Bunger Hills and Denman Glacier Camp “New Entry” on WAP-WADA Directory

A new deep-Field Camp has been established in the Bunger Hills, near the Denman Glacier in East Antarctica, for scientists to begin studying climate change impacts in the region.

The Camp was constructed over 55 days by a small team of Australian trade and field personnel, who were flown to the site 450 kilometres west of Casey Research Station (WAP AUS-Ø2), in December 2022.

The Team assembled four prefabbricated Huts and 11wooden platforms on a rocky outcrop and the Research site is now ready for major Antarctic Science Campaign. The camp will house up to 40 scientists and support personnel working on and around the glacier next season.

Read more at: https://www.antarctica.gov.au/news/2023/happy-campers-research-site-ready-for-major-antarctic-science-campaign/?fbclid=IwAR2-HPy5OYok2ELPbU583bmgaeLgSfZlqjGAiWqEvW0NNF8ricaOLD-FgSc

Bunger Hills, also known as Bunger Lakes or Bunger Oasis, is a coastal range on the Knox Coast in Wilkes Land, Antarctica, consisting of a group of moderately low, ounded coastal hills, overlain by morainic drift and notably ice free throughout the year, lying south of the Highjump Archipelago. 

Bunger Hills-Deman Glacier Camp  at 66°17’ South, 100°47’ East will enter on WAP-WADA Directory as WAP AUS-NEW