BIO-TECHNOLOGY and our CHURCH in Antarctica

La_Pancalera_febbraio_08_r.jpgThe use of bio-technology is more a modern need rather than a nowadays fashion. The project of building a New Church  in Antarctica is a proposal launched by WAP back in the year 2003, which unfortunately has not been approved yet by the Italian National Antarctic Dept. called PNRA.

On a local Italian Newspaper (la Pancalera ) in its February 2008 issue, there is an interesting article  explaining about the characteristic of this kind of  bio-building material, well explained by Ing. Sebastiano Bertero, the man who will donate the building to the Italian Base MZS in Antarctica as soon as the PNRA will accept this donation. The Church will be fully built according to the bio-building techniques.

Help us to do it…. It is not an easy task but I’m sure we will accomplish it!