Hunter Burch, KK4AOS @ Palmer Station Antarctica

Originally built by U.S. Navy Seabees in 1967, Palmer Station  (WAP USA-23) is located at 64°46′ S, 64°03′ W on Anvers Island, near the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula; it is named for Nathaniel B. Palmer, a Connecticut sealer who, on 17 November 1820, during an exploratory voyage ranging southward from the South Shetland Islands, may have been the first person to see Antarctica. (British and Russian ships were in the area at about the same time.)

Palmer Station is situated off the Antarctica Peninsula, on a protected harbor on the southwestern coast of the Anvers Island, and is the only U.S. Antarctic station north of the Antarctic Circle. The temperature is mild, with monthly averages ranging from minus 10°C in July and August to 2°C in January and February. The annual mean is minus 3°C. The extreme range is minus 31°C to 9°C. It has rained every month at Palmer.

The station, built on solid rock, consists of two major buildings and three small ones, plus two large fuel tanks, a helicopter pad, and a dock. Construction was completed in 1968, replacing a prefabricated wood structure (“Old Palmer,” established in 1965) two kilometers away across Arthur Harbor. Old Palmer has been disassembled and removed from Antarctica. Somewhat over 40 people can occupy Palmer in the summer. Wintering population is about 10, although Palmer does not have a long period of winter isolation as do McMurdo and South Pole.


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Actually , Hunter Burch , KK4AOS is operating from there as KC4AAC (WAP USA-23) and is sporadically active. Let’s hope to get more info and set up skeds from Europe as well.
TNX Dr. Bill Spindler for his help to set contacts with KK4AOS/KC4AAC Let’s see if we’ll succeded!