Grunehogna Mountain Base  and Sarie Marais Field Base, two names for the same site (WAP ZAF-04)

Grunehogna Mountain Base and Sarie Marais Field Base , at 72°Ø2’ØØ”South  Ø2°48’ØØ”West, 1047 mts of altitude, seems to be two different Antarctic Bases but really, it’s the same site which holds two names. (pic on the Left, shows Grunehogna, while pic on the Right sows Sarie Marais).


Located 250km inland from the main SANAE IV Base (WAP ZAF-Ø3), this site that bears two names,  is a South Africa summer base which is used in support of Geological parties.

There is not much information about the Sarie Marais or Grunehogna Base on the web, but there is a NZ page Grunehogna Mountain Base, 250km inland from SANAE | Antarctica NZ  and a South Africa’s page  Sarie Marais Summer Station being raised ( that shows a couple of pictures of this forgotten Base (which looks almost the same even if the pics are taken from different angles)  listed and numbered on WAP-WADA Directory as WAP ZAF-Ø4.

A QSL provided recently by Bob, K4MZU clearly show and documents a QSO dated  14 January 1992 with ZS5GMT Graham Tilbury who was operating ZS7ANT on 10 mts from Grunehogna Mountain Base as the operator detailed with a note on the rear side of the QSL card.

ZS5GMT, Graham Tilbury is currently resident in the US, his callsign is KK4FRD

Thanks o Bob K4MZU and to Olivier F6EPN (aka  Spratley Woody)  we have got some more documentation  covering this Base with two names  and who knows … after 30 years, maybe someone could try to activate it again … one day or another!