The World of ANTARCTICA by  Lyubomir Ivanov and  Nusha Ivanova

I recall when on 14th may 2014 I did receive  a great gift from Dr. Lyubo.
A copy of his Antarctica book with author’s dedication  and  hand signature just for me!

It was a 368 pages book, with some references to the WAP’s work ( at page 76 and  page 211) as kind  acknowledgments to us!

Dr. Lyubomir Ivanov did participate in four Bulgarian Antarctic campaigns, and set the first Bulgarian Antarctic topographic map. He was also the author of the 1995 Bulgarian Antarctic Toponymic Guidelines, introducing in particular, the present official system for the Romanization of Bulgaria.


Today, a  new Antarctic book The World of ANTARCTICA” by Lyubomir Ivanov and  Nusha Ivanova  has just been published: L. Ivanov and N. Ivanova. The World of Antarctica. Generis Publishing, 2022. 241 pp. ISBN 979-8-88676-403-1

What is the Antarctic? Some extraordinary nature on the border between the earthly and the cosmic? A treasure trove of natural resources of global importance? A land with a no longer small history of heroic efforts on the limit of human abilities? Or the future home of numerous settlers? Whose is the Antarctic? Is it a common heritage that will continue to be managed jointly by a group of countries under the provisions of the Antarctic Treaty? Or is it, on the contrary, yet to be partitioned into separate possessions? Many questions, with still more answers.

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Dr Ivanov has taken part in several Antarctic expeditions. In 2004, Ivanov went with Doychin Vasiley on the Tangra 2004 topographic expedition, noted by Discovery Channel, the Natural Historic Museum, the Royal Collection and the British Antarctic Survey as a timeline event in Antarctic exploration. Awarded the jubilee medal 30th Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition by the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute for his active participation in the expeditions and in the building of St. Kliment Ohridski  Base  (WAP BUL-Ø1) in Antarctica

Dr. Lyubomir Ivanov is National Representative of Bulgaria to SCAR SCAGI and Chairman of the Antarctic Place-names Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Bulgaria

Thanks to Dr. Lyubomir Ivanov for his always great activity in Antarctica, WAP is proud of him