Church dedicated to “Notre Dame des Vents” at Kerguelen Island

“Notre Dame des Vents” is the most southern France Church in the world.
It hosts some religious services throughout the year on the occasion of major events and is a place of contemplation and meditation for wintering.

Kerguelen, a Sub-Antarctic island of volcanic origin, is located in the South Indian Ocean, approximately 3,300 mi. (5,310 km) southeast of the southern tip of Africa. Also known as Desolation Island, it is the largest of the 300 islands, islets and reefs in the Kerguelen Archipelago, which lie between 48° to 50°S and 68° to 70°E.


On August 6, 1955, a French law was passed, creating the new autonomous territory of Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises (TAAF), which also includes Terre Adélie (Antarctica), Crozet Archipelago, and the tiny islands of Amsterdam/St-Paul and Kerguelen, where during 1956-1957 the TAAF established at Port-aux-Français a geophysical station for observations in meteorology, geomagnetism, aurora and airglow, ionospheric physics, cosmic rays and seismology. The lone chapel on the island is called Notre Dame des Vents” and the statue of Notre-Dame is well shown at Mount Ross dominating the ocean down on.

There is a Gold Book inside of the Chapel, which tell the visitor the story of its construction. Being a carefully Mother, “Our Lady of the Wind”  at Kerguelen, awakes over the waters of the Southern Ocean to protect sealers and personnel at the Base! The stained glass give a beautiful light that invites to stay calm and safe in this place warm and inhabited. The large cross Christ was particularly impressive on his legs folded, it has an unconventional attitude. The good condition of the chapel very well maintained, is remarkable and to it we have to recognize the sensibility of TAAF Management to whom we’ll be alway grateful.