RI1ANV, new callsign for Vostok Station (WAP RUS-13)

Francois F8DVD, is forwarding some info, just received from RN1ON Alexei.

RI1ANC – Vostok (WAP RUS-13):  Alexei Turkeev, RD1AV (Season Team leader),  just arrived at Vostok Base for the new campaign, is now active as RI1ANC during his spare time

On December 24,  the RI1ANC license will end, a new license is coming to be registred. The new call-sign will be  RI1ANV. Alex will be at the station until February 2019. QSL via RN1ON


RI1ANM (Alexander Solodov, RX3ABI) was at Vostok the whole 2018 as well; he  was not very active and his overwintering at Vostok Sation ends soon.