John Sharpe VK2FR/VK2ANT a warm recall by his daughter Aimee

John (SK), formerly VK2FR and VK2ANT, was a skilled radio Ham that spoke to many people around the world including those at Antarctic Bases and research stations over the last four decades.
His daughter Aimee sent WAP some photos from her trip to Antarctica. «It was absolutely amazing and such a special pilgrimage. Aimee and her hausband Adam visited Chilean station González Videla and Argentina’s Almirante Brown. Although there wasn’t anyone based at Brown at the time, it was incredible to see the station which was also home to hundreds of Gentoo penguins. I am keen to go back again and visit South Georgia Islands next time. I was just in awe of Antarctica, what a sacred place!».

Aimee Sharpe wroteFor as long as I can remember, I would listen to my father communicate over the radio, fascinated by the secret language of morse code as he bounced and beeped through the ionosphere until the early hours of the morning. His great love was Antarctica and it was his dream to travel there together one day. He was a proud member of the Antarctic Ham community and held several Antarctic Awards including WAP-WACA, WAP-WADA, Wireless Institute of Australia Antarctic Award as well as the United Nations Honor Roll.
After my father died suddenly in January 2021, I travelled to Antarctica in honour of him (see pic of Aimee aside). It was a sacred pilgrimage for me and an experience that irrevocably changed my life.
One of the happiest moments from the trip was landing at Almirante Brown, an Argentinian research base in the Antarctic Peninsula that is home to hundreds of Gentoo Penguins. I had a laugh to myself when I saw that the radio tower was the same size as the one that my dad built in our backyard… at least there weren’t any neighbours to annoy with this tower, and the penguins didn’t seem fazed!

The WAP Antarctic Activity Week has just begun and runs until next Sunday (18-25 February 2024). During this week, radio amateurs from around the world will be contacting the women and men who are away from their homes and families on the southernmost Continent.
-Ahead of the 21st Worldwide Antarctica Program’s Antarctic Activity Week, the Australian National Maritime Museum   received a special visit from Aimee Sharpe. She met with staff and volunteers at the museum to inspect the radios aboard our vessels and share her father’s story-  reported the Volunteers.

The Australian National Maritime Museum  is proud to have volunteer Amateur Radio Operators, who transmit and receive from the radio room of HMAS VAMPIRE (VK2VMP).
Those who are experienced radio amateurs and are interested in joining the team, please get in touch. (pic on the right : Aimee Sharpe and Stirling Smith, Archeologist and Curator at the ANMM – Australian National Antarctic Museum in Sydney)


TNX Aimee Sharpe for joining us during the AAW and leaving us a great recall of our real good friend as John VK2FR was!