WAP WACA & WAP WADA New Directories (Release Ø42) of July 2023

New WAP WACA & WAP WADA Directories (22nd Edition, Release Ø42) are now available to download up here at: http://www.waponline.it/wap-awards_download-rules/wap-wada__wap-waca_directories/  

Both Directories contain last WAP references issued  and several new entries that years after years make them updated and  constitute a unique tool of its kind, totally free and available to anyone and in every corner of the World who is somehow passionate about Antarctica, even if the two directories are especially dedicated to Radio amateurs.

The  IK6CAC DBase Program (release Ø43) is now online at: http://www.waponline.it/wap-awards_download-rules/ik6cac-dbase-update/
That is the tool to manage your WAP Awards and your updates.

In the following days, the score and the lists of issued awards will be available and updated.

Enjoy Antarctica as much as we do… enjoy WAP!