RRS Sir David Attenborough back home at UK after a second Antartic season

The vessel, arrived at Harwich in Essex on Tuesday, May 30th.The crew completed its polar science trials during what was a seven-month mission.

The 129m (423ft) Polar ship is due to leave again on 8 June for refitting work in Rosyth, Scotland, before being used for further trials on the Scottish coast.

The boat departed Harwich in November last year, before a three-week voyage to the Falkland Islands, and then onward to the Rothera Research Station at Antarctica.  A team of 37 scientists were left at Bird Island (WAP GBR-23), King Edward Point (WAP GBR-24) and Rothera (WAP GBR-12) to carry out further research.

The ship is scheduled to return to Antarctica for a third season in late October 2023.

Unfortunately a very marginal HF activity has been performed from onboard so far. Hams WW are looking for a chance to put a new Polar ship on their Logs …let’s hope!

For now, thanks to Mike GM0HCQ/MM for his very short activity

Thanks and Credit BBC- Read more at: RRS Sir David Attenborough returns to Harwich from Antarctica – BBC News