An important “Event” to think about…

Our website and in particular this page dedicated to the Churches in Antarctica is now home of a very special reportage from a very special guest, the Mayor of Uvarovo City,  Tambov Oblast, Russia.
Alexander Kuznetsov is also a famous Ham Radio operator (callsign RW3RN) and, on his way to Antarctica we have got a pleasure to contact him directly by HF Radio communication.

Today  we are grateful to Alex for his exclusive short report for the WAP pages.  As the mayor of this City, Alexander Kuznetsov  did bring with him, on his way to Antarctica, the Tambov “Mother of God” and  “St. Pitirim” icons to be presented  to the Holy Trinity Church, the only Russian Orthodox Church in Antarctica.
Alex wrote:   I have got a very great impression of the form of the temple and the conversation with the priest I had. We climbed up a small hill on which stands the temple, in a deep snow, and it was not easy. While the Church bells were ringing. It was very symbolic  that we, overcoming the hard way, were in front  to this miracle. The “Rector”  invited us to the bell tower and allowed supervised also ring the bell.
After a couple of hours I go on,  to serve in our City temple in honor  of our Orthodox Christmas and I will give the Church an icon of the Venerable Herman of Alaska, which I brought from Alaska from the island of Kodiak and consecrated on his relics. I  was very glad in such special minutes.

The pictures shown on this reportage, have been sent us by Alex to  show some very important moments of his journey at the Trinity Church.

While Italy, one of the centers of world Christianity,  is still waiting a small Chapel at his Antarctic Station down in the Icy Continent,  we’re really looking for the day where, we can also be proud to celebrate something like this!

Thanks to Alexander Kuznetsov,  for his great sign of holy spirituality. God bless you and your City,  as well as the Russians who have built such a great Church in Antarctica.