Chapel of “San Francesco de Asis” at Esperanza Base, Antarctica

Capilla San Francesco de Asis_Esperanza.jpgContinuing our virtual tour of the Antarctic Bases, speaded alla round the Icy Continent, we stop today at Esperanza Base, a nice Argentinean Station at Hope Bay. Thanks to Mr. Peter Sinke, a german friend who did sent this interesting pictures of a Chapel locater right here at 63° 32′ 42” South, 56° 59′ 46” West. Inside view-r.jpg
If visiting Antarctic Peninsula, it is a great landing if you can go to Base Esperanza (WAP ARG-04).
This Argentinean Station, is a year-round base that is the home for several families with children. The base has family-friendly facilities not found on most Antarctic bases. There is a chapel used for worship, a community center and a school. Base Esperanza-Capilla de San Francesco de Asis.jpgThe Post Office sells stamps, and mail sent from here will reach any parts of the world in a relatively short time. When walking on the gravel roads through the base, one feels like to be really in a small town. The base has also a little Museum, an infirmary, 13 housing buildings, and a graveyard. The Chapel shown in the pictures is the one at Esperanza Base, and it is dedicated to San Francesco de Asis. It may not be the smallest chapel in the world but must be one of the most remote, and for sure it is the most Sothern one dedicated to S. Francesco. TNX Peter Sinke