2022-2023 Summer Antarctic Season by ZS7ANT

Last 2022-2023 Summer Antarctic campaign has seen our friend Oleg Sakharov, ZS1ANF operating again from 2 rare spots in Antarctica; Wolf’s Fang Runway (WAP MNB-11) and Wichaway Camp (WAP MNB-12).
Oleg did use his Antarctic callsign ZS7ANF  and was active mostly on CW in the evening time, on 20 & 40 mts.

The WFR (WAP MNB-11) is a Skyway located at 71° 31′ South, 08° 48′ East , 3000 meters long, 60 meters wide at 1127meters AMSL. The supply chain is  provided with the assistance of the South African science vessel; fuel supply is delivered to the edge of Antarctica, then a traverse team embarks on a journey of 800km across the Fimbul ice shelf to Wolf’s Fang Runway.
Oleg ZS7ANF has to take care of the logistic & communications and when he has some spare time, the HF radio is his best company!

The other rare spot activated on February 2023 by Oleg, has been Wichaway Camp (WAP MNB-12). 
Whichaway Camp at 71º 32’ 00” South,  08º 50’ 00” East is unique and the perfect base from which to start a fantastic Antarctic journey,  where luxury and adventure meets in the mountains of Queen Maud Land. Whichaway Camp has won the World Travel Awards five times, the Camp is also designed with a minimal environmental footprint in mind.
Oleg has got a chance to operate from there for a very limited time on last mid february 2023 and now, his QSL is in our Album!

White Desert Company which  manage these fantastic sites, has recently opened another one, a brand new Echo Camp (WAP MNB-NEW) at 71° 32′ 47″ South 08° 50′ 11″ East. Inspired by the seminal age of Space exploration, Echo Camp sits in quiet solitude encircled by pitted rock formations. Echo is as close as you can get to feeling like you’re off the planet without leaving Earth.
Hope some days in the near future, to get a a chance to log this brand new one as well!
Thanks Oleg Sakharov ZS7ANF for his always great operation. TNX for the beautiful cards printed by DX Trophy  at HOME | dx-trophy (dxtrophy.com) of UA6GG, Oleg Latyshev