Polar Ships Book

Polar Ships Book

2007 Edition 
TNXIT9MRM Alberto Mattei of the Italian Navy for his great job 

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WAP P.S.A. – “Polar Ship Award”

Issued by  ARI di Formia, ARMI “Golfo di Gaeta” Section, to better emphasize the bond with the sea of the territory of belonging, as well as the history and specific vocations of Marine spirit, a Special Award is released to OM and SWL worldwide, to date 1st Febr. 2006.

All the Polar Ship listed on WAP-WACA Directory are valid.

For more information, send an e-mail to ARI Formia at:  segreteria@ariformia.it

A.R.I. Associazione Radioamatori Italiani. Sezione di Formia,
P.O. Box 33,
04023 – Formia (LT) – Italy