New german Stamp with Antarctic theme

At June 2, 2022 the german Deutsche Post did issue a new stamp in the series “For Environmental Protection” with an Antarctic motive and the respective message: Protecting Unique Things Together. Environmental protection, as an abstract concept, is strongly associated with the protection of scenically outstanding areas and unique animal species. Antarctica, a natural ecosystem still largely unaffected by man, is virtually emblematic of these two aspects: It has outstanding aesthetic value, but is very obviously affected by climate change. At the same time, many characteristic and iconic animal species are native to Antarctica and depend on this unique habitat.

One species that represents Antarctica and its fragile balance like no other is the emperor penguin. It is therefore at the center of the stamp motif. It is still represented in strong populations, but scientists can already foresee that the emperor penguin will become an endangered species in the next few years – especially due to the effects of climate change: It depends on stable sea ice to breed. Moreover, if the sea ice disappears too soon, the young will not have enough time to develop waterproof plumage and risk drowning. Like other Antarctic species, the emperor penguin is also threatened by fishing and other human interventions.

These new Antarctic stamps, a first day cover and a decorative Antarctic leaflet can be ordered online.


TNX Dr. Volker Strecke, DL8JDX