Russian Robinson Club, 30th Anniversary

The Club “Russian Robinson” unites radio amateurs from many countries of the world and popularizes amateur radio activities in the field of polar island and sea expeditions

To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the Russian Robinson Club, Oleg UA6 GG (HOME | dx-trophy ( is now making various stamps for members of the Robinson Club.

Pictures hereby, show the series of stamps with our  good friend Valery RW3GW , famous DX operator and activator of many rare spots in the Arctic and Antarctica.
In honor of celebration Russian Robinson has just updated its site, and there are additional intems of interest such as  “Special Stations” that works in the plans of the 30th Anniversary of the Club.
Pay a  visit and enjoy it: Главная | My Site (

There are several Awards issued for working the various Special stations from July 1st to July 31st 2023.
Rules and all the necessary information are available at:

Valery Sushkov RW3GW is the official Minister of Posts and Communications of the Kingdom of North Barchant, traveler-researcher, postal historian, president of the National Academy of Research and Discovery “Russian Traveler” .

Valery Sushkov took part in the radio program “Wild Environment” on the Mayak-Lipetsk radio channel.

WAP, is greateful to Valery RW3GW and Oleg UA6GG for their continuous commitment to improve the WW interest around all the new proposals marked by the Ham Radio friendship focusing in new Radio expeditions and several new activities involving the world of radio amateurs.



Here above, some pictures with our friends Valery  Sushkov RW3GW, RZ3EM Andy A. Novikov and RZ3EC Eugene Shelkanovtsev.
here aside from L to R: RZ3EM, RW3GW, RZ3EC)

Happy anniversary to RRC