WAP Special Callsign List

This page contains the  updated list  of the WAP Special Events callsigns issued worldwide and their respective WAP Reference Numbers.
The list includes
 the International Polar Year‘s Callsigns, and their respective WAP Reference Numbers as well.




WAP-001IN0G -Roma (RM), ItalyNational Institute of GeophysicsI0JBL
WAP-002IR1ANT -Torino (TO) and Casalgrasso (CN), ItalyAntarctic Adventure 1991, WPX 1995 & 1st-14th AAWsI1HYW
WAP-003IR2A -Ispra (VA), ItalyWPX1998-Antarctic Commemoration, 11th & 13th AAWsIK2HTW,IK2JYT
WAP-004IR2ANT - Varese (VA), ItalyAntarctic Commemoration & 4th AAWIK2IWU
WAP-005IR8ANT - Napoli (NA), ItalyAntarctic CommemorationI8ACB
WAP-006IY0A - Roma (RM), ItalyOfficial Station to contact BTNI0JBL
WAP-007IY8UN - Napoli (NA), ItalyAntarctic CommemorationIK8DOI
WAP-008TM0ANT - Bron, France1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th AAWsF6KDF
WAP-009ED2BAE - Las Arenas (Vizcaya), Spain1st, 3rd AAWsEA2EC
WAP-010IR0ANT - Formia (LT), Italy1st, 5th, 9th AAWsIK0JFS
WAP-011II6ANT - Sassoferrato (AN), Italy1st AAW, 11th, 12th, 13th AAWsDE0MST,IW6NZY
WAP-012II7ANT - Taranto (TA), Italy1st, 9th AAWsIZ7AUH
WAP-013IO8ANT - Cassano Jonio (CS), Italy2nd, 3rd AAWsIK8WEJ
WAP-014TM8ANT - Macon, France2nd, 3rd AAWsF8DVD
WAP-015IU7ANT - Porto Cesareo (LE), Italy2nd, 4th AAWsI0YKN
WAP-016II0ANT - Cassino (FR), Italy2nd, 3rd, 4th AAWsI0NZK
WAP-017II4ANT - Forlì (FC), Italy2nd, 3rd, 4th AAWsIK4QIB
WAP-018II8ANT - Battipaglia (SA), Italy2nd, 3rd AAWsIZ8EDJ
WAP-019IU0ANT - Grottaferrata (RM), Italy2nd, 3rd, 4th AAWsIZ0BTV
WAP-020II2AMI - Varese (VA), ItalyItalian Air Force, 2nd AAWIK2IWU
WAP-021AT3ANT OR VU2UR/ANT - Kengeri Upanagara (Bangalore), India3rd, 5th, 10th, 11th, 13th, 14th AAWsVU2UR
WAP-0224O3ANT - Cajetina, Serbia and Montenegro3rd AAWYZ1SG
WAP-023IO2MET - Gallarate (VA), ItalyIAF Meteo Center Linate, 3rd AAWIK2IWU
WAP-024UE6ANT - Kranodar, European Russia3rd, 4th, 5th AAWsUA6HPR
WAP-024R6ANT - Stavropol, European Russia3rd, 4th, 5th AAWsUA6HPR
WAP-025II5ANT - Lucca (LU), Italy3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th AAWsIZ5BTC
WAP-026TO2ANT - Guadeloupe Island3rd AAWF6HMJ
WAP-027LR5U or LR50U - General Pico, La Pampa, Argentina50th Anniversary 1st Expedition to Thule I. SSIEA5NI
WAP-028IO6ANT - Basciano (TE), Italy3rd AAWIZ6FZS
WAP-029TM5ANT - Moidieu, France3rd AAWF5NOD
WAP-030II2ANT - Induno Olona (VA), Italy3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th,11th, 12th, 13th, 14th AAWsI2JJR
WAP-031TM6ANT - Yves, France3rd AAWF6ELE
WAP-032II1ANT - Genova (GE), Italy3rd, 5th AAWsIZ1GJK
WAP-033EM10KY - Rivne, Ukraine10th Anniversary of work in the Ukrainian Antarctic StationIK1QFM
WAP-034TM7ANT - Niort, France3rd AAWF6CKH
WAP-035IO0ANT - Cassino (FR), Italy3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th AAWsI0YKN
WAP-036LU2CN or LU6CN - Buenos Aires, ArgentinaServicio Auxiliar de La ArmadaLU2CN
WAP-037TM1ANT- Vaulx en Velin, France3rd, 5th AAWsF5SIH
WAP-038TM3ANT- Heyrieux, France3rd AAWF5PFP
WAP-039TM9ANT - Wittelsheim, France3rd AAWF5PAC
WAP-040TM2ANT - Savas Mepin, France3rd AAWF4NDW
WAP-041TM4ANT - Bihorel, France3rd, 4th AAWsF6BFH
WAP-042TM8TAF - Bordeaux, France3rd AAWF8BBL
WAP-043TM0TAF - Provins, France3rd, 4th AAWsF4TTR
WAP-044IU8ANT - Casalnuovo (NA), Italy3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th AAWsI8QJU
WAP-045EM10UA - Kyiv, Ukraine10th Ann. of Vernadsky Ukrainian Antarctic StationUT7UA
WAP-046EM10LV - Kharkov, Ukraine10th Ann. of Vernadsky Ukrainian Antarctic StationUR8LV
WAP-047EM10HO - Poltava, Ukraine10th Ann. of Vernadsky Ukrainian Antarctic StationUX2HO
WAP-048EM10KGG - Rovno, Ukraine10th Ann. of Vernadsky Ukrainian Antarctic StationUR5KGG
WAP-049EM10KCC - Rovno, Ukraine10th Ann. of Vernadsky Ukrainian Antarctic StationUR5KCC
WAP-050UA3AV/UA1KAE - European Russia50th Anniversary of UA1KAE Mirny Station-RussiaUA3AV
WAP-051UA3YH/ANT - European Russia50th Anniversary of UA1KAE Mirny Station-RussiaUA3YH
WAP-052IU2ANT - Mantova (MN), Italy4th, 6th, 7th AAWsIK2QPR
WAP-053UA1JJ/ANT - St. Petersburg, Russia50th Anniversary of UA1KAE Mirny Station-RussiaUA1JJ
WAP-054RA3YV/ANT - Bryansk, Russia50th Anniversary of UA1KAE Mirny Station-RussiaRA3YV
WAP-055YL2AG/ANT - Riga, Latvia50th Anniversary of UA1KAE Mirny Station-RussiaYL2AG
WAP-056RA3ZZ/ANT - Shebekino, Russia50th Anniversary of UA1KAE Mirny Station-RussiaRA3ZZ
WAP-057UA3GM/ANT - Vidnoe, Russia50th Anniversary of UA1KAE Mirny Station-RussiaUA3GM
WAP-058UA1BJ/ANT - St. Petersburg, Russia50th Anniversary of UA1KAE Mirny Station-RussiaUA1BJ
WAP-059UA1ADQ/ANT - St. Petersburg, Russia50th Anniversary of UA1KAE Mirny Station-RussiaUA1ADQ
WAP-060II1MNA - Genova (GE), ItalyMuseo Nazionale dell'Antartide-Genova, Italy, 4th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 14th AAWsIZ1GJK
WAP-061UA6LV/ANT - Taganrog, Russia50th Anniversary of UA1KAE Mirny Station-RussiaUA6LV
WAP-062RW1AI/ANT - St.Petersburg, Russia50th Anniversary of UA1KAE Mirny Station-RussiaRW1AI
WAP-063UA1PAC/ANT - Arkhangelsk, Russia50th Anniversary of UA1KAE Mirny Station-Russia, 4th AAWUA1PAC
WAP-064RN1NA/ANT - Sortavala, Russia50th Anniversary of UA1KAE Mirny Station-Russia, 4th, 11th AAWsRN1NA
WAP-065RK3DSW/ANT - European Russia50th Anniversary of UA1KAE Mirny Station-Russia, 5th AAWRK3DSW
WAP-066UA1QV/ANT - Vologda, Russia50th Anniversary of UA1KAE Mirny Station-Russia, 5th AAWUA1QV
WAP-067IR4ICE - Bagnocavallo (RA), Italy4th AAWIK4AKS
WAP-068RX6AA/ANT - Krasnodar, Russia50th Anniversary of UA1KAE Mirny Station-RussiaRX6AA
WAP-069RX6AAP/ANT - Krasnodar, Russia50th Anniversary of UA1KAE Mirny Station-RussiaRX6AAP
WAP-070VA7ANTA - Williams Lake, Canada4th AAWVE7IG
WAP-070VA7AAW - Williams Lake, Canada5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th AAWsVE7IG
WAP-070VG7AAW - Williams Lake, Canada7th, 8th AAWsVE7IG
WAP-071VA3ANTA - Listowel, Canada4th AAWVE3XN
WAP-072GB0ANT - Barnsley, South Yorkshire U.K.4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 14th AAWsM0OXO
WAP-073K4A - Marietta (GA), USA4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 13th, 14th AAWsK6EID
WAP-074IR7ANT - Taranto (TA), Italy4th, 9th AAWsIZ7AUH
WAP-075YQ2ANT - Timisoara, Romania4th, 5th, 7th, 8th  AAWsYO2BP
WAP-0768J1ANT or 8J1ANT/1 - Tokyo, Japan50th Ann. of JARE-Jap. Antarctic Research Exp.JARL Bureau
WAP-077IO2ANT - Milano (MI), Italy4th, 5th, 8th AAWsI2AZ
WAP-078K4Z/ANT - Centreville (VA) , USA4th AAWW4DKS
WAP-079TM5TAF - La Seyne sur Mer , France4th AAWF6AXX
WAP-080TM8WAP - Salernes, France4th AAWF5XL
WAP-081HB9ICE - Zuerich, SwitzerlandSWISSAIR RADIO CLUB, 4th, 5th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 13th AAWsHB9BHY
WAP-081HE8ICE - Zuerich, SwitzerlandSWISSAIR RADIO CLUB, 6th, 7th, 8th AAWsOE3KTA
WAP-082IO8IAA - Cassano Jonio (CS), Italy4th AAWIK8WEJ
WAP-083DR2007ANT - Bellenberg, Germany4th AAWDC2SF
WAP-084TM4IPY - Macon, France2007 International Polar YearF8DVD
WAP-085OE3WWB/ANT - Sollenau, Austria4th AAWOE3WWB
WAP-085OE3WWB/AAW - Sollenau, Austria5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th AAWsOE3WWB
WAP-086OE3RPB/ANT - Berndorf, Austria4th AAWOE3RPB
WAP-086OE3RPB/AAW - Berndorf, Austria5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th AAWsOE3RPB
WAP-087OE3KTA/ANT - Sollenau, Austria - SK -4th AAWOE3KTA
WAP-087OE3KTA/AAW - Sollenau, Austria - SK -5th AAWOE3KTA
WAP-088OE3KKA/ANT - Pottendorf, Austria4th AAWOE3KKA
WAP-088OE3KKA/AAW - Pottendorf, Austria5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 14th AAWsOE3RPB
WAP-088OE88WAP11th, 13th AAWsOE3KKA
WAP-089OE3AIS/ANT - Pottendorf, Austria4th AAWOE3AIS
WAP-089OE3AIS/AAW - Pottendorf, Austria5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 14th AAWsOE3AIS
WAP-089OE89ANT11th, 13th AAWsOE3AIS
WAP-090OE3SGA/ANT - Pottendorf, Austria4th AAWOE3SGA
WAP-090OE3SGA/AAW - Pottendorf, Austria5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th AAWsOE3SGA
WAP-090OE90AAW11th, 12th, 13th, 14th AAWsOE3SGA
WAP-091N5T/ANT - Quinlan (TX), USA4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th AAWsW5BOS
WAP-092K9A - Itasca (IL), USA4th AAWK9PPY
WAP-093OE4VIE/ANT - St. Michael, Austria4th AAWOE4VIE
WAP-094IA0IPY - Rocca d'Arce (FR), Italy2007 International Polar Year, 6th AAWI0YKN
WAP-095IA8IPY - Cassano Ionio (CS), Italy2007 International Polar YearIK8WEJ
WAP-096IO4ANT - Cervia (RA), Italy4th AAWIK4VFF
WAP-097IP7IPY - Taranto (TA), Italy2007 International Polar YearIZ7AUH
WAP-098GB4IPY2007 International Polar Year, 5th, 6th AAWsM0OXM
WAP-099IA7IPY - Alezio (LE), Italy2007 International Polar YearIK7JWY
WAP-100IR1IPY - Genova (GE), Italy2007 International Polar YearIZ1GJK
WAP-101IA2IPY - Rodano (MI), Italy2007 International Polar YearI2MQP
WAP-102IA3IPY - Marghera (VE), Italy2007 International Polar YearI3XMQ
WAP-103IA4IPY - Forlì (FC), Italy2007 International Polar YearIK4QIB
WAP-103IR4IPY - Forlì (FC), Italy2007 International Polar YearIK4QIB
WAP-104IA9IPY - Avola (SR), Italy2007 International Polar YearIT9YRE
WAP-105IA6IPY - Francavilla Mare (CH), Italy2007 International Polar YearIZ6GSQ
WAP-106LZ04ANT - Dupnica, Bulgaria4th AAWLZ3SM
WAP-107VE2/VY0ICE - Baie De Schawinigan, Canada4th AAW & Iinternational Polar YearVE2TKH
WAP-108LZ07IPY - Dupnica, Bulgaria2007 International Polar YearLZ3SM
WAP-109VA2WAP - St.Nicolas, QC, Canada5th, 6th AAWsVE2LHP
WAP-110IP2IPY - Milano (MI), Italy2007 International Polar YearI2AZ
WAP-111VA3WAP - Consecon, ON, Canada5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th AAWsVA3NQ
WAP-111VG3WAP - Consecon, ON, Canada7th AAWVA3NQ
WAP-112EV5IPY - Grodno, Byelorussia2007 International Polar YearEW4IDP
WAP-113IP8IPY - Casalnuovo (NA), Italy2007 International Polar YearI8QJU
WAP-114IR2IPY - Limbiate (MI), Italy2007 International Polar YearIK2DUW
WAP-115IU0IPY - Rocca d'Arce (FR), Italy2007 International Polar YearIW1CYZ
WAP-116II8IPY - Torre del Greco (NA), Italy2007 International Polar YearI8ACB
WAP-117IR8IPY - Cassano Ionio (CS), Italy2007 International Polar YearIK8WEJ
WAP-118CQ4IPY - Oeiras, Portugal2007 International Polar YearCT1BWW
WAP-119IU2IPY - Mantova (MN), Italy2007 International Polar YearIK2QPR
WAP-120IR0IPY - Isola dei Liri (FR), Italy2007 International Polar YearIZ0HTW
WAP-121II0IPY - Cassino (FR), Italy2007 International Polar YearI0NZK
WAP-122SN0IPY - Poland2007 International Polar YearSP5UHN
WAP-123IP0IPY - Sora (FR), Italy2007 International Polar YearI0NUM
WAP-124IO4WAP - Forlì (FC), Italy5th AAWIK4QIB
WAP-125OE3HM/AAW - Austria5th, 6th, 7th AAWsOE3HM
WAP-126OE3SGA/AAW - Austria5th, 6th, 7th AAWsOE3AGA
WAP-127TM5ICE - France5th AAWF5IL
WAP-128DA0ANT - Bellenberg, Germany5th, 7th, 8th, 6th AAWsDC2SF
WAP-129IP0WAP - Isola dei Liri (FR), ItalyPolar Bear's Friend  @ 5th AAWIW1CYZ
WAP-130IR2WAP - Varese (VA), Italy5th, 6th, 7th AAWsIK2FIQ
WAP-131II3ANT - Sona (VR), Italy5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th AAWsIZ3DBA
WAP-132II2EFA - Gallarate (VA), Italy5th AAW by Italian Air Force- GallarateIW2MNO
WAP-133YE2IPY - Indonesia2007-2008 International Polar YearYB2TJV
WAP-134YB4IPY - Indonesia2007-2008 International Polar Year & 5th AAWYB4IR
WAP-135IQ0IPY - Castelliri (FR), Italy2007-2008 International Polar YearIZ0HAM
WAP-136IP0ANT - Castelliri (FR), Italy5th AAWIZ0HAM
WAP-137AO1WAP - Aviles, Spain5th, 14th AAWsEA1CS
WAP-138IS0IPY - Cagliari (CA), Italy2007-2008 International Polar Year IS0MKX
WAP-139IA0ANT - Castelliri (FR), Italy5th AAWI0OCD
WAP-140IR6ANT - Francavilla Mare (CH), Italy5th AAWIZ6GFQ
WAP-141IP6IPY - Francavilla Mare (CH), Italy2006-2007 International Polar YearIZ6GFQ
WAP-142IQ8IPY - Cassano Ionio (CS), Italy2008 International Polar YearIK8WEJ
WAP-143IR8WAP - Cassano Ionio (CS), Italy5th AAWIK8WEJ
WAP-144IR8PS - Torre del Greco (NA), ItalyAntarctic Event & 5th AAWI8ACB
WAP-145LZ05ANT - Dupnica, Bulgaria5th AAWLZ3SM
WAP-1464Z4DX/ANT - Ramat Hasharon, Israel5th AAW4Z4DX
WAP-147LZ08IPY - Dupnica, Bulgaria2008 International Polar YearLZ3SM
WAP-148VA3AAO - Listowel, Canada5th, 6th AAWsVE3XN
WAP-148VG3AAO- Listowel, Canada7th AAWVE3XN
WAP-149R3ANT - European Russia5th AAWRN3ANT
WAP-150RU3HD/ANT - Pos.Zavety Il'Icha, European Russia5th AAWRU3HD
WAP-151S50IPY - Bistrica, Slovenia2008 International Polar Year, 6th AAWS51RU
WAP-152IR3IPY - Sona (VR), Italy2008 International Polar Year, 6th AAWIZ3DBA
WAP-1535D0IPY - Settat, Morocco2008 International Polar Year, 6th AAWI0YKN
WAP-154TM8ICE - Macon, France6th AAWF8DVD
WAP-155IN3IPY - Merano (BZ), Italy2008 International Polar YearIN3UFW
WAP-156DR09ANT - Munchen, Germany6th AAW (DARC Oberbayern)DL5MHQ
WAP-157IP9IPY - Palermo (PA), Italy2008-2009 IPY & 6th AAWIT9YMM
WAP-158UE6IPY - Stavropol, European Russia2008 International Polar YearUA6GG
WAP-159IR1WAP - Genova (GE), Italy6th AAWIZ1GJK
WAP-160II5AM - Pisa (PI), Italy6th AAW @ 46th A.B. Italian Airforce Base, PisaIK2IWU/5
WAP-161IY8WAP - Cassano Ionio (CS), Italy6th AAWIK8WEJ
WAP-162UT1KY/WAP - Rivne, Ukraine6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th AAWsUT1KY
WAP-163UT7UA/WAP - Kyiv, Ukraine6th, 10th, 14th AAWsUT7UA
WAP-164UR5KGG/WAP - Rovno, Ukraine6th, 14th AAWsUR5KGG
WAP-165UR8LV/WAP - Kharkiv, Ukraine6th AAWUR8LV
WAP-166UR5KCC/WAP - Rivne, Ukraine6th AAWUR5KCC
WAP-167UX2HO/WAP - Poltava, Ukraine6th AAWUX2HO
WAP-168LZ06ANT - Dupnica, Bulgaria6th AAWLZ3SM
WAP-169LZ09IPY - Dupnica, BulgariaInternational Polar Year 2009LZ3SM
WAP-170UE6ICE - Stavropol, European Russia6th AAWUA6GG
WAP-171EG2ANT - Las Arenas, Spain6th, 7th AAWsEA2RC
WAP-172W6A - Fresno (CA), U.S.A.6th, 7th AAWsK6HFA
WAP-173IR1SMG - Genova (GE), ItalyAntarctic Event (Genova-Italy), 7th AAWIK1GJK
WAP-174EG2IPY - Las Arenas, SpainClosure of the International Polar Year 2009EA2RC
WAP-175ON100PES (/p)100th of Belgian's  Pole expeditionsON4TRC
WAP-176K4K - Mc Donouhg (GA), U.S.A.7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th AAWsK4MZU
WAP-177II1CAM - Cameri (NO), ItalySpecial Event with IAF (Oct. 2009) Cameri Base IW2MNO 
WAP-178II0WAP - Monte San Giovanni Campano (FR), Italy7th, 9th AAWsIZ0PSA 
WAP-179II0AAW - Piedimonte San Germano (FR), Italy7th, 8th AAWsIK0TRV 
WAP-180AO1ANT - Aviles, Spain7th AAWEA1GHT 
WAP-181TM7AAW - Macon, France7th AAWF8DVD 
WAP-182S50ANT - Bistrica, Slovenia7th, 8th AAWsS51RU 
WAP-183IA0AAW - Cassino (FR), Italy7th AAWIW0HLE 
WAP-184N1A - Chatham (MI), U.S.A.7th AAWK8PG 
WAP-185TM7WAP, Noirétable, France7th AAWF8DHE 
WAP-186LZ07ANT - Dupnica, Bulgaria7th AAWLZ3SM 
WAP-187IP3ANT - Mezzocorona (TN), Italy7th, 8th AAWsIN3UFW 
WAP-188VB3ANT - Caledon, Canada7th, 8th AAWsVA3ITA 
WAP-188VB3A - Caledon, Canada9th AAWVA3ITA 
WAP-189AO6ANT - Mallorca, Balearic Islands7th AAWEA6EAZ
WAP-190II0METEO - Pratica di Mare (LT), Italy7th AAW from IAF Pratica di Mare-Rome, Italy-IK2IWU 
WAP-191LY10ANT - Siauliai, Lithuania7th, 9th AAWsLY3BY 
WAP-192WK3N/AAW - Hartstown (PA), U.S.A.7th, 8th, 9th, 12th, 13th, 14th AAWsWK3N 
WAP-193EG1AAW - Vilagarcia De Arousa-Po, Spain7th AAWEA1GIB 
WAP-194IU1ANT - Bussoleno (TO), Italy8th AAWIZ1POO 
WAP-195IR2IR -Buguggiate (VA), Italy8th, 9th AAWsIQ2IR
WAP-196IP8AAW - Borgo Rurale Appio Grazzanise (CE), Italy8th, 9th, 10th, 11th AAWsIK8FIQ 
WAP-197TM0WAP, Noirétable, France8th AAWF8DHE 
WAP-198K0ANT - Overland Park (KS), U.S.A.8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th AAWsKB0MZF
WAP-199TM8AAW - Macon, France8th AAWF8DVD 
WAP-200IP1METEO - Mondovì (CN), Italy8th AAWIQ1BP
WAP-201IP1NAVY - Genova (GE), Italy8th AAWIK1GJK 
WAP-202IR0AW - Monte San Giovanni Campano (FR), Italy8th AAWIZ0PSA 
WAP-203AO1AAW - Aviles, Spain8th AAWEA1GHT 
WAP-204YQ8ANT - Suceava, Romania8th, 9th, 11th, 12th AAWsYO8AZQ
WAP-205II3MNA - Trieste (TS), Italy8th, 12th, 14th AAWs Op. from Antarctic Museum of TriesteIQ3TS
WAP-206LY100SP - Siauliai, Lithuania8th AAW & 100 years R. AmundsenLY3BY 
WAP-207EG1WAP - Vilagarcia De Arousa-Po, Spain8th, 14th AAWsEA1GIB 
WAP-208LZ08ANT - Dupnica, Bulgaria8th AAWLZ3SM
WAP-209II8AAW - Casalnuovo (NA), Italy8th AAWI8QJU
WAP-210IO5ANT - Siena (SI), Italy8th, 10th AAWs - Op. from Antarctic Museum of SienaIW5EFX
WAP-211EM15U - Kyiv, Ukraine15th Anniversary of Ak. Vernadsky Base & 8th AAWUT7UA
WAP-212IP2ANT - Mantova (MN), Italy8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 13th AAWsIK2QPR
WAP-213AU8ANT - Bangalore, India8th AAWVU2LYX
WAP-214II2MAL - Malpensa (MI), Italy1st centenary of Malpensa AitportIW2MNO
WAP-215HF36POL - Mierzecice, PolandTo celebrate the departure XXXVI Polish Antarctic Expedition to the ARCTOWSKI StationSP9YI
WAP-216HF35APAS or HF35APAS/mm - Mierzecice, PolandTo celebrate the departure XXXVI Polish Antarctic Expedition to the ARCTOWSKI StationSP9YI
WAP-217TM9WAP - Noirétable, France9th AAWF8DHE
WAP-218PA100SP - Sliedrecht, The Netherlands100th Anniversary of the South Pole conquestPA3FOE
WAP-219IR1SP - Imperia (IM), Italy9th, 10th, 11th, 13th AAWsIK1NEG
WAP-220TM9AAW - Macon, France9th AAWF8DVD
WAP-221PA6ANT - Sliedrecht, The Netherlands9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th AAWsPA3FOE
WAP-222AO1POL - Aviles, Spain9th AAWEA1GHT
WAP-223YQ0ANT - Timisoara, Romania9th, 10th AAWsYO2LIW
WAP-224AO5ANT - Denia, Spain9th, 10th, 14th AAWsEA5FL
WAP-225TM100SP - Macon, France100th Anniversary of the South Pole conquestF8DVD
WAP-226EG1SPA - Vilagarcia, Spain9th AAWEA1GIB
WAP-227PC12ANT - Amsterdam, The Netherlands9th AAWPA0RDY
WAP-228EG1WAA - Vilagarcia De Arousa-Po, Spain10th AAWEA1GIB
WAP-229IR0WAP - Piglio (FR), Italy10th AAWIZ0IUM
WAP-230AO7WAP - Carmona, Spain10th AAWEC7ZK
WAP-231IR0AAW - Frosinone (FR), Italy10th AAWIZ0VHJ
WAP-232VK2ANT - Bowraville, Australia10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th AAWsVK2FR
WAP-233AO1ICE - Aviles, Spain10th AAWEA1WK
WAP-234IO5SP - Siena (SI), Italy10th AAWIW5EFX
WAP-235TM10AAW - Macon, France10th AAWF8DVD
WAP-236IR7WAP - Bari (BA), Italy10th AAWIK7XNF
WAP-237HF0A - Mierzecice, Poland10th, 11th, 12th, 14th AAWsSP9YI
WAP-238TM10WAP - Noirétable, France10th AAWF8DHE
WAP-239PF13ANT - Amsterdam, The Netherlands10th AAWPA0RDY
WAP-240LZ10ANT - Dupnica, Bulgaria10th AAWLZ3SM
WAP-241N6A - Petaluma, U.S.A.10th AAWAG6V
WAP-242AO4HAG - Torrelodones, Spain10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th AAWsEA4GKV
WAP-2433ZL301GVX - Slubice, Poland10th AAWSP3GVX
WAP-244EM150KV or EM150KV/A - Rivne, Ukraine150th Anniversary of  Volodymyr Ivanovich VernadskyyUT1KWA  
WAP-245TM11AAW - Macon, France11th AAWF8DVD  
WAP-246II0AW - Rome, Italy11th AAWM0OXO 
WAP-247TM11WAP - Noirétable, France11th AAWF8DHE
WAP-248EM11KY  - Rivne, Ukraine11th AAWUT1KY 
WAP-249PF14ANT - Amsterdam, The Netherlands11th AAWPA0RDY 
WAP-250EG1WAS - Aviles, Spain11th AAWEA1GIB 
WAP-251EG3ANT - Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Spain11th AAWEA3LD
WAP-252EH5ANT - Denia, Spain10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th AAWsEA5FL
WAP-253K4C - Mc Donouhg (GA), U.S.A.12th AAW K4MZU
WAP-254EG1LSP - Vilagarcia, Spain12th AAW EA1GIB
WAP-255TM60TAAF - Macon, France12th AAW & 60th Anniversary of FSAT/TAAF foundingF8DVD
WAP-256EG5ANT - Boadilla del Monte, Spain12th, 14th AAWsEA5DY
WAP-257PF15ANT - Amsterdam, The Netherlands12th AAW PA0RDY
WAP-258TM12WAP - Noirétable, France12th AAW F8DHE
WAP-259II8POLE - Borgo Rurale Appio Grazzanise (CE), Italy12th, 13th, 14th AAWsIK8FIQ
WAP-260TO1TAAF - Reunion Island13th AAW FR4QT 
WAP-261IR5ANT - Montecatini Terme (PT), italy13th AAW IZ5GST
WAP-262II1IYBJ - Mondovì (CN), Italy13th AAW IK1RKN
WAP-263IR7IPY - Bari (BA), Italy13th AAW IK7XNF 
WAP-264PG16ANT - Amsterdam, The Netherlands13th AAW PA0RDY 
WAP-265TM13AAW - Macon, France13th AAW F8DVD 
WAP-266AO3ANT - Girona, Spain13th, 14th AAWsEA3EGB 
WAP-267EH5WAP - Denia, Spain13th, 14th AAWsEA5FL 
WAP-268EG5WAP - Boadilla del Monte, Spain13th, 14th AAWsEA5DY
WAP-269EM20UASAV - Kyiv, Ukraine13th AAW UT7UA
WAP-270TM13WAP - Noirétable, France13th AAW F8DHE 
WAP-271II3BOVE - Trieste (TS), Italy13th AAW IV3CCT
WAP-272AO5WAP - Altea, Spain13th, 14th AAWsEA5DM 
WAP-273EG1PAA - Vilagarcia, Spain13th AAW EA1GIB
WAP-274IR4ANT - Terenzo, (PR), Italy13th, 14th AAWsIU4DTT
WAP-275TM14AAW - Macon, France13th, 14th AAWsF8DVD
WAP-276IR2XIR - Buguggiate (VA), Italy13th, 14th AAWs9A8MDC
WAP-277PH17ANT - Amsterdam, The Netherlands14th AAWPA0RDY
WAP-278CF7AAW/1 - Williams Lake, Canada14th AAWVE7IG
WAP-279IR8AAW - Casalnuovo (NA), Italy14th AAWI8QJU
WAP-280TM14WAP - Noirétable, France14th AAWF8DHE
WAP-281R14ANT - Stavropol, European Russia14th AAWUA6GG
WAP-282TM18ATS - Nozay, France15th AAWF8ATS
WAP-283KA4RXP/MM - M/V Spirit of Enderby15th AAWKA4RXP
WAP-284OE15AAW - Altenburg, Austria15th AAWOE3DMA
WAP-285TM15AAW - Macon, France15th AAWF8DVD
WAP-286LU4AAO/D - Villa Adelina, ArgentinaAntarctic Marambio Museum-BairesLU4AAO
WAP-287OR15ANT -
Goesnes, Belgium
WAP-288VI7ØHI - Narre Warren South-Australia70th Anniversary of 1st ANARE Expedition to Heard Island + 15th AAWMØOXO
WAP-289PB18ANT - Amsterdam, The Netherlands15th AAWPAØDRY
WAP-291AM5WAP-Valencia-Spain15th AAWEA1IT
WAP-292EH3ANT-Barcelona-Spain15th AAWEA3EYO
WAP-293VI7ØMI - Australia70th Anniversary of 1st ANARE Expedition to Macquarie Island
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WAP-299free to book