One CW contact to get the certificate. Goal achievied!

It was a chance with profound symbolic value; losing it would have been a real shame.

March 30th and 31st, hours and hours of listening to look for at least one of the 8 active CW stations that would have given the possibility of receiving a dreamed certificate, that of the 97th anniversary of the 1st telegraph connection between Antarctica and the Southern American Continent, more precisely, between the Argentine Orcadas Base (WAP ARG-15) and the city of Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego (WAP ARG-23) in Argentina.

The stations that would give radio amateurs the opportunity to obtain the certificate were: LU3IA, LU5WE, LU6EWR, LU8DAR, LU9MAH, LW1DPS, LW2DCJ and LW5DD.

A single contact to one of these stations was enough to get the certificate.

LW5DD finally came on 10 meters CW, the 31st of march 2024 on 28.026 at 16:18 GMT, with  loud signal so we exchanged a good 599 x 599.



Getting the certificate was easy, by accessing the  site QSLOG.AR – Bienvenidos!!! al Sitio Integrado de QSLOG.AR from where, smoothly I  downloaded the confirmation.

Thanks to the friends of the Servicio Auxiliar de Radioaficionados de la Armada (SARA) for having set this interesting venture!