2022-2023 Antarctic Season’s at its end … how many emotions and beautiful QSOs in the log

Great emotions this year with several Antarctic Stations on our Logs!

Now the operators are almost leaving the Icy Continent;  some are already back home,   others are approaching the return,  others are still on site for another 20-25 days,  as for example the Czeck Team actually at Johan Georg Mendel Station (WAP CZE-NEW) or the Argentineans at Petrel Base (WAP ARG-17) as well as the Overwintering Teams at the several Bases  who areapproaching the loong South Polar night. Our thanks go to the Argentinean operators at Esperanza LU1ZV and  Belgrano II  LU1ZG,  the Russian RI1ANC from Vostok RI1ANU at Bellingshausen,  who are still on,   to continue to be on air  or VU2CUW at Maitri waiting to be on air!.

WAP is following the overwintering Teams  hoping to work some of the operators before too long … but how not to be grateful to David FT4YM for his wonderful activity from the various Antarctic sites , some of which, never worked before! How not to be grateful to the 3YØJ Team for the exciting operation at Bouvet Island another new one for many of us, to Sebastiam VP8/SQ1SGB from Halley 6-a Station and as VP8/SQ1SGB/p from Wolf’s Fang Runway (WFR) together with Oleg Sakharov ZS7ANF that, in addtion to the WFR, he did operate from Whichaway Camp WAP MNB-11. About Oleg, in a message sent to WAP, he wrote:  «300 QSO from WhichAway this time. I came back to WFR after 8 hours car driving. We did close the camp now and we are back to Cape Town»


Thanks to Oleg UA6GG-DX Trophy  who sent us  a picture (here on the side) showing some very well known brigade of Antarcticians friends who haven’t seen each other for a very long time,  joining a  festive meeting at Cape Town, South Africa after the tiring experience in Antarctica. (L-R Oleg Sakharov ZS7ANF, Axel Schernikau DL6KVA, Oleg Neruchev ZS1OIN together with a group of ZS Hams).

TNX all the Operators of 2022-2023 Antarctic Season, thank  you for giving us so many emotions again this year!