Church in Ice Cave at Belgrano 2 Station, Antarctica.

Uruguayan photographer Amado Becquer Casaballe spent a month on the Almirante Irizar Argentine icebreaker, traveling through the most southern seas of the planet (past the Polar Antarctic Circle) until the Argentinean Belgrano 2 Base, the
country’s permanent scientific base in Antarctica. It’s a trip the icebreaker makes only once a year to change the base’s personnel. During his voyage, Becquer Casaballe lived eternal days, trespassed ice seas, saw white crosses cemeteries that remembered the fallen in the area, and managed to manipulate his camera with huge gloves.

That way, he could photograph the ice desert capturing images that show its peacefulness and beauty, now endangered for the world’s warming. The above shot shows a Church inside an ice cave at the Belgrano 2 base.

As our readers know, WAP is collecting information and pictures to document what important is, for the people in Antarctica, to have a place to pray Lord, an holy place to free one’s spirit and thank Lord for his magnificence.

In the year 2003, WAP did propose to the italian authorities build a little Church at the Italian Base “Mario Zucchelli Station” at Terra Nova Bay… our proposal is still alive waiting the wall of bureaucracy to fall down!
TNX Amado Becquer Casaballe for the pic.