Hovgaard Island Camp site (New entry on WAP WADA Directory as MNB-NEW)

Antarctica shows often some interesting “secrets” which we are pleased to reveal. This time we are discovering Hovgaard Island which is sometimes visited by groups or particular hikers who appreciate its beauty. On those occasions, a “Field Camp” is installed and who knows… maybe one day even an expedition of radio amateurs will give us the pleasure of this “New One“.

is an island 6 km (3 nmi) long, lying at 65°07’ South, 64°04’ West, off the northwest coast of Kyiv Peninsula, 2.8 km (1.5 nmi) southwest of Booth island  in Antarctica. Hovgaard  island that forms the western side of the Lemaire Channel  is part of the Wilhelm Archipelago

It was discovered and named “Krogmann-Insel” (Krogmann Island) by the German 1873–74 expedition under Eduard Dallmann, but the name Hovgaard, after Polar explorer and officer of the Danish Navy Andreas Hovgaard applied by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition 1897–99, under Gerlache, has overtaken the original name in usage. The name Krogmann Point has been given to the western extremity of Hovgaard Island.

Hovgaard Island is a popular location for camping in Antarctica among Expedition groups due to the presence of a relatively flat campsite along Penola Strait. Campers dig “snow graves” to sleep in. The holes offer protection from the wind.

The shoreline of Hovgaard can be a bit tough, but once on shore, the island is gently sloping smooth rock and snow.


On the island , there is  cache weighed down with heavy rocks and also anchored to the ground with cables. The cache is located up high on weathered stone where it is unlikely to be troubled by snow or ice during the winter. The cache contains emergency supplies  for trapped ship-wrecked expedition; inside will be timed food, fire supplies and  a tent.

For the meantime, Hovgaard Island Field  Camp , 65° 07’ South, 64° 04’ West,  Wilhelm Archipelago, Antarctic Peninsula has been add to the   as WAP MNB-NEW