Russia  6ØATS event , QSLs are ready

Eugene Shelkanovtsev, RZ3EC informs the chasers that QSLs for the Russian activity at 60th Antarctic Treaty Signature’s Anniversary are now ready.

Hams wishing to get “direct QSL”  can get single callsign QSLs for each of the 10 callsigns used during the event (which will end next dec. 31st).

Pic aside shows the wonderful mix of these printed cards.

To those preferring to receive confirmation via Bureau, a cumulative callsigns card have been designed an available as well.

QSL direct could be requested to:

Eugene Shelkanovtsev, RZ3EC

P.O. Box 70
Orel 302028, Russia


Our Lady was prayed at MZS

December 8, Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
Gianfranco Santovito, actually at MZS (WAP ITA-Ø1) sent  Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception to all the Antarctics.

Gianfranco wrote: There is no church at MZS (Mario Zucchelli Station), but there is no lack of moments in which religious faith can be shared. Last night, to celebrate the Immaculate Conception, some of us went to a small “sanctuary” that has been set  on the hill behind the Base for years,  to recite an Hail Mary and an Our Father.

TNX Gianfranco Santovito and Daniele Guidi