Hams in Antarctica, Campaign 2022-2023

Fresh info are coming day by day; WAP is pleased to spread them up and share what we are receiving from our Ham friends.


Neumayer III Station WAP DEU-Ø8:

Felix DL5XL send some more details on the German activity.

DPØGVN is currently active with operator, Karsten DM2KX, a member of the 2022 wintering team. He will be followed by Markus DK7DA who will stay for the entire winter of 2023.

DP1POL is not active right now;  Felix will be active during the Antarctic summer, from mid-December 2022 to the end of January 2023, as DP1POL as usual. QSL routes have not changed: DPØGVN via DL5EBE, DP1POL via DL1ZBO.

DPØPOL/mm is also on the air irregularly from I/B Polarstern. Operators are Andy DL3LRM and Jörg DJ0HO. There is regular activity from DPØGVN and DP0POL/mm on QO-100 satellite, see https://amsat-dl.org/en/dp0pol-mm-permanently-accessible-via-qo-100/ for the latest news.


Answering the question about Gondwana Station (WAP DEU-Ø4) and Dallmann Laboratory  (WAP DEU-Ø7 QSL aside), Felix said:

«Gondwana is operated by BGR, it has absolutely no connection to our Institute. Dallmann will be closing down permanently soon, so I do not think there is a chance to activate those!»

TNX Felix Riess DL5XL


India: Antarctic campaign 2022-2023

VU2CUW , Sarabjeet S. “Sunny” Chhabra , 25 years old electronics and communications engineer currently working as a design engineer for a CNC Machinist  is joining the Indian Antarctic campaign 2022-2023.
VU2CUW  got his Amateur Radio Operator License in 2015 and since then he  have been very active on VHF, UHF and HF managing Radio Nets.

Sarab  designs and homebrew antennas and has done a lot of field operations. He also worked on a satellite building project during one of his jobs at Hyderabad where he was working as a RF Engineer.

We expert to work Sunny VU2CUW who have already applied for a special callsign to be used while in Antarctica.

At the moment it has not been decided to which Base (Maitri  WAP IND-Ø3 or Bharati WAP IND-Ø4) he will operate from.

More info to follow,



Polar Ship RRS Sir David Attenborough

Mike Gloistein GMØHCQ  updates regular information about  his next activity on his  website: http://www.gm0hcq.com/
Last post says: «I am due back on board the RRS Sir David Attenborough in early November 2022 and will be taking the ship South for the start of the 22/23 Antarctica Summer Season»