RI1ANE Progress Base WAP RUS-11

Let’s congratulate Igor Taranenko (RQ8K ), operator at the Russian Progress  Base in Antarctica; Igor has begun his journey at Progress signing RI1ANE on last december 14th 2023 and is expected to be down there, till May 2025.

Igor is very active on all bands, Actually it’s easy to work him CW on 10 mts as conditions seems to be good on 28 MHz, but also 20 & 40 mts.

Progress is a Russian Research Station (WAP RUS-11) in Antarctica. It is located at the Larsemann Hills antarctic oasis on the shore of Prydz Bay. The station was established by the 33rd Soviet Antarctic Expedition on April 1, 1988 and was moved to another place on February 26, 1989 In 2000, work was temporarily halted but it reopened in 2003.
A landing field is located close to the station for air connection with other stations. From 1998-2001 works were performed to transfer transportation operations to Progress from the Mirny Station (WAP RUS-Ø7) and make it the main support base for Vostok Station (WAP RUS-13).

QSL for RI1ANE goes via RN3RQ, OQRS, direct, bureau, LOTW