SQ1SGB Sebastian Gleich, ready for the new Halley season 2022-2023

In a recent contact, Seba SQ1SGB has confirmed that his 4th season at Halley VI-a  (WAP GBR-4Ø) is coming.  

Seba wants to prepare himself to this season and he’s looking for some light Digital converter fitting to his FT857 RTX, to be on Digi other than the usual SSB.

For this Antarctic season,  Seba has finally got permission (after 3 years) to use the station’s antenna, which he had already used for a short time last year.  With that large multiband , the signal will certainly perform better,  as no amplifier is allowed down there!

We have also talked about callsign; Seba said that  probably he can apply for VPØHAL, if not VP8/SQ1SGB.

In particular, about VPØHAL callsign, Seba said: “I’ve not heard anything, but have been meaning to contact them. I have just send an email to the BAT government to ask if there is any new info.

Response from BAT government: “I’m afraid we still aren’t yet in a position to be able to issue BAT amateur radio licences. We received a number of responses to the consultation which raised several issues that we need to consider for the new legislation and the process for issuing of licences.

We hope to make progress this year and to be in a position to be able to issue licences soon.”

So VPØHAL seems to be still possible and again, if not, VP8/SQ1SGB will be the call.

TNX Sebastian Gleich SQ1SGB
76-039 Biesiekierz 65
Biesiekierz 76-039, Poland