MAIVIKEN HUT, South Georgia. New Entry on WAP WADA

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Today Thanks to Gabry IK1NEG, we have found all what is necessary to add Maiviken Hut on WAP-WADA.

Here below, a list of Field huts in South Georgia Islands  that have existed at one time or another at the following sites: Sörling Valley, Elsehul, Schlieper Bay, Hound Bay, Dartmouth Point, Glacier Col, Maiviken, St Andrews Bay, Hope Point, Coral Bay, Gull Lake, Carlita Bay, Royal Bay, Hodges Glacier, Jason Harbour,  Lyell Glacier, Bay of Isles. Many derelict huts have been removed  .


Maiviken is a locality in South Georgia Islands, situated nearby to George Rock, and close to Rocky Point. Maiviken Hut takes his name from this place.

Maiviken Hut located at 54°14’52” South, 34°30’23” West , next to Maivatn lake, in the Bore Valley. Next to the lake lays this cozy little hut built in 1974 and kept in good conditions, being normally used by King Edward Point scientists. It was a quite precarious shelter in the past but is getting recently renovated.. At the present times Maiviken is often visited by scientist from King Edward Point for research purposes, mostly surveying Fur seal population and Gentoo penguins nesting at Tortula Cove.


TNX Gabry IK1NEG for providing infos


Maiviken Hut, Bore Valley, South Georgia island, 54°14’52” South, 34°30’23” West, will enter on WAP WADA Directory as WAP GBR-New