21 June Happy Midwinter 2023

Today, June 21st , researchers of the Antarctic Continent celebrate Midwinter!

This is the main holiday of polar explorers,  which marks the Midwinter,  the shortest day and the longest night, but then, gradually, the days become longer, and summer is closer and closer.

Overwintering people in Antarctica have many traditions associated with this holiday, the main one, is to  send a group greetings photo to the rest of the world  and to colleagues from other Countries.

The culmination of this day is also a plunge into the icy ocean where this is available, a traditional bathing that is considered “initiation” into wintering.

WAP has got the 1st one  from the 28th UAE Team, at Vernadsky Base  WAP UKR-Ø1 and another one from Concordia StationWAP MNB-Ø3 wheer researchers  from different Nations are working jointly in the dark of the long Polar night.

While waiting for other greeting pictures from other friends, down South,   WAP wish the overwintering personnel from any Nations actually in Antarctica a wonderful celebration.

Happy Midwinter 2023!!