“Certificado Antartico Argentino”

The “Certificado Antartico Argentino” (Argentine Antarctic Award)  is issued  to OMs & SWLs that make evidence of  contacts with stations located on the Argentine Antarctic Bases (LU-Z).

 Argentine stations must accredit 3 (three) different Bases.. Foreign stations must prove 1 (one) contact only.
Contacts valid as of November 20, 1945.
Radio Club Argentino
Award Manager
Mailbox 97
C1000WAA City of Buenos Aires -Argentina


W.A.A.B. AWARD:  Worked  Argentine  Antarctic  Bases:  



1.- The Radio Club Rio de la Plata, issues, starting from April 1st. 2008, to Radio Amateurs and SWLs  the

W.A.A.B. ( Worked Argentine Antarctic Bases ).

2.-  To get the Award, the applicants must show to have worked and confirmed by QSL cards, at least of

      3 different Argentine Antarctic Bases.

3.-  Of Ham stations and Antarctic Bases operating from the Antarctic Continent must credit point

number 2 to get the Award.

4.-  Contacts could be made complied to the rules of Radio Amateur’s Service by any of their transmission

mode and frequencies bands, therefore on bands from 2 to 160 meters and on SSB, CW, RTTY &

Digital modes.

5.-  Contacts made from November 09, 2001 onwards, are available.

6.-  The list of the actives Argentine Antarctic Bases is:

LU1ZA  S.Orkney – LU1ZR  Petrel – LU1ZB  Melchior – LU1ZC  Deception – LU1ZS  Camara –

LU1ZG  Belgrano II – LU1ZD  San Martin – LU2ZD  Primavera – LU1ZV  Esperanza – LU1ZI  Jubany

LU4ZS  Marambio – LU1ZAB  Matienzo.

7.-   Any new Argentine Antarctic Base on the air, will be add to the list and available to get the Award.

8.-  W.A.A.B. Award is available from OM and SWL following by e-mail request to the Award Manager

      Horacio Ledo, LU4DXU –  or  P.O.Box # 22.-  Martinez ( 1640 ) Buenos Aires


      It is necessary to send:

  1. Application Form dated and signed, where the applicant certify that the rules and regulations of

this Country has been followed, and a detailed list of the contacts made and confirmed in alphabetical number’s order as: Callsign, Date of QSO and GMT time.

  1. A Copy of QSL cards of the contacts submitted.

Note: It could be possible that occasionally some QSL cards will be required for check or in case

of dispute.

  1. The Award fee is: A3 u$s 17,00.- (Euro 13.00.-) or A4 u$s 13.00.- (Euro 9.00.-) include shipping via certificate post mail inside a tube for safety protection. Payment can be send via Western Union to: Horacio Enrique Ledo – DNI 11.451.210 or by certificate envelope to the box # in point # 8.

9.-  The Technical Award Manager is Horacio Ledo  LU4DXU, he will also take care of eventual questions

and contacts with the chasers.

10.- W.A.A.B. Award consists in a full colour personalized parchment paper A3 size  297×420 millimeters.

11.- The list of Awards issued will be published regularly on the web site

12.- The W.A.A.B. is conceived and controlled by rules in order to get a modern and simple certificate, by

the lowest possible bonds and bureaucracy.



This Award is issued for contact  specifically the Army Base General  Belgrano 2 (WAP ARG-Ø6) in the occasion of  DIA de la ANTARTIDA ARGENTINA*





* (Day of Argentinian Antarctica,   falls each year  on February 22nd)