New WAP Antarctic Bulletin #301 is online

WAP Antarctic Bulletin nr. 301 relaesed today December 8th 2023 is available on line with last info and reported activity from Antarctica.
Bull 301 is downloadable at:

The new graphic design of the bulletin was edited by Max IK1GPG and Betty IK1QFM and looks  modern in style, easy to read with nice relate pictures of QSLs.
Enjoy hunting Antarctic Stations and if/when possible, remind the Polar Institutes in your Countries  to promote Hamradio in Antarctica … as we get used in the past decades . Years ago,  almost all of the Scientific sites, Bases, Camps, Huts, Polar Ships in Antarctica were active on HF.
Year after year we are loosing many wondeful opportunity to lig rare Antarctic sites.  It could be that, personnel stationed in the Antarctic Bases had become a little lazy every year or that, the radio is no longer that intelligent distinctive element of connection between Antarctica and the outside world!