broadcasting station LRA36 “Radio Nacional Arcangel  Gabriel” at Base Esperanza,  plus other additional information of the Argentina’s activity for the other Research Stations in Antarctica where Ham Radio operators have been always on air.


February 22, Dia de la Antartida Argentina

On February 22, 1904, the Meteorological Observatory on Laurie Island, South Orkneys which would later become the Orcadas Base  (WAP ARG-15), did start its historic milestone that marked the beginning of Argentina’s uninterrupted stay in Antarctica, which has already been more than 116 years.


Thus, Argentina became the Country with the longest stay in Antarctica, and today it is also the Country with the most bases on the Continent: six permanent stations and seven temporary ones that only open in summer. The establishment of Argentina’s Antarctic Bases, during the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s, allowed Argentina to settle in different areas of the so-called Argentine Antarctic Sector

To commemorate the date of that  inauguration, the 22nd February of  each year Argentina celebrates its Antarctica Day, which falls exactly onto the WAP Antarctic Activity Week (AAW), of which, by the way,  this year is the twentieth edition-  The AAW 2023 is  “on air”  till the 26th of February. Check the bands there are several SES active, make contacts and apply for the Special free Award.


Check also AAW 2023 at:

1980-81 Argentina’s Summer Campaign- Our Lady of  Lujan enthroned in the Antarctic Base of Corbeta Uruguay. 

Recently, WAP  got a mail from one of our readers: Dr. Carlos Court Lucero Retired Radiologist, Medical Lieutenant of the Argentine Navy Reserve, Member of the 4th crew at the Corbeta Uruguay Scientific Station on Thule Island,  South Sandwich Islands

Carlos,  reports  to  have been to the Scientific Station of Corbeta Uruguay (Estación Científica Corbeta Uruguay), among the  IV Dotation Winter 1981.
The Association Amigos de Villa del Parque (Buenos Aires-Argentina) made a donation of a replica of the Virgin of Lujan “with gaucha figure”, work of the sculptor Dra. Mary Luz Luna, to be enthroned in the Antarctic Base of Corbeta Uruguay

This happened in the southern summer 1980/1981. Our Lady of Lujan,  was located in the Principal House so that  she could have been seen daily by the believing staff.

While thanking Dr. Carlos for his kindmess, we are happy to put another interesting piece of information on the pages of the history of worship and spirituality in Antarctica.
TNX Dr. Carlos Court Lucero

Just briefly about  Corbeta Uruguay Station (WAP ARG-22) on the South Sandwich Islands
in January 1955 the icebreaker ARA ‘General San Martín’ built the Esquivel Refuge (WAP ARG-26) on Morrel Island, which was the first housing facility in the entire archipelago and at that time,  the plan to install a Base nearby did arise. Infact, In the summer of 1976/77 the “Corbeta Uruguay Research Station” was installed 350 meters east of the Esquivel Refuge, and the following summer it was transformed into a permanent base with a crew of ten people, being the first and only presence of this type in that archipelago. We must also recall that, as reported in several documents,  in the summer of 1982/83 the Base Corbeta Uruguay  was dynamited by the British. 

Base Robert Guillard-Cap Prud’homme  WAP MNB-18 (new one)

Robert Guillard Base is a French-Italian station managed by the French Polar Institute Paul-Emile Victor (IPEV) and the Programma Nazionale di Ricerche in Antartide (PNRA)

The station located at 66°41’31″South,  139°53’46″East was established in the early 1990’s on the Antarctic continent, close to the sea and at about 5 km far from Dumont d’Urville Station (WAP FRA-Ø1).


Robert Guillard Station is the point of departure of the traverses to Concordia Station (WAP MNB-Ø3) which is equidistant (about 1200 km) from the Italian coastal stations Mario Zucchelli (WAP ITA-Ø1) and the French Dumont D’Urville (DDU). The transfer of personnel, material and scientific equipment from the coastal bases takes place both by air, using two twin-engine aircraft, and by land through convoys of tracked vehicles, called sleepers, departing from Robert Guillard  Station at Cap Prud’Homme, a small jointly (FRA & ITA) managed Base, located near DDU.


The PNRA ensures the air transport of personnel and light loads, while the organization of sleepers is entrusted to the IPEV. The Robert Guillard Station can accommodate 20 people and is managed within the agreement for Concordia.


FT4YM David Brunet (F4FKT) pic aside  did operate from  Robert Guillard Base on last 11 & 12 febr. 2023 on 20 mts band.

A new WAP Reference  MNB-18 has been issued following the very first activity from this site.



New Light Houses added to the “WAP Antarctic Light House Directory”

Esperanza Base (WAP ARG-Ø4) is located in the extreme northeast of the Antarctic Peninsula in an area free of ice during the summer season that forms a land extension on the southern coast of Esperanza Bay, surrounded by imposing glaciers. It is the northernmost of the facilities that Argentina maintains in the Argentine Antarctic Territory.

On February 17, 18 and 19, 2023, within the framework of the XV edition of the “South American Lighthouses Weekend”,  a “Light Houses”  which were never activated before, very close to the Esperanza Base, will be on  air : the Baliza Rocas denticuladas Posterior Esperanza (aka  Baliza Enfilación Posterior Esperanza)  ANC-007,  at 63°23′54″ South  – 56°59′46″ West, will be activated for the first time.  It’s a round cylindrical fiberglass tower three meters high supported on a cement and stone base, the lower half painted green and the upper half yellow (see pic aside). The light that is projected towards Esperanza Bay,  is white.

Alejandro Álvarez LU8YD, Electronic Engineer and Juan Carlos Benavente LU8DBS, graduate in Social Communication, will be responsible of  the operation, using the LU1ZV base license. The main modes will be SSB and Digital FT8 and FT4, in as many bands as possible, according to the availability of working hours and propagation. The station is already assembled at the headquarters of the LRA36 station, which is in a modernization stage, with the equipment that Alejandro brought to Antarctica, an Icom 7000 with an Expert 1300w Linear Amplifier and a notebook, using the rhombic antenna from the Radio Nacional and it is probable that he will also assemble a G5RV. 
By exception, the operation of LU1ZV on February 17, 18 and 19 only, will be confirmed by the event organizer R.C. GDXBB. digitally by sending the contacts made  to , eQSL, LOTW and postal via LW6EGE.
Esperanza Base has two Light houses recognized by the ARLHS that were never activated. These are the Anterior Denticulated Rocks, 63°24’ South,  56°59′ West (ARLHS ANC-006) picture to the right  and the Posterior Denticulated Rocks (ARLHS ANC-007) 63°23′54″ South,  056°59′46″ West picture to the left
TNX Carlos Almirón (LU7DSY)

Cape Fie Camp “NEW ENTRY” in WAP-WADA Directory as “WAP NOR-14”

Located at 54°27’South, 03° 28’ East, Cape Fie (or Kapp Fie) is a cape marking the Sutheast extremity of Bouvetøya Island, Peri Antarctic   It was first roughly charted in 1898 by a German expedition under Carl Chun, and was re-charted and named by the Norwegian expedition under Captain Haral Horntvedt  who explored the area from the Norvegia in December 1927

Other Ham radio activites did show up from Bouvet Island in the past, but they were located at Nyrosa  (WAP NOR-Ø2) on the Northwestern side of the Island.

On 6 febr.2023, 3YØJ began his Ham radio activity from there. It has not been an easy task but the Team was finally able to set the Camp on a top flat area at Cape Fie.

Being this one a new Camp site, Cape Fie is entering on WAP-WADA Directory as WAP NOR-14, and at the same time 3YØJ is entering on WAP-WACA Directory as well,  as a new callsign on the list.

While keeping our finger scrossed,  we hope all the best for the continuation of this hard DX-pedition.

WAP, the antarctic hunters, and the entire world of radio amateurs are following the progress of the expedition with great interest.


Thanks guys, you are just amazing

CALLING ANTARCTICA 2023,  a Free diploma for the 20th AAW by Paolo IK3GER

As in the past years, Paolo, IK3GER  has issued  a special Diploma  available during the 20th Antarctic Activity Week

 “CALLING ANTARCTICA 2023”   is  a Certificate  free to e OM  & SWL who will contact the SES during the 20th Antarctic Activity Week (19-26 febr.2023). Any AAW SES have a specific WAP reference number which can be used also for WAP Awards.


The certificate is free, just read the rules how to get it. Click the link here aside Calling Antarctica 2023

S/Y Marama enter in WAP-WACA Directory

S/Y Marama is a custom sailing yacht launched in 2009 by N2A, in France. Designed to give its crew maximum safety regardless of sea and wind conditions,  this extraordinary Yacht seems to be the best choice to sail the Antarctic waters. Everything is oversized on board, from hull sampling to mast and rigging sections, an extremely robust expedition sailboat capable of any type of navigation.

Marama measures 31.00 m in length, with a max draft of 3.50 m and a beam of 6.70 m, with a top speed of 12.00 knots and a cruising speed of 10.00 knots. She is powered by a single screw propulsion system.

Marama accommodates up to 12 guests in 6 cabins. She also houses room for up to 6 crew members. With its multiple voyages to Antarctica, this stupendous sailing ship was chosen by the 3Y0J Team for the 2023 expedition to Bouvet Island.

On the way to the island, operators (*) on board,  did show up /MM and now that the DX expedition has reached the destination and preparing to set up the operational Base camp,  we are pleased to announce that S/Y Manama will be included in the list of Polar ship of the WAP-WACA Directory