Viktor Perov,  not just a Russian Antarctic veteran

Viktor Perov piloted aircraft serving the Polar Stations SP-2, SP-3, SP-4 and SP-5. While working in the Arctic, Perov had to rescue people in distress more than once. In 1956, he participated in the rescue of the Norwegian-Swedish-Soviet expedition to Svalbard.

In 1957-1959, Perov worked as part of a Soviet Expedition to Antarctica. December 11, 1958 in the Crystal Mountains (Antarctica, coordinates: 72°00′ South,  29°00′ West. d.HGAO), 250 km from the Belgian Antarctic Station “King Baudouin” (WAP BEL-Ø1), a plane crashed with a Belgian expedition on board. Among the members of the expedition was Prince Antoine de Ligne (fr.) Rus.. The Captain of the Belgians was Gaston de Gerlache. Soviet polar explorers from Mirny Station (WAP RUS-Ø7) offered assistance in their rescue, and the Australian Mawson Sation (WAP AUS-Ø4) supported the flights. Viktor Perov was appointed commander of the aircraft (Li-2 with the tail number H-495) sent to search for them. The search was conducted in the most difficult weather conditions, in the absence of accurate maps and problems in radio communication. The situation was complicated by the unexplored terrain, which the Belgians flew out to map. After several days of searching, on December 16, the Belgian polar explorers were found and rescued. For this feat, Viktor Perov was awarded the Order of Leopold II in 1959, and the Order of the Crown in 2001.

Later, Viktor Perov was chairman of the Polar Commission of the Moscow Center of the Russian Geographical Society and co-chairman of the Soviet-Belgian Friendship Society. He wrote a book of memoirs “Polar Routes”.

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