An important event to join: 120 years of Ernest Krenkel (1903-1971)

Ernest Krenkel was an explorer, radio operator, doctor of geographical sciences (1938), and Hero of the Soviet Union (1938). He held several Ameteur Radio callsigns: EU2EQ, U3AA, UA3AA, RAEM and RAEM/MM.  Born in Balystok, Poland 24 december 1903, Ernest Kernkel passes away in Moscow, on 8 december 1971.

Krenkel was in Antarctica, in 1968, the honored scientist shook off the antiquity for the last time and led another Polar expedition to Antarctica

Further, on February 6, 1969, on the Antarctic island of King George, where the Bellingshausen station is located, a meeting was held with the President of Chile, Eduard Frey, who visited the real one standing on this site. During the sail, Krenkel went on the air on shortwave amateur radio bands under the call sign RAEM/MM.


RAEM-120 Award
This year Russian Union of Radio Amateurs celebrates a significant date – 120 years since the birth of the outstanding polar explorer Ernst Teodorovich Krenkel (RAEM) the first Polar radio operator (RAEM). Date of this challenge is from  December 15 to 25, 2023.Here below, the list of call signs that will work at the E.T. Krenkel Memorial.
R120RAEM – Novosibirsk region
R120A – Moscow city
R120D – Moscow region
R120I – Tomsk region
R120K – Arkhangelsk region
R120M – Stavropol region
R120N – Nizhny Novgorod region
R120R – Tambov region
R120S – Sverdlovsk region
R120T – Tyumen region
R120W – Irkutsk region
R120X – Samara region

Check:  R120I – Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham Radio for more info

In the book “The life of an engineer” written by, Zubkov E.V. , and on  “RAEM/MM is my callsign”, WAP picked up some paragraphs to get more info about Ernest Krenkel, Arctic & Antarctic veteran explorer:
See: raem009 (

On November 15, 1968,  R/V Professor Zubov,  set off on its first Antarctic voyage, carrying 250 participants of the 14th SAE (Soviet Antarctic Expedition). The scientific-research vessel Professor Zubov was bound for the shores of Antarctica to relieve its staff of winterers found there, and also for oceanographic research. Ernest Krenkel was one of the expedition members and the ship’s crew head. Krenkel was wintering at Molodezhnaya Station where the second batch of polar explorers from the fourteenth SAE was located, heading to Mirny, Vostok and Bellingshausen.

During the voyage on the R/V Zubov,  Krenkel, kept a diary. He was a gifted narrator, graphic, with apt language in which were no trite sentences or clumsy wording. Ernst Teodorovich appears before us as a very ordinary man who with boyish ardour is concerned with his daily watch on the air for radio amateurs.

In 1933, Krenkel sailed as a radio operator on the icebreaker Sibiryakov. For the first time in the history of navigation, the ship then passed the Northern Sea Route (from Murmansk to the Bering Strait) in one summer season.  

In 1934 RAEM was the callsign of the I/B Cheluskin smashed by     ice  in the North polar sea. I was the chief operatore –wrote krenkel- Since then RAEM is my personal amateur callsign.

In 1968, Krenkel was 65 years old. On the flight he was on, he was perceived as an old man. Gray-haired, tall, gaunt, bony. People treated him with respect and not because he was the flight commander, but they sympathized with him in a purely human way. His manner was conducive to that: accessibility, restrained benevolence. A person who has spent a long time in the closed, close collectives of polar stations cannot be arrogant and inaccessible. Here aside the Soviet postage stamp dedicated to Ernst Krenkel, a Soviet Arctic explorer, doctor of geographical sciences (1938), and Hero of the Soviet Union (1938).
WAP hopes the great family of the WW Radio Amateurs will join this important HF event!

TNX DX Trophy (Oleg UA6GG)