Antarctica news from the Russians

Thanks to Eugene RZ3EC, to Alexei RN1ON and to Alexander RW3RN, here below are some information about the now a day activity by  Russian Hams in Antarctica:

RI1ANM (op: Alex, RX3ABI). QTH: Vostok Sation WAP RUS-13. QSL via home call.

RI1ANV (op: Aleksey, RD1AV). QTH: Vostok Station WAP RUS-13. QSL via RN1ON

RI1ANX  (op: Oleg, UA1PBA/ZS1ANF-pic aside). Now in logistic campaign (over 83° South), WAP RUS-NEW.  QSL via RK1PWA.

RI1ANW (op: Serge, R3IW ex.RW3IW) 63rd RAE at  Novolazarevskaya Base WAP RUS-Ø9. QSL via RN1ON.


As regard to RI1ANX, it’s about Oleg Sakharov (see pics on this page together with VU3BPZ at Maitri Station 2012), we are talking about an Antarctic veteran ZS1ANF/UA1PBA ex.RI1ANR, RI1ANF etc.who gave us several new ones!  RI1ANX it is new call-sign of Oleg who is actually among a logistics convoy in southern Antarctica and for time to time active on CW 30 & 40 mts bands. His last coordinates/Grid locator KA06: Lat. -83.40448, Long. 20.58928.