Building a Catholic Chapel in Antarctica

… still our top Challenge

Church pic.jpg

Chasers and readers should be aware that since 2003, WAP has launched the idea of building a Catholic Chapel in Antarctica at Italian Base Mario Zucchelli on Terra Nova Bay , under the motto:

A Catholic Church in Antarctica … a Challenge from WAP.
Several magazines and newspapers have already published articles and picture about it and this let us hoping well.
On the WAP web site , there is a special dedicated section , called “Church in Antarctica” where coming to read about what has been already done on this specific field in Antarctica.
We are working in several direction, and we are involving Institutions (and not only….) which have granted us their help in order to perform the ever best goal down there in the ice where, in spite of what is commonly thought … someone is living there!


WAP, our passion lives here!  Stay with us…. and  enjoy it