Antarctica: approaching the new season

Not too much to report from Antarctica at this time of the year  The White Continent is actually in the deep winter,  waiting the 2024-2025 Summer Antarctic Campaign.

QSLs from the still active Russian Bases have been printed and are now coming to the chasers, while at Concordia Dome C (WAP MNB-Ø3) the chief of the Base, Gabriele Carugati IU2LXS must be very busy as no one has ever heard him on air.
Since there is no news of  “On Air” activity from Radio Amateurs overwintering in the various all year round Stations , let’s console ourselves with some interesting photographs sent us by our friend David Brunet F4FKT/FT4YM who will be operational again from Antarctica during the next coming summer campaign 2024-2025.

David is now learning CW and I’m sure he will get a chance to operate Morse code as well, even if SSB will remain his best operative mode.

Here below the sites where David did operate from:
Antarctic Campaign 2022-23
FT4YM/P: Base Concordia
FT4YM: Base Dumont d’Urville
FT4YM: Base Robert Guillard – Cap Prud’homme
FT4YM/Mobile: Raid#3-ICORDA 2023

Antarctic Campaign 2021-22
FT4YM/P: Base Concordia , Antarctica
FT4YM/P: Base Little Dome C , Antarctica
VK0/FT4YM/P: Base Casey , Antarctica
IA0/FT4YM/P: Base Mario Zucchelli , Antarctica

While waiting the good time, WAP thanks David for joining us;  we are really pleased to share the good recalls.